Nature & Wildlife Attractions in Kangaroo Island, Australia

Nature & Wildlife Attractions in Kangaroo Island, Australia

The natural gems of Kangaroo Island, from land formations to wildlife, will surely take your breath away.

kangaroo island

Fully indulge in nature’s beauty when you’re in Kangaroo Island, the perfect escape from the buzzing city life!

When in Adelaide, you’ve got to travel to Kangaroo Island (also known as KI) – an island over 4,000 square kilometres which is just a ferry ride away from Victor Harbour in South Australia. This island is known to house various natural gems. Nature reserves take up over a third of the island, being home to native wildlife such as sea lions, seals, koalas and even birds like pelicans. Kangaroo Island’s natural wonders, such as rock formations like the Remarkable Rocks and the Admirals Arch, are not to be missed.

Here’s how the third largest island in Australia has been blessed by Mother Nature.

Nature attractions

Beautiful coastlines like Pennington Bay

kangaroo island

kangaroo island

Being on an island means you can easily find gorgeous coastlines anywhere. We visited Pennington Bay right after arriving at Kangaroo Island from the ferry terminal. As the island is not jam-packed with tourists, Pennington Bay could feel like a private beach, with the sound of gushing waves and the amazingly clear water. Taking a dip in the summer would be nice!

Sand dunes at Little Sahara

You know Kangaroo Island has it all when you can even find a mini dessert named Little Sahara! This naturally-occurring sand dune system is a popular attraction amongst locals and tourists on the island, and you can rent a sandboard or a toboggan to have endless fun sliding down the slopes!

Amazing Admirals Arch

This natural rock arch is a popular photo spot on Kangaroo Island, providing a unique view of the ocean. It’s one of the 27 officially designated geological monuments on the island, and an ideal location to spot fur seals and even seal pups!

The Remarkable Rocks

It’s okay if you don’t find this rock formation amazing because the Remarkable Rocks was similar to observing abstract art for me. It’s still one of the island’s signature landmarks nevertheless, having been created after 500 million years of rain, wind and pounding waves.

Wildlife attractions

Spotting koalas in the wild

Wild koalas sleeping atop the trees has got to be the cutest thing I’ve seen – I mean, just look at them! Tourist information centres or KI locals can give you tips on where to spot these wild koalas. If you’re lucky, you might even see one crawling on the ground!

Spotting wild sea lions & seals by the coast

The sea and coast on Kangaroo Island are home to many wildlife, including sea lions and fur seals. In the summer, Australian and New Zealand fur seals can be spotted from the boardwalk at the Admirals Arch, within Flinders Chase National Park. You even see some of them basking in the sun and enjoying the cooling waters.

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