Why Travelling Solo is Better Than Travelling With Friends

Why Travelling Solo is Better Than Travelling With Friends

A lot of people consider solo travelling as unsafe, costly and waaay overrated. But is it really? There's no better way to find out than to try it yourself!

One of the first stages of planning a trip involves deciding on whether to do it alone or with a group of people, particularly friends. It may be up to your budget, your personality, your travel preferences, but whatever it is — solo travelling definitely has its merits that are worth taking a look at.

For those of you who’ve already experienced travelling solo, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not the easiest thing to go off on your own in the most peculiar corners of the Earth. For those who haven’t yet, let the following reasons convince you to. Just maybe, after going over them one by one, you may be on your way to your first destination as a solo traveller in a matter of weeks.

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1. You can enjoy things to yourself

As much you love sharing special moments with your friends, do not forget that there are still things about travel that you’ll still want to have to yourself — that cosy queen-sized bed after a long day of wandering, that coveted window seat which you’ll most definitely be fighting over anyone for, that cute Thai guy or girl’s attention, and of course, a well-needed alone time.

2. You will learn to fight hard for your safety

Among the things people, who are still hesitant towards solo travel, bring up is the matter of safety. Would you be fine walking around at midnight after failing to catch the last train back to your hotel? Who will be there to watch your back when you’re out in a crowded tourist attraction? As scary as it is at first, travelling solo allows you to study precautionary measures on your own, making you all the more serious about them. Try avoiding places that are notorious for street crimes or for having sketchy cab drivers!

3. You get to plan and do everything your way

All ideas will and should come from you, ideally. Instead of thinking about it as something to be sceptical of, take the chance to your advantage. Consult all you want and if you want, but in the end, whatever you’re about to do will be something you should be comfortable with. You can finally acknowledge every idea that comes to your mind, no matter how crazy it is.

4. You’ll experience the thrill of REALLY getting lost

Now, why would you want to get lost in the first place? Ludicrous as the idea is to most people, it’s actually one of the most fulfilling things to experience on your own while travelling. You don’t have to do it on purpose, of course, but if it does happen to you, it’ll only motivate you to read that map better, practise your communication with the locals and work on your navigational skills. Getting lost with a bunch of people with you isn’t being lost at all. Remember that!

5. You’ll motivate yourself better

There’s no one else to lift you and cheer you up but yourself. Wait, how can that be a good thing? Simple, you’ll develop a heck of trust with yourself. It’s not every day you’ll have someone to be there with you when you need them, so what better time to work on your independence and self-love than embarking on a solo adventure?

6. You will learn to budget wisely

Budget is another big thing to consider when travelling solo. Naturally, by going on your own, you won’t have anyone to share expenses with, and that can seriously blow up your budget. However, it’s not always the case. By having nobody to share with, you’ll be even more driven to put your research skills to good use and find ways to do things on a budget, without sacrificing health and comfort.

7. You can practise self-photography

Even without the help of tried and true friends, those photo pegs you’ve been dying to emulate can still be within your grasp, literally. By having the photo opportunity fully under your control, you might be surprised by how creative you can actually be. You can take as many photos as you want and do as many poses as you’re willing to do without worrying about your friends waiting to have their turn. And if you’re that bold, you don’t even have to worry about other people staring at you as well.

8. You can make new friends

Just because you’re going to travel alone, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be alone all the time. If getting to know a different culture is what you’re in for, you can take the same opportunity to get to know new people. You don’t have anyone to hide behind when a fellow traveller shows interest in you, which leaves you no choice but to reach out and go out of your comfort zone. When you’re alone, you’re opening doors to making new acquaintances, and you never know where these connections can lead to later on.

9. You learn to be more proactive

Since you’re travelling alone, chances are you don’t have anyone else to rely on in making big decisions. You can throw away any kind of passive behaviour you may have out of the window, and focus on being more aggressive and proactive. No more waiting game. It’s all about acting for yourself and letting everything else follow.

10. You get to spend as little or more time everywhere

Who cares if you’re trying to fit several attractions at a time? It’s not like you get to travel to that destination every day, right? If I were you, just do whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing them. If doing five activities in a day doesn’t bother you and you know how to make the most of them, so be it! When you have less human distractions, it gives you the power to enjoy things at your own pace and you won’t have to wait on other people all the time.

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You see, travelling solo may have its pitfalls, particularly on the safety and funds departments. But like any other aspect of travelling, there are always ways around them. Will you or will you not grab that next chance to travel on your own? I’ll leave you to answer that for yourself.

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