Mint Choco Soju Is the New Drink Making Waves in South Korea

Mint Choco Soju From Korea Is Now Available in Singapore

Would you wanna try this odd soju flavour?

Mint chocolate has long been a divisive food topic; either you think it’s genius or you think it tastes like toothpaste — there’s no in-between. Just kidding, there probably are some people who are neutral about it, to which I say: Yo, pick a side. 

Anyway, here’s something you probably haven’t heard of yet: mint choco soju. It was recently launched by Good Day, a South Korean soju brand. After a series of mint chocolate-flavoured snacks from the Land of the Morning Calm, it has finally come to this.

What does the mint choco soju taste like?

Or perhaps the better question would be: Is it actually good? Well, that depends on your initial stance on mint chocolate, of course. But from what we’ve heard, the chocolate flavour is stronger and more obvious than the mint flavour. However, the colour of the drink is mint, which certainly gives it a more refreshing look! 

It has an alcohol content of 12.5%, which is lower than the usual soju flavour. This is because Good Day’s Mint Choco Soju is aimed towards a younger market. It also comes in a transparent light blue bottle, instead of the classic green one that we’re familiar with. 

Where can you buy it?

Good Day’s Mint Choco Soju is available mainly in South Korea. If you’re there, you can find it in convenience stores like 7-Eleven, CU and GS25. Each bottle is priced at ₩1,800 (~S$2.08). 

You can also check out the brand’s Instagram page (dedicated to this soju flavour!) for further updates. 

Update as of 14 Jan 2022: Those living in Singapore can finally try this, too! It’s currently available as a limited-edition item on Lazada.

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As a self-confessed mint chocolate apologist myself, I’m definitely down to try this when I get the chance. You know what they say — don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! So, for avid fans of this “controversial” flavour, what do you think? 

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