These Are the Best Cities to Relocate in 2022, According to UK Study

These Are the Best Cities to Relocate in 2022, According to UK Study

It’s never too late for a fresh start!

As we near the end of 2021, many of us are at a crossroads in terms of where we’d like to be. Some are completely fine with where they are right now, while others are wondering what it would be like to start over somewhere new. If you find yourself falling under the latter category, then it might be time to follow the urge for a major life change — starting with figuring which are the best cities to relocate.  

To help you get started, there’s this new data from a poll by England-based packaging retailer, RAJA UK. Through this, they were able to compile a ranking that shows which are the best places to move to in 2022. Coming up at first place overall is — surprise! — the mythical city of Athens

The world’s best cities to relocate in 2022

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Experts from RAJA UK analysed their data by assessing 25 cities on 10 important factors to consider when looking to move to a foreign country. These factors include employment rate, average wages, cost of living, safety, and healthcare. 

  1. Athens, Greece 
  2. Austin, Texas, United States
  3. Barcelona, Spain 
  4. Berlin, Germany 
  5. Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  7. Christchurch, New Zealand
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Delhi, India
  10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  11. Dublin, Ireland
  12. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  13. Hong Kong
  14. London, England
  15. Melbourne, Australia

Along with ranking the best places to move to, they’ve also indicated the most highly rated tourist attractions that are either in or near each city. For the five overall best cities to relocate, the respective landmarks are as follows: Acropolis Museum, Texas State Capitol, La Sagrada Família, Brandenburg Gate, and Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.

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Best places to move to for affordability and employment

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We get that affordability and employment are among the top priorities for when you’re considering relocating amid a pandemic. According to the same data, Zurich lands the top spot for employment with a score of 10 for average wage. It also placed third for employment rates with a score of 8. Other cities that ranked high for work metrics are London, Berlin, and Austin

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As for affordability, the frontrunner for this would be Delhi, which scored 10 for cost of living, rent, and cost of a pint. It’s followed closely by Chiang Mai, with an average score of 9 for these metrics. 

You can view the full list here.

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Aside from these best cities to relocate to in 2022, you might also be considering something shorter-term. After all, moving to a different country is quite a huge commitment. In that case, check out our list of the best countries for digital nomads as well as for those pursuing graduate studies

With 2021 drawing to a close soon, it’s never too early to start thinking about what your goals are next year! 

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