10 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

10 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Here are 10 romantic cities in Europe that are hard to beat when it comes to love and romance. Paris, Venice, Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Stockholm and more!

Some might argue that romance is who you are with not where you are. But if you are with the right person then you will find that there are some places that just allow the romance to flow effortlessly. If you are trying to decide where to go for your romantic holiday or even honeymoon, here are ten European cities that are hard to beat when it comes to love and romance:

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1. Paris, France

romantic cities in europeImage credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Love is always in the air in the most famous romantic city in the world. The ‘City of Light’ will fill you up with its golden glow so even in the rain everything seems to glisten with a magical aura. Strolling along the chic boulevards or walking hand in hand through the delightful gardens come rain or shine, everything will seem somehow more tender and more free in Paris. Anything will seem possible. Climb the busy Eiffel Tower for spectacular views over the city, then retire to some chic bistro for a meal à deux. Enjoy fine dining by candlelight and then walk though the velvety dusk of the city as the street lights reflections twinkle in the River Seine.

2. Florence, Italy

Florence, ItalyImage credit: echiner1

Beautiful buildings, beautiful things, beautiful light all combine to make this a city of exquisite beauty and delicacy. Artistic lovers will find their bliss in this historic and cultured destination. See the cathedral, churches and pretty plaza, gaze in awe at ecclesiastical art or classical works in the Uffizi Gallery. Stroll hand in hand as you check out the shops on the Ponte Vecchio and bridge the gap between the expected and the possible in this dream-like world.

3. Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalyImage credit: Adam Smok

This world of water and wonder oozes romance from every pore. This city of canals will entice you to drift off into a world of magic, mystery, moonlight and music. Grab a gondola and hold your loved one to you as you are taken through the beautiful byways of the city. You will be floating on air as well as on water by the end of your stay in this city of many moods. If romance cannot blossom here, out on the water or over some delicious meal with a bottle of wine then you have only yourselves to blame.

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4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

This old city crowds around the castle crag, a place of mists and magic, culture and history. Celtic imagination infuses this changeable city with a sense of darkness and unpredictability that gives it a certain frisson of excitement. Come in summer and picnic in Princes Street Gardens in the shadow of the castle, enjoy the frenetic delights of the famous festival and climb the rugged mountain, Arthur’s Seat, for fantastic views not just over the city but over the wild and majestic lands beyond. Outside of summer, the crowds melt away and you are left with a charming and genteel city where you can enjoy the rich heritage of art, literature, science, music and innovation undisturbed.

5. Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg, GermanyImage credit: Heribert Pohl

Heidelberg’s red-stoned castle ruins and a romantic emblem, they stand out against the thick, green forests behind and stand guard over the old town along the Neckar River below. Explore the perfect cobbled streets of the old town and sup a beer in a pleasant square. Climb stairs high above the town to the Philosopher’s Way, where scholars mused, a walk with views without compare. Soak up the air of intellectual wonder in this University town and enjoy deep conversations on the most important things in life with the person who is most important to you.

6. Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

This was once the retreat of Roman Emperor Diocletian and his grand palace still stands at the heart of this ancient city’s old town. Feel yourselves safe and protected as you explore the maze-like alleyways of this gorgeous settlement within old stone walls. Stroll along those battlements or promenade along the seafront Riva, looking out towards lush green islands floating like jewels in the sparkling Adriatic sea. Float back through time to untouched islands or climb to the promontory of Marjan Hill for breathtaking panoramic views. Enjoy the balmy sunshine of this paradise place.

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7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, IcelandImage credit: Christine Zenino

Snuggle up together and brave the cold when you visit this northern city in the land of ice and fire. Bathe together in hot springs, take husky dog-pulled sled rides through the snow, explore glaciers and ice-caves that sparkle, filled with an eerie blue light, see volcanoes surging skywards and strange geothermal effects that seem like something from another world. Then, when it gets dark, settle down with a warm drink in front of a roaring fire, or wrap up warm and head out into the icy night to see the awe inspiring light shows of the amazing natural wonder of the Northern Lights.

8. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, SwedenImage credit: Michael Caven

Visit this Swedish city, an elegant blend of modernity and tranquillity. Take the scenic walkway Monteliusvägen along the heights of Södermalm with its pretty, postcard views. This is a popular place to get engaged. Visit and be inspired by the true love token of the Chinese Pavilion or stroll hand in hand through the charming streets or delightful City Hall Gardens.

9. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, BelgiumImage credit: Elke Wetzig

The beautiful misty canals of Bruges, its bell-towers and barges, make this a beautiful city, ripe for romance. Take a bumpy horse and carriage ride down picturesque cobbled streets or simply stroll around taking in the scene. Take a boat ride on the river or head to Minnewater, the ‘Lake of Love’ to gaze at the swans and the canal boats turning. Explore the fascinating history of this unique location as you also explore your love for one another.

10. Granada, Andalusia, Spain

Granada, Andalusia, SpainImage credit: Jiuguang Wangg

This Andalusian city has at its heart the Alhambra Castle built by the Moors in the 13th Century. The exotic romance of this place is heightened by the beautiful Moorish architecture you will find as you walk down the picturesque streets or peer off parapets. Gaze out towards the sunset or watch the light playing on the beautiful mountain sides and you cannot fail to feel more deeply in love than ever.

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