10 Famous Female IG Travellers You Should Follow

10 Famous Female IG Travellers You Should Follow

Need inspiration? Want to see more travel related posts on your feed? Follow these inspiring women who travel and document them on Instagram.

With the abundance of social media influencers online, there are so many accounts for you to follow. From accounts of food and memes, you are spoilt for choice. But if you love travel and need to get inspired to get out more, then these female IG travellers should be on your feed to commemorate International Women’s Day!

1 Lauren Bullen  @gypsea_lust

Image credit: @gypsea_lust

Originally from Northern NSW Australia, Lauren Bullen is a blogger known for writing about topics on travel, fashion and lifestyle. With over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, Lauren’s social media is still growing. Now based in Bali, she also has a blog where you can read up on her travels in detail!

2 Tiffany Nguyen  @tiffpenguin

Image credit: tiffpenguinphoto

A dentist and based in Los Angeles, Tiffany Nguyen is a travel photographer who focuses on including travel, adventure, landscapes and lifestyle. With a diverse portfolio and accruing over 360, 000 followers, her photos are well-loved and well received by many brands and tourism boards – definitely one of the best female IG travellers to follow!

3 Sjana Elise@sjanaelise

Image credit: @sjanaelise

An Instagram fitness superstar, Sjana Elise took to social media and stayed in touch with the body using yoga to turn her life around. At 16, she was so depressed that she ended up being warded. Now, she is a lifestyle photojournalist who shares her practice of yoga and personal thoughts and struggles on her media platform to inspire others. 

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4 Jennifer Tuffen@izkiz

Image credit: izkiz.net

Jennifer Tuffen is a popular content creator, Instagrammer and travel photographer from the U.K. Having been in many International schools, she grew fond of travelling and learning of other cultures and countries. With over 2.8 million followers on Instagram alone, her photos are vibrant and will definitely inspire you to travel too!

5 Naomi-Jane Adams@naomijaneadams

Image credit: everipedia

Focusing on luxury travel, fashion and lifestyle, Naomi-Jane Adams is an Instagram blogger and social media star. She was also awarded the Best Luxury Travel a Influencer at the Forbes ‘World Blogger & Influence Awards’ during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival in 2019. If you are looking for more inspiration on luxury travel, this is for you!

6 Nicola Easterby@polkadotpassport

Image credit: polkadotpassport

Founder of the blog Polkadot Passport, Nicola Easterby career started when she had initially planned to just travel Europe but ended up continuing her travel until today. As a photography enthusiast, she had taken many photos throughout her travels. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, this Instagrammer pursued her passion and created her own incredible content!

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7 Belen Hostalet@belenhostalet/ @beleninraw

Image credit: @belenhostalet

Belen Hostalet is a photo blogger and social media influencer from Barcelona, Spain. Covering mostly luxury lifestyle, fashion and travel, Belen is also known to dabble in modelling which is reflected in her social media feed which is so aesthetically pleasing!

8 Angelica Blick – @angelicablick

Image credit: @angelicablick

Angelica Blick is an award-winning fashion and travel blogger with her own self-titled website backed by a following of over 1.1 million on Instagram. Originally from Linkoping, she is focused on travel, fashion and lifestyle.

9 Brooke Saward@worldwanderlust

Image credit: @worldwanderlust

Travelling and living out of a suitcase since 2012, Brooke Saward first started solo traveling at the age of 20. Since then, she has travelled to over 70+ countries across 6 different continents. Dedicated to penning down her adventures, Brooke is one of the many female IG travellers who has her own website where she expands on her travels that she post on her social media feed.

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10 Emilie Ristevski@helloemilie

Image credit: @helloemilie

Usually on the road, Emilie Ristevski is one of the most successful female travel influencers who is based in Queensland. Wandering around with a camera, she is a creative who documents her travel often on social media. Her distinct style of imagery has gotten her a big following as well.

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