19 Bridges in Singapore You Should Cross at Least Once

19 Bridges in Singapore You Should Cross at Least Once

The bridges here are simply beautiful, from ones in nature reserves to those near the Singapore River.

Unknown to many, Singapore is home to a wide range of bridges, many with interesting histories. From the vibrant, artistic bridges to the DNA-strand-shaped pedestrian bridge, overpasses in this country are sadly often overlooked. If you’re looking for a way of viewing Singapore from a new angle, skip the rooftop bars and head to one of these bridges. The best part? They’re all free!

Bridges in Singapore that cross the Singapore River

1. Helix Bridge

singapore bridges helix

Image credit: Jeffery Goh

Known to us as the bridge with a unique helical structure, the Helix Bridge was constructed to model the appearance of a DNA structure. The bridge overlooks the majestic Marina Bay Sands and connects the Marina Center with Marina South.

helix bridge singapore

Image credit: Jordan Opel

Enjoy the views of the Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade Theatre as you cross the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore!

Address: Enter via the entrance near Youth Olympic Park or The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

2. Cavenagh Bridge

Built in 1869 by Indian convicts based in Singapore, the Cavenagh Bridge — named after Sir Lieutenant General William Orfeur Cavenagh — is the oldest suspension bridge across the Singapore River. It currently serves as a foot-bridge for pedestrian traffic, but was originally used to facilitate the passage of barges and was raised during high tide.

However, by the late 1800s, the bridge could not withstand the growing number of vehicles. Thus, the Anderson Bridge was opened in 1910 as a way to ease the traffic. Ever since, the Cavenagh Bridge has been used as a pedestrian bridge.

Address: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

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3. Jubilee Bridge

jubilee bridge singapore

Image credit: Connor Yang

The Jubilee Bridge was built across the Singapore River to ease the pedestrian flow on the Esplanade Bridge. This bridge was built when Singapore’s late founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, observed that the walkway along Esplanade Bridge was insufficient for all the pedestrians; he pointed out the need for a friendlier walking trail during his visit to Marina Bay in 2004. The bridge was opened earlier than planned on the day of the state funeral procession for Lee Kuan Yew.

Address: 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981

4. Alkaff Bridge

singapore bridge alkaff

Image credit: Ryan Custodio

Yet another bridge that crosses over the Singapore River, the Alkaff Bridge is one you might’ve spotted. Situated in the Roberston Quay area, its striking colourful display is certainly hard to miss!

Also known as the Singapore Art Bridge, this bridge was designed by Pacita Abad, a Filipino female artist. Not only was Abad invited to the Singapore Tyler Institute, she was also the first female artist to work with the Visiting Artists Program! This steel bridge is 55m long and weighs more than 200,000kg. Furthermore, the bridge mimics the shape of a tongkang, which is a light boat used in early Singapore to transport goods along the rivers.

singapore art bridge

Image credit: The Wandering Angel

Abad and her team used an impressive 52 different vibrant colours and over 900 liters of paint to complete this dramatic work of art! The bridge is named after the Alkaffs, a well-known Arabian family who were amongst the elite in Singapore during the early 20th century.

Address: 1 Havelock Rd

5. Elgin Bridge

Visit the Elgin Bridge at night for a beautifully illuminated view of Boat Quay. This bridge has supposedly existed since the early 1800s!

Back in its early days, Elgin Bridge was a footbridge that connected the Chinese merchants on the southern side of the Singapore River to the Indian traders on the northern side. Hence, the names North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road that lead up to the Elgin Bridge! Also, the bridge also connects Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, which sit on either side of the bridge.

Stroll along this beautifully structured bridge at night, and admire the lamps designed by Italian sculptor Cavalari Rudolfo Nolli.

Address: South Bridge Rd

Bridges in Singapore near park connectors and nature reserves

6. Macritchie TreeTop Walk

singapore bridges macritchie

Image credit: RWM

The Macritchie TreeTop Walk is a 250m walkway with its highest point at 25m above the forest floor. This bridge offers a panoramic view of the surrounding secondary rainforest as well as the nearby Upper Peirce Reservoir. You might even catch sight of monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

singapore bridges macritchie

Image credit: LuizCent

The Treetop Walk plays a significant role in forest canopy research, as it allows researchers to conduct projects all the way up in the sky. If you’re up for a scenic walk through the rainforest, meander through this beautifully preserved tropical piece of land.

Note: TreeTop Walk is closed for maintenance works from 11 August 2020. It is expected to be complete by the third quarter of 2021. 

Address: Enter via 1 Venus Dr

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7. Henderson Waves

singapore bridges henderson waves

Image credit (L-R): The Naughty Prata; Will Truettner

We talked about the longest pedestrian bridge, now it’s time to move on to the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore: Henderson Waves. It is one of Singapore’s many iconic structures and an attraction that should not be missed. Built 36 metres above Henderson Road, this bridge is often frequented for its unique architecture; the artistic, distinctive wave-like structure that consists of a series of curved ‘ribs’.  

Test your fear of heights by standing right at the railing of the bridge, and find out how many iconic landmarks in Singapore you can spot with the flow of traffic cruising by beneath your feet.

And of course, this iconic bridge in Singapore cant be missed if youre hiking along Singapores Southern Ridges!

Address: Henderson Rd, Singapore 159557

8. Sungei Api Api Bridge

sungei api api

Image credit: Google Street View

If you’re looking for a place to spark some inspiration for your next horror story, visit the Sungei Api Api Bridge. Sungei Api Api directly translates into “Fire Fire River” in Malay, which leaves you wondering why a swamp would be named fire. Not only are there seasonal views of jellyfish swimming across these streams, but this bridge, located in Pasir Ris Park, is home to many ghost sightings. The area is also infamous for Pontianak sightings and strange experiences that people have had after visiting it. 

Address: Entrance via Pasir Ris Park Connector

9. Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

tanjong rhu suspension bridge

Image credit (L-R): ye mon; William Cho

A newer addition to the list, Tanjong Rhu Promenade is home to the Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge and the iconic Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower! Ascend the four-storey tower, and be treated to panoramic views of the Tanjong Rhu residential area on one side and Singapores CBD skyline on the other.

Tanjong Rhu Promenade can be accessed via the Tanjong Rhu Park Connector, which is a waterfront route connecting Kallang and the Marina Bay area. This 1.5km path is a simple yet breathtaking route to embark on, and you shouldnt perspire too much after either. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your evening, right?

Address: 50 Tanjong Rhu Pl, 436621

10. Lorong Halus Red Bridge

lorong halus bridge

Image credit: Erwin Soo

Known to those whove explored the Punggol Waterway Park Connector before, this eye-catching red bridge in Singapore connects the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to the Lorong Halus Wetland. Popular for its uninterrupted views of the sunrise and sunset against Serangoon River, its no wonder that standing here against the golden hour would definitely bring one to a calm and tranquil state of mind. And also, talk about the amazing pictures youll be able to snap here, right?

Image credit: Allen Ng

Address: Entrance via 326 Lor Halus, Singapore 536587

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11. Bridges in Punggol Waterway Park: Punggol New Bridge, Kelong Bridge, Adventure Bridge, and Jewel Bridge

punggol waterway park

Punggol New Bridge | Image credit: GT#1…thanks for millionth support

If youve ever been along the Punggol Waterway Park Connector before, youll be no stranger to the numerous bridges that populate this north-eastern part of Singapore. Along this 6.1km path, youll see that these bridges provide shortcuts to certain points of interests along the park connector, such as Coney Island, Punggol Settlement, Punggol East Container Park, and more!

Jewel Bridge | Image credit (L-R): GT#1…thanks for millionth support; Erwin Soo

Who knew that when Punggol was in its first stages of development, it’d turn out to be one of the best nature getaways in our little island?

punggol waterway park

Adventure Bridge | Image credit: GT#1…thanks for millionth support


Punggol New Bridge: Entrance via Punggol Walk

Kelong Bridge: Entrance near Punggol Road

Adventure Bridge: 9 Sentul Cres, Singapore 821313

Jewel Bridge: Entrance near 322 Sumang Walk, Singapore 821313

12. Bridge to Coney Island Park

coney island

Image credit: Google Street View

Step into Coney Island, and youll be amazed that this forested paradise is actually part of Singapore! Resembling the nature reserves of New Zealand or Scotland (aside from the weather, of course), the pathway leading up to Coney Island is a sight to behold in itself. In the times Ive been to Coney Island, Ive always seen cyclists stop along this path (pictured above) to snap pictures of the beautiful sunset.

Due to the size of Coney Island, there are two entrances you can choose from to enter: One in Pasir Ris, and another in Punggol. Challenge yourself to a true nature adventure by entering at the east entrance and exiting via the west entrance (or vice versa)!

coney island singapore

(L-R): View of Coney Island from Punggol Promenade Nature Walk; View from inside Coney Island | Image credit (L-R): Z; Jnzl’s Photos


East entrance: Enter via Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6

West entrance: Enter via Punggol Promenade Nature Walk

13. Bridges in Jurong Lake Gardens: White Rainbow Bridge and more

chinese gardens

Image credit: Martin Hlavac

Jurong Lake Gardens is home to the beautiful Chinese and Japanese Gardens. The go-to nature getaway for westies, the bridges that populate this western paradise are a mix of modern boardwalks and traditional bridges. Thus, have your pick at the multiple photo opportunities available to you!

jurong lake gardens

(L-R): Boardwalk in Jurong Lake Gardens; Bridge in Chinese Garden | Image credit (L-R): Yamin Ohmar; Gigi

Address: Yuan Ching Rd

14. Railway Bridge / Old KTM Railway Bridge

Constructed in 1932, the Old KTM Railway Bridge used to function as a train service connecting Singapore to the Malaya peninsula. Servicing trains from the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station, the remaining railway tracks have been conserved and are now open to the public to walk across safely for the perfect photo opportunity! Located near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, these railway bridges should be included in your itinerary if youre in the area for a glimpse into our nations past.

singapore rail corridor

Image credit: Luke Phang


Railway Bridge: 962 Dunearn Rd, Singapore 589487

Old KTM Railway Bridge: 80 Hindhede Rd, Singapore 589244

15. OCBC Skyway in Gardens by the Bay

supertree grove

Image credit: Annie Spratt

Located in Singapores second most popular tourist destination (the first is Marina Bay Sands), the OCBC Skyway in Gardens by the Bay is a suspension bridge that offers you panoramic views of the beautiful plants and an exhilarating display of lights against Singapores skyline. Being suspended 22m above the air is certainly one of the best ways to explore Singapores beauty, if you ask me.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

16. Sentosa bridge connecting to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Cool off at the wading pools at Palawan Beach after a hot, humid day. After which, make your way to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia by crossing the man-made suspension bridge! This point is a small island with two towers, where you can head on up to a viewing deck that overlooks the ocean. Sounds like a romantic place for a date, right?

Address: Palawan Beach Walk

Bridges in Singapore to drive across

17. Seletar North Link Bridge to Punggol Timor Island

Image credit: dave ho

If youve ever enjoyed your weekend at the nearby Marina Country Club, you might’ve seen the iconic rainbow buildings that sit across the reservoir from you. These buildings are actually the S11 Dormitory @ Punggol, which is one of the many dormitories in Singapore that houses our foreign workers.

If youre craving a drive out to clear your mind, or want a new cycling route that gives you uninterrupted views of the sunset against the reservoir, try driving along Seletar Link to Punggol Timor Island. Its a clear, straight 4.8km path thats certain to give you peace of mind.

Image credit: dave ho

Address: Entrance via Seletar North Link

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18. Yishun Dam

yishun dam

Image credit: Google Street View

Another straight and unobstructed driving route is Yishun Dam, which brings you from the hidden dining oasis in Seletar Aerospace Park to the northern residential area of Yishun. This bridge in Singapore is popular among cyclists and hikers who are coming from the nearby Rower’s Bay Park. One that definitely doesnt get as much attention as places like Punggol Waterway Park, Rowers Bay Park is an underrated gem thats perfect for a picnic against beautiful views of the sunset.

Address: Yishun Ave 1, Singapore 769130

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19. Kranji Way

kranji way

Image credit: Google Street View

Located in northern Singapore, Kranji Way is a scenic flyover that separates Kranji Reservoir Park (into Parks A and B). Youll also be driving across Kranji Way if you wish to visit the iconic Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. An extensive mangrove forest filled with rich biodiversity, this wetland reserve is Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park!

Address: 30 Kranji Way, Singapore 739440

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If you’re scared of heights, why not step out of your comfort zone and visit a tall bridge up in the canopy to get over your fears? Of course, if that doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are always (lesser daunting) bridges out there for you to still enjoy some spectacular views. So go out, explore, and enjoy the scenery!

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