10 Underrated Travel Tips Only True Experts Know About 

10 Underrated Travel Tips Only True Experts Know About 

Just the things you need to ease your journey!

As much as travelling is fun and rewarding, the art of travelling like a pro is something you need to master for a less-hassle journey to your dream destination. True, it’s best to learn from your own experience, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some travel hacks from others’ experiences as much as possible. 

That said, we’ve gathered 10 underrated travel tips (by seasoned travellers) you can take note of before embarking on a new journey — from important items to bring to the best resource you should check out on your trip. 

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The underrated travel tips to bookmark for your next trip

1. Keep your health in check at all times

underrated travel tips woman coughing

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Winter travel is in season! However, the change in weather and temperature while travelling might affect your health whether you like it or not. For instance, getting on a long-haul flight or spending the night in a hotel room can easily give you a dry throat as soon as you wake up. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy fix for this! 

You could get some soothing herbal syrup like the Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (Convenient Pack) that helps relieve cough and sore throat, eliminate phlegm, and prevent dryness of throat resulting from late night fatigue due to over-work, excessive drinking, and overexposure to hotel room air conditioning. All you need to do is bring this handy pack, open a sachet, and down it!

Or, if you prefer something sweet and tasty, Nin Jiom Herbal Candy will do the trick! These candies contain natural herbal extracts with fruit essence, thus helping to moisten the throat, relieve throat discomfort, and protect your voice. The best part is that it comes in six different flavours (original, tangerine-lemon, ume plum, apple-longan, lemongrass, and super mint) and is easy to carry around thanks to its pocket-sized packaging. A great travel companion indeed!

2. Pack a universal travel adapter and an extension cord

underrated travel tips universal adapter

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In an era where smartphones and digital devices are top priorities wherever you go, it’s best to pack a universal travel adapter. Some countries like Malaysia and Hong Kong use type-G plugs (three rectangular pins), while others like Japan and the United States use type-A plugs (two flat parallel pins). The travel adapter allows your electronic gadget’s plugs to fit into different countries’ outlets, thus easing your charging process. For places with limited power outlets, an extension cord will be a lifesaver!

3. Save Google Maps offline

underrated travel tips google maps

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Getting around a foreign country for the first time might be an extreme sport to some. Luckily, we have Google Maps to help us navigate our way to our desired destination. BUT what happens when you’re travelling to some place with poor reception? You can still navigate without hassle if you download the Offline Maps beforehand. All you need to do is open Google Maps and select the area you plan to visit. Then, click “download.” Voila, you can now navigate safely even when your phone shows zero bars!

Note: Real-time traffic data will only be available when you have connectivity again.

4. Keep a copy of your passport and visa (if applicable)

underrated travel tips passport copy

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Aside from the hard copies of your passport and important documents, you might want to keep their softcopies in your phone just in case. Truth is, you’ll never know when you might need it and carrying the original wherever you go might not always be the safest option. Plus, these extra copies will come in handy when lodging a police report, especially if your passport ever goes missing or gets stolen. 

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5. Bring both cash and cards with you

underrated travel tips cash and card

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Though the world is moving towards cashless payment ten steps at a time, carrying some cash during your trip is always wise. Yes, swiping your credit card is much easier than opening your wallet and anxiously pulling some cash with a line of people behind you. However, if something happens to your credit or debit card, cash will be a lifesaver (and vice versa). So, do prepare more than one mode of payment while travelling. 

6. Pack as light as possible

underrated travel tips pack light

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The anticipated trip is just a few days away, and suddenly, everything looks important — even the straw hat that’s been collecting dust since high school! As much as we understand the urge to stuff almost everything into your suitcase, it’s better to pack lightly for your getaway. I mean, hey, you can always do your own laundry when you get to your dream destination. So, it’s best to pack lightweight clothes as they’re easy to dry, even just by hanging them in the bathroom. And ladies, it’s okay to wear the same outfit twice as long as they’re clean and not smelly; take our word for it!

7. Avoid over planning your trip

planning trip

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Yes, we get it. You’re excited and ever-ready to explore your dream destination and its entirety. However, you might want to loosen up a bit and cross out some attractions on your itinerary. It’s best to schedule less than three things per day to not pressure yourself and to make sure you have ample time to really be in the moment. In fact, your trip will be more enjoyable when you let it unfold naturally, trust us!

8. Book the tickets to attractions and activities beforehand

book tickets of attractions beforehand

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If you think you can walk into each and every attraction as soon as you arrive, think again. Some places require visitors to book their tickets weeks or months in advance. So, it’s best to book them online way before your departure date. Plus, you might enjoy a discounted price and will be able to pay using your credit card, hence making the transaction process much easier. This is also one of the ways to save time during your trip as you don’t have to wait in line trying to purchase a ticket that’s not guaranteed to be yours — yes, we’re talking about sold out tickets!

9. Drop by the local tourism information centre

drop by local tourism information centre

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Many would skip this tip as they find no use in visiting a local tourism information centre. That’s not even close to being true. These centres know exactly what’s happening in and out of your destination and the must-see events or festivals you shouldn’t miss out on. You can usually find them operated by the local government at the airport or other point of entry. Some tourism centres even offer travellers free goodie bags and vouchers upon arrival. So be sure to check them out to not miss a thing!

10. Take pictures of the rental car’s mileages

take picture of rental car's initial mileages

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Renting a car with a limited mileage for a quick day trip is most common among vacationers. If you opt for this type of transportation, remember to snap a picture of its odometer indicating the number of miles the car had on it when you picked it up. The photos can serve as evidence in case overcharging happens after the rental period ends. Plus, it helps you to plan your journey better as you can easily calculate the number of miles you can still drive without getting charged based on the initial reading of the odometer.

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And there you have it; the underrated travel tips you should definitely take note of on your next holiday! Which one of these do you find the most interesting? Whichever it is, we hope you learnt a thing or two (or more) from this sharing and may you have a fun and smooth trip ahead!

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