14 Best Branded Travel Bags You Have to Try in Your Lifetime!

A Guide to the Best Luggage and Backpack Brands for Every Traveller

Are your bags packed and ready to go?

Travelling starts not with the packing, but with choosing which bags you’ll be bringing along! And when it comes to travel bags, finding the perfect one can sometimes feel like a never-ending journey. With so many choices today, deciding on just one (or a whole set) can be quite tricky. But like shopping for other items, it’s also a matter of personal style as it is with the preferred features and ideal price range.

It’s important to pick travel bags that can adapt to your needs, depending on where you’re going and why. Whether it’s an unbeatable suitcase, a classy carry-on, or an ergonomic backpack — it’s all about finding those that can keep up with your adventures! That said, here are the best travel bag brands that we recommend, especially for the frequent traveller. Really, if you’re going to invest in a new one, it might as well be one (or more) of these! 

Best luggage brands for air travel

There’s quite a lot of luggage brands out there, each targeting a particular kind of traveller. Some of the best ones are praised for their stylish designs, some for their centuries-old heritage, and some for their modest price range. Whichever factor appeals to you the most, these tried-and-tested brands are your best bet!

1. Samsonite

Among all the luggage brands in the world, Samsonite is perhaps the most famous of them all. After all, it’s often the first that comes to mind when we talk about great, reliable luggage! Founded as a trunk manufacturer in 1910 in Denver, Colorado, it eventually expanded to a wide range of travel bags; from travel accessories and weekender bags to hardshell spinners. 

With over 100 years of experience in the market, Samsonite has become the go-to of frequent flyers around the globe. Most of its products feature a conservative, minimal design for a moderate price, although they also have sleeker, high-end ones for a premium price! Either way, the price-quality ratio is hard to beat, as proven by many a traveller’s testimony. 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner and the Novaire Spinner sets. 

2. Rimowa

Ah, Rimowa — or what some would refer to as the ‘Rolls-Royce of travel bags.’ If you’re looking at investing in a suitcase (like, with your own money) for the first time, you might as well opt for this! Aside from being durable, Rimowa bags are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, regardless of size. No need to worry about your belongings getting scattered when airport security throws your suitcase around! These also come in various colours that are always vibrant and never tacky.

Rimowa originated from Cologne, Germany back in 1898. In 1937, it made the first-ever aluminium trunk (A.K.A. their quintessential product). This was after a fire destroyed most of the materials in its factory… save for aluminium, of course. And then in 2000, it introduced the first polycarbonate suitcase! Clearly, this goes in line with the brand philosophy of “Handmade meets high-tech.” 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are those from its Classic and Original collections. These two versions might look the same, but the difference lies in the edges! 

3. Zero Halliburton

Let’s do a quick history lesson, shall we? In 1938, its founder Erle P. Halliburton commissioned the iconic aluminium case from aircraft engineers, as no other bag could survive travelling through oil fields in the American Midwest. Not only was it durable, but it also sealed tightly against dust and water. Then in 1969, Zero Halliburton sealed its legacy as the brand used to carry moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission! 

Apart from its lunar legacy, Zero Halliburton cases have also made appearances in Hollywood movies through the years! (In case you’re curious, these include the likes of Inception and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). And while the brand is still synonymous to its trademark aluminium shells, it has also expanded its offerings with other, more modern materials like lightweight polycarbonate and Cordura nylon.

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Geo Aluminum 3.0 Spinner Travel Case and the Pursuit Aluminum Attaché Case

4. Delsey

Before it became one of the top luggage brands, Delsey used to manufacture photographic equipment and cases for typewriters and record players. Eventually, the founders decided to shift its focus on travel items in moulded plastic. Fast forward to present time, it continues to live up to its Parisian origins with its slew of elegant suitcases featuring polished finishes and streamlined silhouettes. 

Beyond the French aesthetic, Delsey has also paved the way for other innovations like their Zip Securitech. This patented double zipper technology promises maximum security against luggage tampering! 

Their more recent models also carry an Overweight Indicator attached to the handles. This serves as a quick way for travellers to know whether or not they’ve overpacked. Excess baggage fees? We don’t know ‘em! 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Chatelet Hard+ Spinner and the Aero Expandable Rolling Luggage

5. Tumi

Image credit: Tumi Official Website

Tumi was founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Peru and importer of leather bags from South America. That said, the brand was named after the Peruvian tumi ceremonial knife! In the ’80s, it garnered major recognition when it introduced the innovative, abrasion-proof ballistic nylon travel bags. From then on, it continuously provides high-quality luggage geared towards being one step ahead of any possible travel situation. 

Through the years, Tumi focuses its efforts on five factors: quality, durability, style, innovation, and customer service. This includes complimentary monogramming, onsite repairs, and even recovery and tracking of lost luggage! It also has options like an Add-a-Bag strap with hook and a framed expansion system for when you need to bring a lot more stuff.  And while it’s obviously a notch above mid-range prices, these detailed features are worth the splurge! 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Alpha 3 Expandable Packing Case and the Tegra Lite 2 Expandable Carry-On

6. Bric’s

When it comes to fashion-forward luxury luggage, Bric’s is your best bet! It does, after all, originate from Italy — and Italians have always been known for their artistry and craftsmanship, especially when it comes to leather. And true to that, Bric’s is best known for its leather, which it uses as a decorative trim even on non-leather suitcases! 

Bric’s has always embodied the rich history of luxury travel while also remaining at the forefront through its elegant, timeless designs. Along with this exceptional stylishness comes functionality, such as waterproof zippers and double-decker compartments. Whether it’s a vintage-looking carry-on, a contemporary hard-shell, or a water-proof tote, it’ll surely last you for years (or miles)! 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Bellagio V2.0 Spinner Trunk and the MySafari Expandable Spinner

7. Victorinox

As we all know, Victorinox is historically known for making Swiss Army knives. It was only in 1999 when they branched out into travel equipment. Nonetheless, you can expect that its sharp reputation (pun intended) precedes it, with its roster of equally sharp luggage. Bringing the same attention to detail and quality, it’s no wonder it easily became one of the best luggage brands in no time! 

Most Victorinox suitcases are luxuriously spacious, yet still quite lightweight for you to easily manoeuvre even in a crowded airport. It’s definitely a dream come true for the lowkey over-packer! These are also built to withstand any airport journey (read: from the check-in counter to baggage claim). Oh, and did we mention that they have way more zips and pockets than your average suitcase? As functional and well-thought-out as the brand’s iconic knives indeed. 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Spectra 2.0 Expandable Case and the Lexicon Hardside Case

8. Briggs & Riley

Another relatively young travel bag manufacturer is Briggs & Riley, which started out in 1993. And yet it easily caught on to be one of the best luggage brands out there. This is mainly thanks to the ‘simple as that’ lifetime guarantee that it offers, which covers any functional damage free of charge. Yep, even those caused by an airline!

That unique guarantee alone makes it worth the slightly hefty price tag, but perhaps that isn’t enough to convince you. Well, Briggs & Riley also introduced the CX Compression-Expansion Technology, which gives you more packing space and then returns the bag to its original size! Meanwhile, their suitcases feature the patented Outsider Handle, which gives you a completely flat base for easier packing and surely wrinkle-free clothes. 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Baseline Expandable Spinner and the Sympatico International Carry-On

9. Travelpro

Travelpro was founded in 1987 by Bob Plath, an airline pilot who recognised the need for wheeled luggage — and so he invented the first one! No wonder that this brand is a popular go-to among flight crew members. Its travel bags are designed with the frequent flier in mind, and it truly shows in the functionality and durability. 

For starters, its suitcases come with the cushioned, easy-glide handles and self-aligning wheels. Adding to these is the lightweight built, which certainly makes navigating busy airports a breeze! While more commonly known as a mid-range brand, Travelpro also offers a high-end collection for those looking for more advanced features. These include an external USB port and built-in exterior power bank pocket to keep your gadgets charged any time, anywhere! 

Note: Its bestselling travel bags are the Platinum Elite Expandable Carry-On and the Maxlite 5 Expandable Hardside Spinner

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Best backpack brands for travelling anywhere

Just like suitcases and carry-ons, not all backpacks are created the same. Here are some of the best backpacks brands, according to your destination and/or preferences! 

10. Fjällräven

In case you were wondering, its name translates to ‘the Arctic fox’ in Swedish, which explains why that’s the brand logo as well. Fjällräven is known for offering travel gear that are functional, timeless, and durable. It was founded in the small town of Örnsköldsvik in Sweden by Åke Nordin, who saw the need for a proper-fitting backpack that works with (not against) the wearer’s spine. 

This research came full-circle with the Kånken backpack in 1978. It was developed as a solution for back and posture problems that grew prevalent among Swedish school children! Eventually, this lightweight yet spacious backpack became the top-selling Fjällräven product up to this day. Oh, and it comes in many fantastic colours, too!  

Note: Its bestselling carry-on backpacks are the Kånken Classic Pack and the Travel Pack.  

11. Osprey

Whether it’s a hiking trip or a city backpacking adventure, Osprey bags have got your, er, back! Their innovative and high-quality travel gear go with almost any kind of trip, for any season. 

Osprey backpacks carry an AG AntiGravity feature, which is designed to balance and disperse the load evenly from your shoulder blades to your lower back. This goes together with the AirScape back panel, which keeps the pack weight close while providing adequate cushioning and ventilation. 

Note: Its bestselling carry-on backpacks are the Porter 46 Travel Backpack and the Talon 22 Pack

12. Timbuk2

Travelling along with your trusty laptop and other gadgets? Timbuk2 backpacks are your best bet! This brand offers ‘tough-as-hell’ bags that are all designed to make urban life easier. It was, after all, founded out of necessity by a bike messenger from San Francisco named Rob Honeycutt.

In 2000, Timbuk2 also became the first retail brand to launch an online customisation platform with its very own Bag Builder! Here, you can truly have your ideal travel bag by tweaking it according to your preference — from the style, size, and colour to the set of features. It also has a Break Up With Your Bag program, which encourages customers to donate their used bags. 

Note: Its bestselling carry-on backpacks are the Authority Laptop Backpack and the Parker Commuter Backpack

13. Nomatic

Nomatic initially started out selling innovative wallets, before branching out to travel gear. And we’re glad they did — especially since their backpacks are one of the best travel bags you could ever have! These bags are ideal for business trips with their sleek and stylish design, though these also work well for regular travel. 

Each backpack is water-resistant and carries a TSA-ready laptop sleeve, as well as over 20 features! These cool and useful features include magnetic water bottle holders, RFID-blocking pockets, and roller bag sleeves. Some even have a specially designed shoe pocket and can double as a duffel bag, too! This is definitely a must-buy for the exceptionally well-organised traveller!

Note: Its bestselling carry-on backpacks are the Travel Pack and the 40L Travel Bag.

14. Pacsafe

Going somewhere that isn’t exactly known for having the safest environment for travellers? Or do you just want some added peace of mind, in general? Whichever it is, Pacsafe is the best choice among anti-theft backpacks! These might come at a heftier price tag, but hey, it’s worth the splurge if it keeps your belongings extra safe.

Pacsafe was founded in 1998 by Magnus McGlashan and Rob Schlipper, who came up with the brand concept after a trip to South America. There, they saw chicken wire often placed around bags as protection against theft. This then became the inspiration for the Exomesh slashguard material, which prevents backpacks from getting cut open. Pacsafe backpacks also feature anti-theft zippers, zipper pullers that deter pickpockets, and RFID-blocking! 

Note: Its bestselling carry-on backpacks are the Metrosafe LS450 and the Venturesafe GII

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Clearly, we’re looking forward to the day when we can all travel again. But in the meantime, maybe these recos for amazing travel bags (that we can shop online!) can satisfy our wanderlust. 

So, which of these are you looking to splurge on for future trips? Or better yet, do you already have some of these in your arsenal? 

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