A Money Heist Korean Adaptation Is in the Works & Here's What We Know!

The Korean Adaptation of Money Heist Officially Announces Cast Members!

This cast is 10/10.

Update as of 30 Sep 2021

Good news, K-drama stans! Netflix has finally confirmed the cast of the Korean adaptation of Money Heist. And here’s what we got:

  • The Professor will be played by Yoo Ji-tae
  • Berlin will be played by Park Hae-soo
  • Tokyo will be played by Jeon Jong-seo
  • Moscow will be played by Lee Won-jong
  • Denver will be played by Kim Ji-hoon
  • Nairobi will be portrayed by Jang Yoon-joo
  • Rio will be played by Park Jung-woo
  • Helsinki to be played by Kim Ji-hoon
  • Oslo to be played by Lee Kyu-ho
  • Seon Woo-jin to portray Kim Yoon Jin, the team leader of the police crisis negotiations division
  • Kim Sung-oh will play captain Cha Moo Hyuk, a former special agent
  • Park Myung-hoon will play Jo Young Min, the director of the Royal Mint
  • Lee Joo-bin will play Yoon Mi Sun, who is having an affair with Jo Young Min

See any familiar names here? The most popular one right now would probably be Park Hae-soo who played Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game. Looks like he isn’t done playing characters resorting to illegal things to acquire money. And we’re not done wanting to see more action-packed K-dramas on Netflix.  We’re still waiting for a final release date but so far, the cast of the Korean adaptation of Money Heist is definitely promising!

End of update

Money Heist fans, you may or may not believe this, but your favourite Spanish crime drama is going to have its own Korean adaptation on Netflix! Netflix confirmed the news just as December and the Christmas holidays are rolling in. Money Heist, otherwise known as La Casa de Papel, took the world by storm when it premiered in 2017, and by April 2020, approximately 65 million households worldwide tuned in to watch Part 4 of the series. Part 5 is still in production, but that’s not stopping the Korean adaptation from getting the green light. 

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What we know so far

money heist korean adaptation

L-R: Alex Pina; Kim Hong-sun

According to Netflix, the Korean adaptation of Money Heist will be directed by Kim Hong-sun who has directed K-dramas like The Guest, Voice, and Black. Meanwhile, Ryu Yong-jae, who has written screenplays for My Holo Love and Psychopath Diary is set to be the screenwriter for the Korean Money Heist

The creator and executive producer of La Casa de Papel, Alex Pina, did not hesitate to share his delight in the news and welcomed the Korean adaptation with open arms. “Korean creators have been developing their own language and audiovisual culture for years. They have managed, like our series, to go beyond cultural borders and become a point of reference for thousands of viewers around the world, especially among young people. That is why I find it fascinating that the world of La casa de Papel is so attractive to Korean creators as to do an adaptation. The fact that the action is set on the Korean Peninsula also seems to me to be a milestone which I am really delighted about,” he shared in a press release. 

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The fact that this adaptation will be as authentic as it can get by being set in the Korean Peninsula just makes us all throw our own predictions of who the cast members will be. Which oppa shall play the charismatic yet shy and unpredictable Professor? And who will lend her voice to Tokyo, the first person the audience hears in the whole show? Since there’s no word about casting yet, the possibilities are endless and we can only hope that our favourite oppas and unnies are going to make an appearance in the Korean adaptation of Money Heist!

We also know that the first season of the Korean adaptation will be comprised of 12 episodes. But we still await more details to be announced at a later date. 

Props to Netflix for being able to distribute works of different cultures on its platform. We’re definitely keeping an eye out for this latest crossover!

Information and photos extracted from a Netflix press release. Facebook image credit (L-R): Netflix press release; Squid Game IMDB | Official Website

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