BTS Concert in Busan Prompted Air Busan to Add More Flights!

Air Busan Is Adding Extra Flights for Fans Travelling to Watch the BTS Concert

This airline has ARMY’s back!

The BTS concert in Busan is one of the most massive events to ever happen in South Korea. Fans from around the world want to make sure that they are there for RM, Jin, Jimin, j-hope, Jungkook, V, and SUGA. While the window for booking flights to Busan shrinks by the second, Air Busan offered extra flights for determined ARMY who wanted to see the boys perform live!

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BTS Concert in Busan increases demand for flights

The BTS concert in Busan sees the boys perform at the Asiad Main Stadium on 15 Oct 2022. The concert is part of the Busan government’s bid to be the host of the World Expo 2030. Titled BTS: Yet to Come in Busan, the concert will be free to view, both inside the stadium and on streaming platforms. However, admission to the actual stadium will still be determined by lottery draws.

There is another free venue where fans can watch the concert at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal.

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Air Busan offers extra flights for the BTS concert

air busan extra flights

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To meet the influx of passengers travelling for the free concert, Air Busan added extra flights going to Busan, with almost all of them coming from Japan. Four flights will be added to the Busan–Osaka route on 14 Oct 2022 and 16 Oct 2022. In addition, Air Busan will reopen their Busan–Narita route on the same dates. This route was suspended during the pandemic and will be reopened for these extra flights. Finally, the low-cost airline will add another four flights to their Busan–Fukuoka route on 15 Oct 2022 and 16 Oct 2022.

The extra tickets sold by Air Busan will be a part of a tour package. However, as of writing, all seats have sold out.

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The concert brings much excitement to ARMY, and its outcome will determine Busan’s drawing power to an international audience. While we’re sure BTS will shine through the city with a little funk and soul, let’s hope that the concert goes smooth like butter!

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