15 Best Seoul Cafes to Visit for Coffee, Brunch, and More!

15 Unique Cafes in Seoul for Coffee, Brunch, & More!

So many extraordinary cafes, Seoul little time.

When one thinks of South Korea, the cute cafes in Seoul undoubtedly spring to mind. It’s one of the things this destination does best: cafes so aesthetically pleasing that they’re enough to fly for. They’re also worth adding to your itinerary, with the thrill of discovering both hidden cafes and those conveniently located near tourist attractions. And if you haven’t already been holding a cafe close to your heart, rest assured that these best Seoul cafes will change your mind.

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1. Cafe Onion Anguk

Heralded as one of the best themed cafes in Seoul, Cafe Onion in Anguk is a stone’s throw away from the must-visit Gyeongbokgung Palace. Taking after the facade of the royal palace, the cafe is meant to resemble a hanok (traditional Korean house) from the Joseon dynasty. Expect traditional wooden tiles and roofs with open windows, cushy chairs, and floor seats. 

Of course, you can’t skip sampling the bestseller Pandoro (sweet Italian bread with powdered sugar) with a spin using injeolmi (glutinous rice cake). Likewise, experiment with the Avocado Pollack Roe Baguette or dishes using traditional Korean ingredients like red bean for brunch. 

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2. Moon Cafe

While you’re near Gyeongbokgung Palace, why not drop by Moon Cafe for some authentic patbingsu (shaved ice with sweetened red beans) or waffles? It features the same theme as the previous item, but offers a one-of-a-kind experience with regular traditional music performances in the inner courtyard. Topping off your hanbok experience with desserts or a performance is bound to make your cafe-hopping experience unforgettable. 

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3. NUDAKE Seoul

If you enjoy people-watching on the streets of famous Gangnam or shopping ’till you drop, this Seoul cafe is right up your alley. A flagship store for the famed Gentle Monsters (a sunglasses brand endorsed by Blackpink’s Jennie), NUDAKE Seoul has made waves online for its modern and avant-garde layout. The store-slash-cafe offers a grand retail experience with its eyewear and its sister cosmetics brand Tamburins on sale. 

It’s one of the best cafes in Seoul for never-before-seen artisanal desserts. Must-tries include the Peak Cake (a black pastry crust filled with rich matcha cream), Pine Cone (a white four-tier cake shaped like a pine tree) and the Fog Cake (coloured with a black-to-white gradient). 

4. Ongozisin

Aside from serving arguably the best coffee in Seoul, Ongozisin also offers a front-row view of the scenic Gwanak District. While the eye-catching wide circle window draws crowds, customers stay for the delightful menu. Seek solace at this alcove full of healthy drinks and food options like Mugwort tea, monggo (red mung sesame) buns, and paprika ice cream. 

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5.  Coffee Nap Roasters

Coffee Nap Roasters in Yeonnam-dong gives off rustic vibes that take you back to slow weekend mornings. How can you not enjoy its cool red brick “hill” (with 7,000 bricks, to be exact), complemented by an earthy brown and white palette? It stands out among other unique Seoul cafes for its wide variety of special blends of Colombian, Peru, Guatemalan, Ethiopian, and Brazilian beans.

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6. Jean Frigo

Trot the quiet path down the street from the world-renowned Dongdaemun Design Plaza for some of the best coffee in Seoul… or even a cocktail, if that’s what you’re up for! 

Delivering a concept similar to a speakeasy, Jean Frigo is among the most innovative hidden Seoul cafes. It lies behind the refrigerator door found in the store — a nod to the grocery store also found inside. Even K-celeb Hanae gave it a stamp of approval, especially for their speciality cocktails during the evening. 

7. The Royal Food and Drink

Touted as a must-visit Seoul coffee shop for brunch, The Royal Food and Drink offers food for the stomach and soul. It boasts a scenic rooftop view of attractions like Namsan Tower — all while you enjoy hearty bagels, sandwiches, and salads with vegan options. We recommend pairing your cuppa with their crowd favourite tempeh sandwich and buttery vegan French toast. 

8. Cafe Camptong

ARMY travellers will be delighted to find the filming location of Run BTS open for chill snacks and coffee. Explore the expansive five-story Cafe Camptong in Apgujeong-dong. Snap away alongside multiple photo boards with pinned BTS selfies, magazines, books, and covers. Not to worry, the food and drinks live up to the hype, too! Must-try items include the signature egg tarts, mini earl grey toast, and matcha chocolate latte. 

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9. Anthracite Coffee Roasters Hannam

If you’re looking for a truly under-the-radar cafe, Anthracite Coffee Roasters in Hannam-dong is the place for you. They offer the best coffee in Seoul with their unique brewing techniques, which you can enjoy in a chic minimalist space. After getting your caffeine fix, you can explore the rest of the area’s stylish boutiques and galleries, or even just be in the general vicinity of your favourite K-celeb’s residence. That’s right, Hannam-dong is essentially Seoul’s version of Beverly Hills, reportedly home to some BTS members and Blackpink’s Jennie. 

10. SooSoo Coffee

For laid-back Seoul cafes, look no further than SooSoo Cafe, which offers a no-frills dining experience in an airy space bathed in natural light. Deriving from the meaning “pleasantly simple,” the name reflects beyond their layout. You’ll see it extends to their delectable hand brews like their Brazil Vinhal Family Cinnamon and Colombia Pinkbourbon. 

11. Bear’s Den

Of the lesser-known cute cafes in Seoul, this homely bakery-slash-cafe takes the cake for unique baked treats. Bear’s Den offers savoury portions for brunch and Instagram-worthy colourful desserts. Of course, you’ve got to try the Starry Night Chestnut Bread with colourful swirls reminiscent of Van Gogh’s famous painting. Adding to the whimsical experience, the other dishes also have cute names, such as Bear’s Plate and Hidden Honey Pot. 

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12. Dorrell Coffee

Dorrell Coffee offers a variety of coffee beans and delights in introducing new flavours to its customers and encouraging an open mind. Carrying that idea forward is the cafe’s design; from unpolished skater graffiti to the custom seats that resemble skateboards. 

It’s known as one of the best cafes in Seoul for good reason: the menu consists of bestsellers The Nutty Cloud (a cup of coffee with peanut cream layered over cold milk) and Einspänner (Viennese coffee with whipped cream). 

13. Kamong

Founded and owned by EXO Kai’s sister, you’ll have to sample Kamong’s highly appraised bingsu and waffles prepared specially by her. The cafe is a tribute to Kai and is even fondly nicknamed “Dreaming Kai.” As it’s often frequented by him, there’s a high possibility of bumping into him in this simple chic place fit for gathering fans and avid cafe-hoppers alike.

14. Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe Myeongdong

One of the classics, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe is nestled in the heart of the shopping district of Myeongdong. Possibly one of the pioneers of Instagrammable Seoul cafes, it has six levels full of apparel and a top-floor cafe with candy floss, coffee, shakes, and more. Given how Stylenanda is a globally popular apparel brand, it’s a no-brainer that its cafe has garnered the attention of both local and foreign visitors looking for a cool dining experience post-shopping. 

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15. Dal.Komm Cafe

No stranger to K-drama fans, Dal.Komm Cafe comes close to being synonymous with cafes in K-dramas. That said, it’s appeared in Descendents of the Sun (DOTS), Goblin, and Hi Bye Mama, just to name a few. It’s a chain coffee outlet with a rotating menu so try the seasonal menu inclusive of tea, coffee, and food. That said, the outlets near Cheonggyecheon Stream, in Yangjae-dong (as seen in DOTS), and in Hongdae by the playground park (aka a Hongdae landmark) are the most popular.

Additionally, a perk for night-owls: This cafe is open 24/7, so you can definitely nurse your coffee or sweets craving whenever it suits you! 

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The city of americanos, fluffy traditional and modern desserts, and themed cafes await your flight to sweet Seoul! We wager there’s a cafe here for you, with cafes ranging from hidden gems and nearby popular tourist attractions to uniquely themed cafes.

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