Why Female Solo Travellers Are Not Your Average Women

Why Female Solo Travellers Are Not Your Average Women

All hail the single women who travel on their own -- 11/11 is your day. You bad-ass ladies are definitely not the average kind!

All hail to the single ladies who travel on their own!

November 11 is Singles Day and to celebrate this awesome day we are giving a shoutout to all the brave women who celebrate their #singleblessedness by travelling the world by themselves. You know what makes them different from the average women? Well, read on…

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They are the adventurous kind

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As if travelling to an unknown place is not adventurous enough, these awesome women decide to embark on this epic journey by themselves! They visit different attractions and even try out cool (and often scary) activities on their own. If bungee jumping or cliff diving (with a guide) or walking around a city on your own is not adventurous to you then I don’t know what else is!

They are friendlier than usual

They say that the world is a scary place for women, more so for those who travel alone. But hey, the truth is that it’s only a scary thought if you haven’t been there. You’ll probably be amazed at how much friendlier you are on the road than you normally are. Introverted? Well, making friends during your travels is a necessity and these friendships usually go a long way.

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They are highly confident people

female solo travellers not your average women

Getting a visa on your own? Using your charms to get past the immigration officers? Well, these women have certainly mastered the art of convincing people to allow them to travel — and very confidently so.

They (always) see the good in people

Got no maps? No problem. There are always locals to ask around, right? You may have been taught not to talk to strangers but there’s always an exception to every rule. Instead of thinking about their fears of talking to strangers, the awesome women think about the innate goodness in everyone and trust that these strangers will genuinely help them find their way around the new place.

They eat and drink like nobody’s watching

The one thing we admire most about solo female travellers is that they don’t care what society dictates. So you love your wine and gobble up on your munchies like there’s no tomorrow? Who cares? These women don’t really care much as long as they satisfy their souls…and their tummies.

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They know how to acknowledge their emotions

female solo travellers not your average women

Feeling lonely on the road is inevitable and this is something that does not get away easily no matter how many Snapchats or Instagram photos you take. But, these extraordinary women know and acknowledge that loneliness is part of life and that the best way to get over it is to look at the positive side.

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See? Being single does not have to mean that you are alone and lonely. Enjoy your singlehood and explore the world all you want — this might not last very long! 😉

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