Experience Cherry Blossom in SG With This Sakura-Themed High Tea Set

Experience Cherry Blossom in Singapore With This Sakura-Themed High Tea Set

Perfect way to usher in springtime!

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Many of us are yearning to visit Japan at this time of the year to feast our eyes upon the sublime Sakura flowers blooming in all its glory. The fleeting burst of pink petals serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty that is there for eyes that seek it. And, that’s just one reason we just can’t seem to get enough of the yearly phenomenon. 

While we can’t flock to parks and gardens in Japan right now, we can still celebrate our love for cherry blossoms. By enjoying a Strawberry Sakura High Tea set at a quaint cafe tucked away in Holland Village, that is.

2am: dessertbar coalesces two of our favourite things in a rather unconventional manner; high tea and the symbolic flower. The outcome is a visual delight and a gastronomic experience that awaits.

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Strawberry Sakura High Tea menu

Expect to tuck into a plethora of light bites served beautifully on a gilded tiered stand. The Sakura theme high tea set includes the following sweet treats:

  • Strawberry Roku Gin Caprese Dessert 
  • Strawberry Kakigori
  • Compressed Strawberries with sweet milk 
  • Strawberry Mochi 
  • Ichigo Daifuku 
  • Gyoza 
  • Strawberry Yuzu Opera cake 
  • Strawberry Basil Mousse cake
  • Strawberry Sakura Chocolates bon bons
  • Sakura Caramel chocolate bon bons 
  • Strawberry Green Tea Monaka 

With an array of Japanese-inspired desserts, you will be transported to the Land of the Rising Sun in no time. It’ll certainly quench your wanderlust as you await travel restrictions to ease.

Moreover, some of the sweet dishes are infused with the seasonal flower. With a subtle sweetness and a fragrant floral aroma, you can literally have a taste of springtime in your mouth. 

Choose from either tea or coffee to complete the whole dainty affair. You’ll find that sipping a cup of tea (or coffee) and nibbling on a variety of morsels makes for a great way to while the afternoon away!

A sight for sore eyes

Get your cameras ready as you will be in for a visual spectacle during the high tea.  

Sakura flowers, flown in from Nagoya in Japan, will adorn the intimate space. 

You can gaze at cherry blossoms in different hues of pink – reminiscent of your hanami experience – as you enjoy the delightful assortment of confections. 

Plus, the beautiful set-up makes it worthy for the gram. Your followers will certainly be in awe of you!

Price and dates of Strawberry Sakura High Tea menu

The Strawberry Sakura High Tea will run from 6 March 2021 till 24 March 2021. It is priced at $49.50 per pax (excluding GST) and is limited to 10 sets per session. Gather your group of high tea kakis and make a reservation here.

Last we checked, slots are filling up fast. Better hurry if you do not want to miss out on this unique opportunity!

You can also check out other high tea spots in Singapore to indulge in a great British tradition.

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