Muji Products: 27 Best Things to Buy from Their Stores in Asia

27 Best Things to Buy at Muji Stores in Asia

Here’s how to cop the ‘Muji aesthetic’ for your home, wardrobe, and travel essentials!

It’s easy to see why many people can’t get enough of Muji products, which have always been known for their quality, versatility, and simplicity. Undoubtedly one of the best brands to come from Japan, its full name is actually Mujirushi Ryohin — which stands for ‘no-brand, quality goods.’ And yet anyone who has been inside a Muji store would agree that this supposed brandless-ness is, in fact, a brand of its own. That is to say, few other retail brands in the world can do it the way Muji does. 

When one talks about Muji, it often follows that one thinks about the elusive ‘Muji aesthetic.’ Think straightforward designs, light and/or neutral colours, and the occasional subtle earthy elements. It essentially embodies simple, fuss-free living, without compromising quality and facade. Hence, we’ve rounded up the best things to buy at Muji so you can cop this aesthetic for your home, wardrobe, and even travel essentials! 

Note: Most of these Muji products can be found in their stores all ‘round Asia

Interesting yet functional things to buy at Muji

1. PP Boxes

The Muji PP Box comes in many shapes and sizes to cater to your lifestyle; from stacked drawers and storage sets to file boxes and desk organisers. As its name suggests, it’s made out of polypropylene (PP), a type of durable yet flexible plastic that’s heat-resistant and easily recyclable. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular Muji products for storage and keeping your home neat!

2. Stackable Buri baskets

Want something more nature-inspired to give your space a subtle tropical feel? Then these Buri baskets are the way to go! It’s made with natural rattan and bamboo handwoven in the Philippines and boasts a natural wood finish. Like most Muji products for storage, this one also has different variants — most of which you can stack together, too.

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3. Beads sofa

This one is essentially Muji’s take on the beanbag chair. It features a free-forming, soft cushion that’s stuffed with fine beads and made to support your neck and waist. That said, it’s absolutely perfect for both sitting back and lying down, working from home and just chilling! 

4. Aluminium magnetic hooks

Before you say anything — allow us to clarify that these aren’t like your regular magnetic hooks! Each piece boasts a strong magnet that doesn’t slide away and can hold up to 500 grams. That said, these could definitely hold some of your relatively heavier stuff like kitchen utensils, tote bags, and even jackets.

5. Black cotton buds

Beyond the aesthetically pleasing look, the black colour makes any residue show up more easily. Meanwhile, the spiral tips are ideal for when you need extra precision, like fixing your makeup or simply cleaning out smaller dirt. Oh, and these also have chitosan antibacterial processing for sanitation!  

6. Toothbrush stands

What we love most about these minimalist toothbrush stands is that they help save a lot of space. Although, the fact that they look way chicer on your bathroom countertop doesn’t hurt either! Take your pick between frosted glass and porcelain variants, with the latter coming in different bright hues for even more pizazz.

7. Furniture touchup markers

Accidentally scratched some part of your wooden furniture? Fret not because these furniture touchup markers work like a good ol’ bleach stick! They come in two shades: natural and brown. 

Anyway, speaking of actual pens… 

Muji stationery and office essentials

8. Gel-ink ballpoint pens

Among all the countless Muji products, these remain to be the most popular (arguably). These refillable pens have a variety of fun colours for both the retractable and capped versions. And of course, we gotta love how the fine-point tip glides ever-so-smoothly and comes in three sizes depending on your preference! Drawing and jotting down stuff have never been more enjoyable. So, why not opt for a set while you’re at it?

9. Highlighter pen with window

Say hello to your new go-to highlighter, which has one tip for highlighting and the other end for underlining! It also has a ‘window’ that lets you easily see what you’re marking as you go. Ever had those annoying moments when you accidentally highlight (or underline) more than you intended to? Well, that’s when this Muji stationery product definitely comes in handy. 

10. Notebooks

Another Muji stationery crowd favourite would be their notebooks. TBH, it’s hard not to get into hoarding these, what with the smooth texture, fuss-free design, and high-quality paper that’s thick enough to withstand even the most ‘bleed-prone’ ink. What’s more, they also come in different sizes, paper types, and binding styles that cater to whatever your note-taking preference is!

11. Handheld shredder

Were you ever one of those kids who found paper shredders rather fascinating? Well, here’s something that might interest you, even as an adult — a handheld version that you can bring everywhere you go! (Or you know, if you’d rather be able to easily shred some documents without having to wait for your turn with the one in your office.)

Muji products to add to your wardrobe

12. Clothes

If your personal style is all about classic minimalism and looking effortlessly chic but certainly not sloppy — then you’ve come to the right store. After all, Muji clothes are easily characterised by neutral tones, clean silhouettes, and quality fabric for every season. Apart from their usual basic tees and collared shirts, we’ve also had our eyes set on their Linen Series! Boasting heat- and moisture-wicking properties, their pieces are absolutely perf for hot and humid days — an all-too-common occurrence in Southeast Asia.

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13. Bedroom slippers

If you’re wondering what to buy at Muji that you could use on the daily, then how about these cute, cosy bedroom slippers? TBH, if there was such a thing as comfort food for your feet, then these would definitely be it!

14. Red cedar shoe keepers

These Muji products are your best bet for making sure your fave shoes look good as new, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve worn them. (Especially now that we still don’t get out of the house as much as we’d like to.) Not only do these maintain the original shape of your shoes, but the red cedar material is also a natural deodorant and insect repellant! Pretty cool, right?

Things to buy at Muji for your travels

15. Hard Carry Suitcase

Muji’s Hard Carry Suitcase comes in various colours and sizes to cater to whatever travel bag you need; be it for a month-long holiday or a short business trip! Each suitcase boasts double-sided wheels, scratch-resistant material, and an adjustable handlebar. The wheels also happen to be sound-absorbent and have an accessible stopper dial for added convenience. 

Note: There’s also an aluminium variant if you want the sturdiest option possible!

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16. Portable folding hanger

We’ll keep this short and sweet with [three] reasons why you should add this to your list of things to buy at Muji: It’s made out of stainless steel; you can easily stash it in your bag; and it only weighs 40grams! So hey, why not, right?

17. Portable lint roller

Want to keep your clothes neat all throughout? This portable lint roller lets you remove all those pesky dust, fluff, and other tiny dirt — essentially, all the unwanted stuff that you can’t wipe off with an all-purpose cleaner! And, of course, it comes with a cover, so you can store it easily. 

18. Self-standing pouch

Don’t you just hate it when your toiletry or makeup pouch just won’t stand upright, especially when placing it on a damp surface? Thank goodness for this translucent self-standing pouch, which features a sturdy TPU material that makes it super easy to clean. (Basically, just wipe the outside when it gets wet!)

19. Hanging case

Here’s another versatile case that definitely comes in handy during travels! Muji’s hanging case is made with lightweight yet sturdy polyester and boasts many pockets, allowing you to store as many different objects as possible. It also comes with a hook that lets you hang it anywhere you need it to. 

20. Teeth wipes

Sometimes called ‘tooth-brushing sheets,’ this ultra-handy Muji item is perfect for when you need to polish your teeth in a snap! (Say, while outdoors or there’s no clean water in sight.) So, go ahead and stock up; you never know when you might need to use this while on the go.

21. Foam soap dish with lid

Ever found it annoying when your soap melts a little too easily because there’s not enough drainage in the soap dish? Or when you’re travelling and you need to place a cover around the soap dish so that nothing will spill into your bag? Well then, we recommend this portable soap dish with urethane foam stuffed inside to make your life easier. 

Best snacks to buy at Muji

22. Chocolate-covered strawberries

Name a better duo than chocolate and strawberries, we’ll wait. But really, few things taste better than this no-fail combo, and so, it’s a great thing that you can find these at the Muji snacks section! Go on and bite into freeze-dried strawberries that are coated in either milk chocolate, matcha, or white chocolate. You’re welcome. 

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23. Chocolate chou cream

Think of it as the more ‘portable’ version of cream puffs, what with its light pastry and ooey-gooey chocolate filling! Granted, it doesn’t look as Instagrammable as its more popular ‘cousin,’ but we guarantee that it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth just fine. Plus points for the fact that it’s something you can enjoy on the go — without necessarily having to reach for a napkin to wipe your lips!

24. Sour plum gummies

Traditionally called ‘umeboshi,’ these Muji snacks feature sour plums that have been dried, pickled, and fermented. It’s essentially the Japanese version of sour gummy candy! Although, some people also use this tangy treat as a digestive aid and/or an energy booster. But hey, we’re clearly not complaining about those extra perks. 

25. Dried sweet potato sticks

This is another one of the most popular things to buy at Muji, even among Japan locals! After all, it’s a fuss-free snack that you can munch on, without worrying about making a mess. (Spoiler alert: it’s more chewy than crunchy!) They’re made with satsuma imo, a sweet potato that’s native to the Land of the Rising Sun.

26. Pretzels

Whether you prefer your Muji snacks sweet, savoury, or sour — their pretzels offer different flavours to go with the carbo-loaded goodness! Take your pick between honey butter, chocolate, sour cream and onion, and cheddar cheese. Or, you know, just grab one in each flavour so you can compare and contrast. 

27. Dried squid snack

Craving something that’s heavily on the salty side? Then these dried squid snacks are your best bet! You can even add them to your rice bowl meal for extra flavour. Alternatively, they also pair well with most alcoholic beverages, if bar chows are your thing. 

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Now you know all the best things to buy at Muji, whether you’re travelling in Japan or simply shopping in your current country (assuming you’re from Asia!). Although, thankfully, they’ve also expanded to various cities in Europe and America. That said, what’s the best thing you’ve bought from Muji so far? We’d love to hear all about it! 

Speaking of other amazing brands from Japan, we’ve also compiled a similar shopping list for Don Quijote. After all, if we can’t go to Japan just yet, then might as well have it come to us, right? 

Featured image credit: Muji Official Website

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