Pay for Your Train Ride with KitKat!

Pay for Your Train Ride with KitKat!

Nestle has introduced a special edition KitKat bar that can be used to pay for train rides, as a sign of support for the rebuilding efforts in the Tohoku region that was devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Willy Wonka would be proud of this initiative! Nestle, the makers of KitKat, has partnered with Japan’s Sanriku Railway to allow KitKat bars to be used as train tickets on their railway network.

The Sanriku Railway is in Iwate Prefecture, a place devastated by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Tourism to the destination has been strongly affected by the disaster, and when Nestle found out that the reconstruction team was receiving KitKat treats as a form of encouragement, they decided to contribute to the rebuilding efforts.

KitKat train ticket

Image credits: Nestle

Nestle will be donating JPY 20 (USD 0.20) to the reconstruction project for each special edition “Kippu-Katto” (ticket cuts) KitKat bar sold. These “Kippu-Katto” bars cost JPY 108 (USD 1.06), but can be used for train journeys up to JPY 190 (USD 1.86). In addition to the KitKat train ticket promotion, Nestle has also decorated two trains and two stations with cherry blossom motifs, a symbol of hope in Japan.

The ease of redemption and high popularity of KitKat bars in Japan (which are often used as good luck charms, due to the brand name’s similarity to the phrase “Kitto-Katsu”, translating to “you will surely win”) promise to make this tourism campaign a successful one. These KitKat train tickets have launched in Japan this month, and will be valid on trains until May 2015.

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