12 Adventure Activities You Must Conquer in Sydney

12 Adventure Activities You Must Conquer in Sydney

Thrill seekers, get your dose of adrenaline rush with these adventures in Sydney!

If you are looking for a location for an adventurous holiday then look no further – Sydney is a great destination for those who enjoy an action-packed escape. In fact, you are likely to have a hard time narrowing down the choices and deciding what to do with your time in Sydney. So let us help you out.

Here are 12 adventure activities in Sydney that you should definitely consider putting on your bucket list.

1. Ride a jet boat across Sydney Harbour

adventure activitesImage credit: Curtis Foreman

Feel the need for more speed? Perhaps a jet boating adventure on Sydney harbour will be more your cup of tea. Feel the wind in your hair as you whizz along through the water on an exhilarating ride past some of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks and attractions.

2. Scale the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge

BridgeClimb Sydney

Featuring breathtaking panoramic views and an added dose of thrill, BridgeClimb Sydney is an activity you simply cannot miss. Make your way over the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with an experienced climb leader, and along the way, learn more about this fascinating structure. At 134 metres above the harbour, the views of Sydney is as good as it gets.

There are multiple timings available throughout the day for the Climb of Your Life, and you can take your pick between dawn, day, twilight or even night climbs. Whichever you pick, you can be sure that this experience is one you will never forget.

Even Derek Zoolander made it to the top! He  came, he saw, he conquered 67,000 tonnes of ‪‎Blue Steel‬!

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3. Go up, up and away in a hot air balloon over Sydney

Image credit: Kyle Taylor

Hot air balloon rides are a gentle way to get up, up and away over the Sydney area. Float over stunning landscapes and enjoy the big Australian skies from a new vantage point. Pick the right timing and you might just be on your way to viewing a spectacular sunset on this scenic excursion. Better yet – treat your loved one to a romantic trip for two in the Sydney skies.

4. Dive to explore marine parks teeming with life

adventure activitiesImage credit: Taso Viglas

Scuba diving is of course one of the most popular pastimes in the Sydney seas. In the vicinity of the city, off the coast of this part of Australia, you can enjoy diving with seals and exploring a range of undersea environments in the marine parks. These aquatic parks teem with colourful life and will inspire you to explore the continent’s dramatic and breathtakingly beautiful coastline.

5. Paddle a kayak on Sydney Harbour

adventure activitiesImage credit: Ken K

Enjoy a tranquil kayaking trip on Sydney Harbour, or anywhere along the coast nearby, for that matter. Paddling a kayak is a great exercise, plus you’ll enjoy the iconic sights of Sydney from a different angle. You can simply rent a kayak and set off for an independent adventure, sign up for kayaking lessons or even embark on a full-fledged kayaking tour. This eco-friendly boating adventure will thrill those who love a day on the water powered by their own steam.

6. Skydive over a beach

adventure activitiesImage credit: Chris Betcher

Wow, look at that view! Perhaps one of the high points of an adventurer’s stay in Sydney would be a skydive. Skydiving is of course an intensely exciting activity in its own right, but a Sydney skydive can take things a step further – adventurers can skydive over the gorgeous Sydney beaches. There are a number of skydiving spots to choose from around Sydney, but the beach drops are arguably the best, for sheer breathtaking beauty of the land and ocean.

7. Embark on a sail adventure around Sydney

adventure activitiesImage credit: Alan Levine

If you are craving an adventure on the waves without the need to paddle yourself, consider chartering a sailing boat or taking sailing lessons on Sydney Harbour. Allow the wind to take you where you want to go, and make your own voyage of discovery in the trail of Captain Cook and other early explorers.

8. Rent a bicycle in Centennial Parklands

Image credit: Dan Ox

If you prefer adventure on terra firma, then hire a bike and take a ride around Sydney’s extensive parklands. This fun and family-friendly adventure makes for a great day out, and is a good way to see a chunk of this green enclave in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

9. Go for a game of golf

Another relaxed adventure activity can be found in one of Sydney’s many golf courses. If you like to take to the tee, then there are plenty of chances for you to pop on your plus-fours and grab your nine iron, and plenty of nineteenth holes to whet your whistle after a day on the greens.

10. Whitewater rafting on an Olympic Course

Image credit: Doug Beckers

About an hour west of Sydney, Penrith Whitewater Stadium is the only man-made river of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Here, you can enjoy a whitewater rafting course which was the venue for events in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This carefully constructed course has proven to be a challenging and exciting ride even for the best paddlers in the world, so it is definitely a great place to take on a whitewater rafting challenge.

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11. Climbing and abseiling in the Blue Mountains

Image credit: John Cooke

The Blue Mountains National Park on the edge of Sydney is a fantastic place to indulge in some outdoor recreation like camping and hiking, or simply picnicking. Did you know that there are also plenty of climbing and abseiling opportunities in the vicinity? Take your adventure up a notch and scale some cliffs in a spectacular setting.

12. Explore some caves

Image credit: Kate Farquharson

The primal beauty of some caves must be seen to be believed. There are a number of cave experiences to be had in the greater Sydney area, such as in the impressive Jenolan Caves located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. This tourist attraction boasts mystical underground rivers and awe-inspiring limestone formations. If you’ve never done it before, this is a good chance to try adventure caving! Strap on that helmet and headlamp and crawl your way through the heart of the mountain.

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