10 Experiences You Must Have in Australia During Autumn

10 Experiences You Must Have in Australia During Autumn

Autumn in Australia brings you loads of fun and unique experiences. To fully savour this wonderful season, make sure you tick everything off this list.

Travel around Australia in autumn, from March to May, and you will be rewarded with incredible experiences to keep for life. But with so many natural, cultural and gourmet highlights this country has to offer, planning your autumn adventure could get a tad overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of top experiences you must have when you visit Down Under during this special season.

1. Join in the fun at Sydney’s vibrant celebrations

Sydney Royal Easter ShowSydney Royal Easter Show | Image credit: Sydney Royal Easter Show

Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House | Image credit: vividsydney.com

Sydney becomes even more spectacular in autumn with the many festivities lining up. Two of the most anticipated events you can’t miss here are the Sydney Royal Easter Show on March 17–30, 2016, and Vivid Sydney on May 27–June 13, 2016.

If you love animals and agriculture, you’ll surely enjoy the interactive activities and exhibits of Sydney Royal such as the Animal Walk, Cooking with Kids, Food Farm and District Exhibits, among others. If you’re more of the artistic type, Vivid Sydney 2016 is a must-go event. Colourful lights, dazzling displays, vibrant music and pulsating parties await you at this grand festival of light, music and ideas!

2. Immerse in the colourful life of Orange

orange australiaImage credit: Ross Kay

Orange, a city in the Central West region of New South Wales, will not be tagged as Australia’s “Colour City” and “Food Basket” with no good reasons. Locals and visitors alike love its cool-climate wineries, scenic spots, quaint heritage structures and highly praised restaurants serving unique gastronomic treats.

Orange F.O.O.D WeekImage credit: orangefoodweek.com.au

You should visit the fascinating vineyards and wineries dotting the region, explore the Orange Botanical Gardens, follow the City Heritage Trail and marvel at the beauty of Mount Canobolas, an ancient volcano that stands 1,395 metres above sea level. Complete your autumn experience in this beautiful region by tasting some scrumptious food and wine at the Orange F.O.O.D Week on April 8–17, 2016.

3. Enjoy the sun, sand and sea in Gold Coast

autumn in australiaImage credit: surfglassy

From New South Wales, drive all the way to Gold Coast to enjoy the sun, sand and sea! Even in autumn, Gold Coast still enjoys sunny days and warm nights, making it ideal for water sports activities such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing, parasailing and jet skiing. Never leave Gold Coast without learning how to surf because after all, it wouldn’t be home to Surfers Paradise for nothing.

4. Forge your own adventure on the Brisbane River

Brisbane RiverImage credit: Brisbane City Council

The long and winding Brisbane River is a host to a number of awesome outdoor adventures! You can kayak on the river itself, climb the Kangaroo Point Cliffs or hike on the riverwalk pavements along the river banks. Do note that swimming in the river is not advised due to the posing dangers of bull sharks that inhabit the waters.

Not the adventurous type? Fret not. You may stroll around the City Botanic Gardens or have a picnic on the lush riverside areas. Remember to savour the beauty of the surrounding cityscape and natural scenery as you do all these activities.

5. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier ReefImage credit: icelight

Scuba diving in the world’s largest coral reef system is truly bucket list-worthy! From March to April, the waters are still relatively warm and clear, making it a perfect period to explore the breathtaking marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.

Look out for the blacktip reef sharks, juvenile anemone fish, Queensland giant groupers and other elusive sea creatures that frequent the reef during this season. There are several departure points in Cairns and Port Douglas if you want to go on a day tour or overnight trip.

6. See the natural wonders of Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National ParkImage credit: Alex Healing

Litchfield National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory makes for an ideal excursion with nature even during the autumn season. Majestic waterfalls, natural swimming pools, lush rainforests, historical sites and the enigmatic magnetic termite mounds are wonderfully scattered across the area. Camp, hike, or hop on a 4×4 off-road truck for a thrilling ride through the remote areas of the park.

7. Enjoy close encounters with the whale sharks of Ningaloo

Ningaloo whale sharkImage credit: Jae

Every April to August, the whale sharks visit Ningaloo Coast, a World Heritage Site in the north west coastal region of Western Australia. During the whale sharks’ annual visit, the town of Exmouth holds the Whale Shark Festival. In 2016, it will be celebrated on May 26–29. On top of the parades, fun run, movies under the stars and live bands, you will get a rare close encounter with the star of the celebration – the friendly whale sharks!

8. Cycle through the Riesling Trail of Clare Valley

Riesling Trail Clare ValleyImage credit: Bicycle SA

Clare Valley is one of the oldest and most popular wine regions in Australia. Aside from visiting the various wineries, a unique activity you have to do here is to cycle through the Riesling Trail, a 35 kilometres long track that is considered one of the most scenic walking and cycling trails of Australia. As you follow the trail, you will be greeted with commanding views of vineyards, farmlands, bushlands and quaint villages. This truly makes for a remarkable autumn experience in the southern tip of Australia.

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9. Sample wine in Yarra Valley

australia autumn experiencesImage credit: visityarravalley.com.au

Yarra Valley in Victoria is another famous wine region in Australia. Housing over 80 wineries, it is the best place to sample a range of quality wines in the country including chardonnay, pinot noir, sparkling wine and other cool-climate wines. Aside from wine, the valley is also known for fresh, organic produce and handmade cheese. Yarra Valley will definitely bring out the wine and food connoisseur in you.

10. Get wet and wild on Tasmania’s Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National ParkImage credit: Robyn Jay

To top off the list of autumn experiences in Australia, take an epic white water rafting adventure on the Franklin River. Too scared to do this? Opt for less adrenaline-pumping water activities like kayaking or cruising off the Gordon River. The two rivers are part of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, part of the World Heritage Area in Tasmania.

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That’s it! 10 unique and exciting autumn experiences you must have in Australia. If you have no time to plan for your trip, allow Jetabout Holidays to arrange everything for you!

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