Best Cafes in Seoul: Where to Get the Best Pastries & Other Baked Treat

Top 10 Cafes in Seoul for the Best Pastries & Baked Treats

Something sweet and tasty, then on to the next pastry.

Exploring Seoul always entails taking your tastebuds on an adventure, doesn’t it? From trying out all sorts of street food to indulging on authentic Korean BBQ, it’s practically impossible to sleep with an empty stomach. Never mind the calories — life’s too short to miss out on what the local gastronomic scene has to offer! But what if you’d like to go beyond the usual street food and K-BBQ options and try out some sweet and carb-y treats, too? Fortunately, there are lots of bakeries and cafes in Seoul that’ll satisfy your cravings.  

That said, we’ve come up with a list of every Seoul bakery and cafe that you should try on your next visit. Oh, and we’ve made sure to list down only those that allow both dine-in and takeout because, hey, why limit yourself? From decades-old institutions to trendy new spots, here’s where to go for the best pastries and other baked treats around this dazzling metropolis. 

1. Taegeuk Dang Bakery

Ask any local and they’ll probably agree that Taegeuk Dang Bakery is one of the most iconic cafes in Seoul. Why, you ask? Well, it’s only the oldest existing bakery in the city! They first opened their doors in 1946 in Myeong-dong, before eventually moving to its flagship store in Jangchung-dong in 1973. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why it looks familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen it on the hit K-drama, Reply 1988

Bestsellers from this Seoul bakery include their oranda cake, egg-glazed vegetable rolls, and madeleines — all of which you can pair with their wide array of espresso and matcha drinks. On the sweeter (and cooler) side, their housemade monaka ice cream is also a must-try! Featuring a mochi flour wafer, it comes in two variants depending on the filling: milk ice cream stuffed and glutinous rice cake. 

2. Bread Lab

No visit to Seoul would be complete without dropping by the vibrant and youthful Hongdae. So, next time you’re in the area, make sure to drop by Bread Lab in Yeonnam-dong. Its cosy wood-panelled interior will make you feel right at home, though if you prefer an outdoor setting, they also have a lovely terrace. No wonder this Seoul baker is a go-to study spot among local students!

Make sure to try out their cranberry scones, green tea Danish, black olive ciabatta, and apple cake. Don’t forget to wash ‘em all down with something from their drinks; take your pick from coffee and tea to milkshake and fruit juice! And since it’s one of those cafes in Seoul that are close by to universities, you can expect their offerings to be reasonably priced. 

3. Tartine Bakery

Hailing all the way from San Francisco, Tartine Bakery in Hannam-dong is the brand’s first-ever overseas location. As of writing, it has four other stores scattered around the metropolis.  All these are managed by Lee Hyun Hee and chef Edward Lee: two of South Korea’s top chefs who spent half a year training and learning the recipes at the Tartine headquarters. 

Each of their cafes in Seoul features sophisticated interiors that perfectly blend posh and contemporary-casual. Meanwhile, the menu features the good ol’ Tartine classics like their banana cream tart, croissant, cheesecake, cookies, and sourdough sandwiches. Not to be outdone, there are also some options with a Korean twist! We recommend the Jeju green tea cake, frangipane cream tart, and lemon teacake. 

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4. On Ne Sait Jamais

With a name that roughly translates to “you never know,” On Ne Sait Jamais does tend to be full of surprises. After all, it’s supposedly what started the interior trend that involves styling your space like a tiled Korean sauna — sans the water, of course! But apart from being one of the prettiest cafes in Seoul, it’s also your best bet for scrumptious baked goodies around bustling Itaewon

Our main reco is their Italian tiramisu — a crowd fave that comes in three flavours: original, strawberry, and Nutella with banana. Another would be their Mont Blanc, a teardrop-shaped cake that features chestnut purée coated in meringue. And yes, these decadent treats are just as Instagrammable as the cafe interior. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself snapping away even when your tummy is already grumbling! 

5. Fritz Coffee Company

Fritz Coffee Company is founded by a group of four coffee experts and a pastry chef. So, yes, you can expect to have the best of both worlds — that is, speciality coffee and mouth-watering pastries. Yet despite its rep as one of the best cafes in Seoul, it keeps a somewhat low profile even if it’s situated in ever-busy Dohwa-dong. Hidden behind an unassuming wooden gate, you’ll find it in a repurposed old tile house, where a cosy atmosphere with eclectic vintage furniture await.

On the first floor are the bakery and coffee counter to get you started. We recommend their pain au chocolat and cream cheese buns. Another must-try from this Seoul bakery is the Berliner: a German brioche filled with marmalade or custard. Don’t forget to pair these with some good cuppa! Oh, and FYI — this is one of the few places where you can choose between a paper or metal filter for your pour-over. 

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6. Fluffy Donut

Wondering which Seoul bakery has the best doughnuts? Look no further than Fluffy Donut in the quietly chic Yeonnam-dong. This underrated neighbourhood is just a few blocks away from the more popular Hongdae area; while the latter caters mostly to university kids, this one serves as the hip yuppie spot. Think of it as the ideal place to enjoy a weekend brunch followed by leisurely walks and window-shopping. But first, coffee and doughnuts! 

Remember those iconic pink doughnuts with sprinkles from The Simspons? Fluffy Donuts has its own version that is the raspberry glazed flavour, which is clearly a bestseller. Other must-tries are their maple bacon, meringue lemon custard, and caramel crunch doughnuts. Though, if you’d like an even more creative twist, they also offer coffee and matcha latte that comes with tiny doughnuts on skewers — how cute is that? 

7. FourB

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Image credit: FourB Instagram Page

Are bagels and coffee your fave breakfast combo? Well then, head over to FourB! Currently, it has three cafes in Seoul: Hapjeong-dong, Gwanghamun, and Hoegi-dong. Each location boasts of dominantly glass windows, white walls, and industrial design that make for a minimalist hipster haven. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, that’s because it also has another cool store right beside the Korean DMZ

The four B’s in its name stand for ‘best, basic, bright, and brilliant,’ and it shows. Both the bagel and coffee menus are fuss-free and straightforward, focusing on quality over quantity. Aside from the regular bagel with cream cheese, FourB also offers onion bagel and walnut cream cheese. You can mix and match these according to your preferences, of course! And while you’re at it, why not grab a cup of Dutch black, flat white, or chocolate latte too? 

8. Chef CHO

Mullae-dong is a former industrial zone turned art hub that offers a breath of fresh (and edgy) air from the more posh and/or mainstream areas. While exploring this neighbourhood,  make sure to drop by Chef CHO: a famous Seoul bakery that’s hailed as one of the top cake shops in the city. So, don’t be surprised if you spot locals walking out of the store and carrying a whole cake — even though there’s no special occasion! 

Crowd favourites include the ganache earl grey cake, the pumpkin cream cake, and the strawberry shortcake. You can either have these per slice or whole! Chef CHO also offers pies, cupcakes, and other pastries, which are all reasonably priced… so might as well go all out. Oh, and before you go, we definitely suggest taking home some of their freshly baked bread! Just like their cakes, this is also something that locals from all over Seoul are down to line up for. 

9. Le Alaska

Image credit: nikoichi_ii

In between shopping and sightseeing around the snazzy Garosu-gil in Gangnam, don’t forget to stop by Le Alaska. From the outside, it looks like a charming small town bakery straight out of an indie rom-com. In fact, it’s actually tucked away in an alley away from the main strip, which all the more adds to its appeal. This Seoul bakery and cafe is a joint venture of a Le Cordon Bleu chef and a Tokyo pâtissier. 

Once you step inside, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a quaint Parisian cafe; with its exposed brick walls, rustic vibes, and mildly dim lighting. Add to that the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries welcoming you to grab a seat and spend an hour or two. FYI — Le Alaska has over 40 different French bread and pastries; from classic buttery croissants and savoury baguette sandwiches to specialities like spinach potato bread and chocolate banana tart. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

10. Richemont Bakery

Another long-standing Seoul bakery is Richemont Bakery. Upon going inside the original store in Seongsan-dong, one would easily notice that it has been around for quite long. Its classic-luxe interior hasn’t changed much since it first opened in 1979… just like their over 400 kinds of baked goodies that never cease to amaze locals and tourists alike! Take it from us, it’s the carb-and-sweets haven that we never knew we needed. 

So, yes, we definitely wouldn’t blame you if you take a while to choose which treats to get. Though, if you’d like to try pretty much everything, we recommend visiting as soon as it opens in the morning. This specific Richemont Bakery also has a breakfast buffet, if you really want to go all out! And finally, if there was one must-try that we’d consider a non-negotiable, then that would be the cream puffs — A.K.A. their best-seller since the ’80s!

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Needless to say, we’re definitely looking forward to when we can safely travel to South Korea again. So, which Seoul bakery and cafe would you make a beeline for? Or better yet, have you been to any of these already? Go on and share everything in the comments! 

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