Pulau Ubin Singapore: Everything You Need to Know for Your Day Trip

Pulau Ubin Travel Guide: What to See, Eat, & Do on Your Next Day Trip!

From cycling to sightseeing, this iconic island has it all.

Pulau Ubin in Singapore is a favourite destination for tourists and locals alike, especially since it’s one of the country’s last kampongs. Once an essential source of granite for Singapore’s early developments, the island is known today for its natural greenery and many outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, it is undoubtedly the ideal place to visit!

This boomerang-shaped island is located just off the northeastern coast of Singapore and is highly accessible by ferry. So pack your caps, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent! Here’s everything you need to know on your next day trip to Pulau Ubin.

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How to get from Singapore to Pulau Ubin

1. Take a bus from Tampines Interchange

singapore to pulau ubin

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Travelling from Singapore to Pulau Ubin is only possible via boat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. From exit D of Tampines MRT, take Bus 29 to Changi Village Bus Interchange. Upon alighting, the ferry terminal is a stone’s throw away.

P.S. — If you’re feeling hungry, grab a meal at the famous Changi Village Hawker Centre! We recommend their affordable yet delicious nasi lemak.

2. Bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin

bumboat ride

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From the ferry terminal, purchase a ticket for the bumboat ride (S$4) and hop aboard the next boat. As there is no fixed schedule, boats will only leave when they have a full boat of twelve passengers. Alternatively, you could pay to cover the cost of the empty seats.

singapore to pulau ubin

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After a 10m boat ride, you’ll arrive at Pulau Ubin Jetty. Now, if you’re looking for things to do in Pulau Ubin, we’ve got you covered!

Best things to do in Pulau Ubin, Singapore

1. Cycle around the island

cycling in pulau ubin

Image credit: Ria Tan

No day trip to Pulau Ubin would be complete without a bicycle ride around the island. You’ll find a few bicycle rental shops a short walk from the jetty in Ubin Town. Prices start as low as S$8 per day, and may increase depending on the shop and the type of bicycle you choose. If you’re looking for a premium cycling experience, we recommend an upgrade to a mountain bike for better suspension and a smoother feel. Many shops offer a range of bikes, from tandem bikes to child bikes. 

Pro tip: Test your bikes before setting off. You don’t want to end up with a faulty ride!

Once you’ve chosen your stead, it’s time to plan your route. Whether you’re looking to relax and take in the scenery or challenge yourself with strenuous exercise, there’s a route for everyone. Make sure you apply a generous amount of sunblock and mosquito repellent!

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2. Trek at Chek Jawa Wetlands

things to do in pulau ubin

Image credit: Sengkang

Chek Jawa Wetlands is a 100-hectare wetland located on the southeastern tip of Pulau Ubin, Singapore. Explore this unique natural area where six ecosystems — sandy beach, rock beach, seagrass lagoon, coral rubble, mangroves, and coastal forest  — meet.

iconic tower in pulau ubin

Image credit: Ria Tan

Walk along the Mangrove Boardwalk to Jejawi Tower! The tower is a 20-metre-high structure that overlooks the tree canopy. Climbing to the top of the tower reveals panoramic views of the wetland. It is definitely a must when it comes to things to do in Pulau Ubin.

3. Visit Teck Seng’s Place

museum in pulau ubin

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When planning your trip to Pulau Ubin, a museum might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, Teck Seng’s Place isn’t just any museum. Once owned by Chew Teck Seng, House 363B was once a local provision shop from 1970 to 2005 and supplied provisions to the various quarries around Pulau Ubin. Since then, the house has been refurbished as a Chinese kampong house.

pulau ubin day trip

Image credit: Ria Tan

Fast forward to the present day, Teck Seng’s Place shows life on Pulau Ubin back in the 1970s. It contains many vintage household items, including furniture, electrical appliances, and old photographs donated by past residents. So, go ahead and immerse yourself in this charming rustic relic.

4. Sightsee flora and fauna

abandoned quarries

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Known for its abundance of lush greenery and thriving wildlife, Pulau Ubin is known as a paradise for nature lovers — for a good reason. NParks estimates that the island is home to 786 native plants, 242 birds, 201 butterflies, and 89 mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Many of these species are rare and can’t be found on mainland Singapore.

wild boar in pulau ubin

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If you’re looking to explore a biodiverse utopia, then Pulau Ubin, Singapore is the right place. Bring a pair of binoculars for bird-watching, or visit the abandoned quarries to observe the blooming wildlife and vegetation!

5. Wander through The Sensory Trail Gardens

things to do in pulau ubin

Image credit: Ria Tan

Situated near the police station to the right of the jetty, the Sensory Trail is a breezy 1.5km trail that takes around an hour to complete. It features towering heritage trees, spices, herbs, tea, and a small garden with fruit trees that locals used to plant for personal consumption.

flora and fauna in singapore

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The trail encourages you to explore Pulau Ubin’s nature by engaging the five senses. Despite being one of the more obscure things to do in Pulau Ubin, this less-trodden path is well worth checking out!

What and where to eat in Pulau Ubin

6. Season Live Seafood

pulau ubin restaurants

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If you’re feeling hungry and thirsty after a day of trekking and cycling, kick back and relax with fresh seafood and coconuts at Season Live Seafood. Conveniently located at the entrance of the island, it is clearly one of the most popular Pulau Ubin restaurants. Grab a table by the waterfront to enjoy your meal with a panoramic view and a cool breeze!

This zi char-style seafood restaurant offers a wide array of dishes! We recommend their fried squid rings (S$10) and prawn omelette (S$10), both of which are great for sharing. 

Note: Only cash payment is accepted, so make sure to bring enough with you.

7. Cheong Lian Yuen

fresh seafood restaurant

Image credit: ​​splumakanator

Pulau Ubin certainly has no shortage of seafood. Cheong Lian Yuen is another one of the affordable Pulau Ubin restaurants located right next to the jetty. Despite relatively low prices, it features a range of high-quality seafood. 

Besides classic seafood dishes like chilli crab and steamed fish, the restaurant is also known for its tantalising seafood bee hoon. Cooked in a wok hey style, the dish is charred to perfection with a generous portion of seafood and noodles.

8. Sin Lam Huat

pulau ubin restaurants

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While Sin Lam Huat may not be the most famous dining spot in Pulau Ubin, it’s one you cannot miss. Stepping inside the restaurant transports you back to the old days of the island. With photographs of nature and historical moments from previous decades decorating its walls, Sin Lam Huat cements itself as a part of Pulau Ubin’s history.

Managed by two sisters, the service is excellent and creates a sense of homeliness. The restaurant serves up many zi char staples, from seafood fried rice to sambal kangkong. Savour these classic dishes amidst the unique environment!

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9. Various fruit stores

fresh fruits

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After having a meal at one of the delicious Pulau Ubin restaurants, a healthy serving of fruit is just what the doctor ordered! The island’s many orchards offer fresh fruits that vary with the season. With durians, rambutans, mangosteens, coconuts, and more, you may find yourself in a dilemma. (Not that we can blame you!)

These fruits are sold at provision stores in Ubin Town, and sometimes even on a lorry at the entrance of the jetty. Make sure you drop by one of these stores to replenish your energy throughout your Pulau Ubin day trip!

10. Ah Ma Drink Stall

drink stall in pulau ubin

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Last but certainly not least, Ah Ma Drink Stall is situated near the former prawn farm, Xin Li Prawn Pond. Managed by Madam Ong Ang Kui and her daughter, Ivy Choo, this little stall serves as a pit stop for trekkers and cyclists. With its renovation in 2018, it is believed to be the first kampong structure to be built in Pulau Ubin in the past 20 years.

Ah Ma Drink Stall offers many refreshing drinks to combat the sweltering Singapore weather. A coconut costs S$5, while a soda costs S$2.5. Be sure to check out this stall for something to quench your thirst!

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That sums up our travel guide on Pulau Ubin, Singapore! Whether you want to burn off some calories on a challenging cycling route, or opt for a more relaxing sightseeing experience, there’s a little something for everyone. Regardless, make sure you check out some of the food and drinks options on our list to keep you energised!

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