India Reopens to Foreign Tourists and This Is What We Know So Far!

India Reopens to Foreign Tourists and This Is What We Know So Far!

Looks like India's ready to receive foreigners again.

Travel into India has officially opened to foreign tourists again and the government has announced the reissuing of tourist visas. According to India’s Ministry of Home Affairs, tourists can arrive via chartered flights starting 15 Oct 2021, while commercial flights will restart on 15 Nov 2021. 

As of writing, arrivals undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine but this is expected to change once tourism restarts. Although the quarantine protocols are yet to be specified, health measurements such as the wearing of face masks and social distancing are required. In case these health protocols are violated, foreign tourists will pay a fine with respect to the Indian state. 

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It’s important to note that each Indian state is allowed to set its own rules for international arrivals. Hence, restrictions may also vary starting from the airport you fly into. Foreign tourists are also advised to check if there are flights to India coming from their country of origin since some airlines are yet to resume their India routes. To check air transport bubbles, click here

Lastly, foreign tourists are allowed to take domestic flights within India as the country restarted local tourism on 25 May 2021. The local travel scene is slowly returning too. After all, there are plenty of beautiful attractions in India, like the Pink City of Jaipur and Rishikesh, known to be the Land of Yoga. Where are you off to first?

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