Designer Makes Custom Sneakers Using BTS Meal Packaging

A Singaporean Fashion Designer Turned the BTS Meal Packaging Into a Stylish Pair of Sneakers

What do you do with your BTS meal packaging? Make it fashion.

Ever since the BTS meal dropped, the collaboration between South Korean boyband BTS and McDonald’s has become the latest craze to sweep the globe. The hype doesn’t appear to be waning either, as proud members of ARMY seek inventive ways to preserve and display the colourful packaging of their BTS meals

However, few inventions come close to what Singaporean fashion designer and stylist Josiah Chua has envisioned for the BTS-themed Chicken McNuggets box. Using a pair of Nike Air Max Plus TN, Chua has repurposed his BTS meal package and transformed it into the coolest pair of sneakers we’ve ever seen. 

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Check out his gorgeous BTS-inspired sneakers below: 


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How the custom sneakers were made using BTS meal packaging

Made from Chicken McNuggets boxes and drink cups, the BTS-themed sneakers include a nugget pouch on each shoe — “a pocket for your nuggets on the go,” as Chua mentions in his post on Instagram. The bright-coloured sneakers also include cajun and sweet chilli sauce packets on top of the shoelaces. 

On his Instagram stories, Chua also showed behind-the-scenes video clips of what it was like to create the custom sneakers from scratch: carefully folding and cutting the purple-coloured packaging from the BTS meal and drink cup, then fitting the material to the shape of the sneakers. 

Custom BTS Sneakers Using BTS Meal Packaging

Image credit: Jayden Tan

Naturally, these BTS-themed sneakers have caught many people’s attention on Instagram, including Singaporean celebrities like Benjamin Kheng, Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, and Jasmine Sokko, who expressed their admiration and awe for Chua’s creativity. 

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Judging by the number of likes on the post — they’re still coming in strong as we speak — there’s a surging demand for these visually striking sneakers. Who can blame them? As far as creative interpretations of the BTS meal go, this fashion and fast-food collaboration is a stunner. 

All images credited to Jayden Tan | Instagram

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