Blue Lagoon Cruises Experience: 4 Days On Board Fiji Princess

Blue Lagoon Cruises Experience: 4 Days On Board Fiji Princess

My cruise experience on board Fiji Princess, which is part of the Blue Lagoon Cruises. What an excellent way to experience Fiji at its best.

What is the easiest way to plan for a trip? To not plan at all! Of course, that means joining a tour, and having the itinerary laid out all for you. If that sounds already like a relaxing holiday to you, why not take it to the next level with a romantic cruise around one of the most beautiful islands in the world – Fiji!

A few months ago, my partner and I were lucky enough to get on the Fiji-based Blue Lagoon Cruises. The cruise, which lasted a splendid 4 days and 3 nights, allowed us the chance to pair a carefree holiday with a fascinating exploration of Fiji.

As we packed our bags, we eagerly awaited the thrill of stepping into uninhabited islands, snorkelling in the clear waters, and sampling traditional Fijian cuisine. By the time we boarded the ship. we were already trembling with excitement!

The Cruise

Our cruise ship that we were on is aptly-named the Fiji Princess. Being a boutique cruise ship, the Fiji Princess is relatively smaller than the standard cruise ship types that you usually encounter around the world. Its small size has advantages, such as the ability to explore lagoons and coves that would be too shallow for larger ships. The Fiji Princess can also only accommodate up to 68 passengers, making it perfect for passengers who dislike big crowds, or prefer quieter onshore excursions. 

A smaller ship has its drawbacks, however – smaller cruises are not the best for those who are prone to sea sickness as they get rocked by the waves more easily!

The Crew

Everyone knows that Fijians are exceptionally friendly. The crew on board the cruise was no exception too! Besides being friendly, the crew was always smiling and even referred to us on a first-name basis!

Additionally, as the ratio of crew to passengers was smaller than other crew ships, the crew members were able to add a personalised touch to their service. There was an incident when I needed help, and the staff went the extra mile to get it done. They also made it a point to get back to me on it!

They even allowed me to take a photo with the Cruise Captain!

The Schedule

Blue Lagoon Cruises offer 3 unique itineraries for a cruise in the Fiji Princess: the short 3 nights stay, a longer 4 nights stay and the complete 7 nights tour around the islands. For the first 2 tours, a transfer vessel will bring you from shore to the Fiji Princess, which will already have departed from Denarau Marina for the 7 nights tour. Similarly, a transfer vessel will bring you back to shore after your luxurious vacation onboard the ship.

The Room

The cruise rooms are extremely cosy, with a small little window to gaze the gorgeous scenery outside. The bed is comfortable too – it was a challenge to get up every morning.

The Itinerary

Despite the short duration of our stay, we managed to visit 4 islands! These ranged from the rugged southern Yasawa Islands to Naviti Island, which was populated by friendly villagers. They even welcomed us with a traditional kava ceremony, and enchanted us with their tales of local history and legends.

On several islands, I had the chance to snorkel to my heart’s content. Besides admiring the beautiful coral reefs, I also spotted a baby shark!

If you prefer to stay away from the water (which is highly inadvisable), the cruise offers you countless opportunities to lounge on the deck and soak in the warm sun. I remember retiring to a deckchair to nap after an exhilarating swim in the clear waters around the ship.

That’s the baby shark that we spotted!

The Food

Like most cruises, meals are provided on board the Fiji Princess! On two nights, there’ll be chef’s specials where they cook up a three-course meal for you. Furthermore, on one of the shore excursions, you get to savour a sumptuous meal as you laze on the beach!

From snorkelling to island-visiting, the cruise on board the Fiji Princess exceeded my greatest expectations. Throughout the trip, I felt very well-taken care of by the staff on board. Not only did they treat us like guests, they also made us feel at home. Vinaka (“thank you”), Blue Lagoon Cruises!

Head over to Blue Lagoon Cruises and Fiji Princess for more information on their cruise trips!

Many thanks to Fiji Airways for taking me to Fiji and on board Fiji Princess! 

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