Fiji Aiming to Reopen to Tourists Right Before 2022!

Return to Paradise: Fiji Aiming to Reopen to Tourists Right Before 2022!

The peaceful escape you've been longing for.

In case you’re looking to welcome 2022 away from your familiar surroundings, Fiji is waving at you right now. The island nation’s COVID-19 cases are relatively low and manageable, with around 49,200 cases as of writing. That’s better than most of our countries have fared. Plus, its population is less than a million, making vaccination processes much faster. Fiji is aiming to reopen to foreign tourists by November 2021, right before the Yuletide season. 

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Fiji is set to reopen in November 2021

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On 3 Sept 2021, the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Faiyaz Koya stated, “We are collectively working towards a November reopening.” The country was initially planning to open in December, but as their vaccination rollout continues, they’re now considering opening a month earlier. 

The Minister also appeared confident in the move saying, “With COVID-safe behavior, we will reduce our community transmission and give confidence that Fiji is a safe holiday destination and will not be a source of cases in their respective countries. I am confident with all our collective effort we will achieve the desired outcomes and create a safe environment to welcome back tourists.”

To add to this, the Minister hinted that there might be neat travel deals on offer soon, which will include flight and resort packages. The revival of Fiji’s tourism industry is crucial to the country’s economy as 40% of Fiji’s GNP reportedly comes from the tourism industry. Last summer, the Prime Minister even started courting billionaires who were looking for a vacation destination during the pandemic to keep the country’s economy afloat. The plan seemed to work as 30 high net worth individuals allegedly spent three months in the island nation. 

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The news about the reopening naturally sparked delight among the many locals working in the travel industry. “We are ecstatic that before the end of the year we will be able to share the Fijian bula spirit with the world once again. We are anticipating a strong opening for those looking to celebrate the holidays under a palm tree,” Christopher Southwick, owner of the Royal Davui Island Resort, said in an interview with CNN. 

As of writing, Fiji’s entry requirements consist of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, a negative PCR test, and that the traveller must be from a green list country. However, Fiji has yet to clarify the complete list of green list countries. Know more about Fiji’s health protocols here.

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Maybe a trip to Fiji is exactly what you need to recharge before you restart your life as the new year approaches. Don’t forget to share your travel stories with us and message us on Facebook!

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