12 Fun & Free Things to Do With the Family in Perth & Beyond

12 Fun & Free Things to Do With the Family in Perth & Beyond

Having a family vacation doesn't necessarily mean additional expenditure. Now you can spend more quality time together, but less money in Perth!

From beautiful beaches to lush greenery and vibrant wildlife, it’s no wonder that Perth has always been a popular tourist destination. Coupled with its laid-back culture, Perth is the perfect destination for families who desire a relaxing and idyllic getaway.

Plus, travelling with the entire family is sure to put a dent in your wallet – but thankfully, there are numerous exciting activities for your family without having to spend a single cent!

Here’s our list of 12 fun and absolutely free things to do with the family in Perth:

1. Explore the city of Fremantle on a bike

Image: Fremantle Fishing Harbour

Within Perth lies Fremantle city, a charming port buzzing with people all year round. Here, you can explore Fremantle’s lively markets, feast on delicious food and shop at unique boutiques; the list goes on and on.

Instead of going around by foot, why not make your trip to Fremantle more exciting by exploring the city on bikes? Freewheeling Fremantle, a bike hire service, allows you to rent their bikes at no cost at all for the entire day! Now you can tour this pretty port on wheels and cover anywhere you like with your loved ones. You definitely won’t have to put up with your family’s exhausted protests from walking around all day!

Tip: Make sure to go early before all the bikes are snatched up by fellow visitors!

2.  Meet a Quokka on Rottnest Island

Image: Quokka Selfie, Rottnest Island

These adorable creatures are sure to melt the hearts of both young and old. Found on Rottnest Island west of Fremantle, quokkas are friendly animals open to interaction with the public – they absolutely love taking selfies with humans!

Besides having fun with the quokkas, there are many other nice things to do on Rottnest Island as well. Go on a free guided walking tour or swim in the waters at one of the beaches on the island! There is plenty to do here and you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Fun fact: Rottnest Island consists of an astounding number of 63 beaches and 20 bays.

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3. Sample local produce at Swan Valley

Image credit: Swan Valley

What’s a good holiday without good food, especially if it’s free! Swan Valley, a 30-minute drive away from Perth’s CBD, offers a myriad of activities for tourists to take part in that will keep your family busy for the day. This includes having a taste of their home-grown products, which the locals happily offer for all to sample! From fresh fruits to a variety of nuts, Swan Valley proves that Australian produce is delicious and of quality. You’ll be so tempted to buy some back home! Don’t forget to try their signature grapes as well and if you are up for it, go for their homemade beer too!

4. Stargaze at The Pinnacles

Image credit: The Pinnacles-WA

Want to catch a sight of the Milky Way and the countless of stars that fill the night sky? Close to the Swan Valley, The Pinnacles National Park offers you the perfect setting to stargaze with your family at no cost at all. This part of western Australia has one of the darkest skies in the world, giving you a jaw-dropping sight of the galaxy. It’ll be a wonderful time for your family, as you spend the night simply admiring the wonder of nature. You can even camp overnight with your family at The Pinnacles National Park, making your trip there all the more adventurous and special!

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5. Soak in the sights of the Pink Lake

Image credit: jackoscage

Never heard of a pink lake except in storybooks? You might be surprised to know that this phenomenon truly exists! Located at Port Gregory, Hutt Lagoon is a lake which has pink waters that changes shades at different times of the year. The pink hue this lake offers is the result of a carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina present in the waters. That aside, you and your family will truly be treated with a unique and fairytale-like sight when you visit this place. Snap beautiful photos with your loved ones and just spend time admiring this natural beauty!

Tip: Port Gregory Lookout Point is the best location to view the waters since it offers the sight of a milkier shade of pink!

6. Enjoy the sunset at Cottesloe Beach

Image credit: vagawi

Among the many beaches in Perth, Cottesloe may be the prettiest one yet. With its turquoise blue waters and fine white sand, this beach never ceases to wow visitors with its beauty and serenity. The tall pine trees that surround the beach also make the entire landscape all the more breathtaking. Simply head down for a splash in the sparkling waters or spend the day building sandcastles with your family. Lastly, end your day by watching the spectacular sunset with your family at the beach. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing day of quality family bonding.

7. Go snorkelling at Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Image credit: Jonathan Mueller

This marine park is the perfect location to get up close and personal with Australia’s marine life! While you do have to pay a small sum to get to the island by boat, there are many activities that you can partake in on this island, at no cost at all. Watch penguins and sea lions frolicking in the sun, and marvel at beautiful corals and fishes when you go snorkelling at Penguin Islands. There is so much to see and do on this island, your family will never get bored.

8. Get active with the family at Northbridge Piazza

Image credit: Rafael Montilla

I know, holidays are the time to pig out and laze about. But why not try getting active and sweaty on a foreign land for a change? Exercise with your family by attending free yoga classes at Northbridge Piazza! You will get to experience what yoga classes are like in Perth, and at the same time bond with your family as you struggle to maintain the poses through fits of squirming and laughter. This place holds free yoga classes for the public every Saturday morning at 8am, so be there or be square!

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9. Learn how to combat a fire at the DFES Education and Heritage Centre

Make learning fun at the DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Services) Education and Heritage Centre.This centre provides free tours and offers a heritage trail for visitors every day, teaching families about fire hazards and how to respond to emergencies. This is an excellent place to expose the young ones to the dangers of fire, and also remind adults of facts they might have forgotten over time. For those budding firefighters out there, you also get to don actual Australian firefighter uniforms and learn how to use some firefighting equipment! How cool is that?

10. Have a day of fun at the Synergy Parkland, Kings Park 

From climbing atop large dinosaurs to running through the mist forest, Synergy Parkland is jam-packed with fun activities for the whole family. With unique attractions and multiple playgrounds, you and your kids will have an exciting time for hours on end!

This is also a great place for the grown-ups to have a chill time, with an outdoor cinema screening movies at scheduled times. Simply bring along some drinks and snacks, and sit back and relax on the beanbags provided. Alternatively, there are also many other attractions you can explore in King’s Park!

11. Travel back in time at the WA Shipwrecks Museum

Image credit: Vunz

Step into this museum and you’ll find yourself transported back to the time of pirates and when ships were still made from wood! This is the place for both curious young ones and grown-ups who crave a little “Pirates of the Caribbean” fantasy. It’ll be a great time of adventure with your family in this museum, as you marvel at centuries-old relics washed up on the shores of Western Australia. Admission to this museum is completely free but feel free to leave a $5 donation if the whole family enjoyed the experience!

12. Go trekking at the Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Trail

Image credit: Trails WA

Your trip to Perth is not complete if you haven’t hiked along the many beautiful trails this city offers. Located at the Canning River Regional Park, Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Trail offers breathtaking landscapes for visitors of all ages, and is both wheelchair and pram-friendly. Be treated to fresh air and beautiful sights of butterflies and nature, as you walk through lush wetlands, tranquil meadows and the paperbark forest. There are also 97 species of birds in the area; see how many of such species you and your family can spot!

So there you have it, 12 fun and free things you can do with your family in Perth! Now who says you have to splurge to have a splendid holiday? These activities are not only zero-cost, they are exciting, engaging and provide a great opportunity for family cohesion. Time to pack your bags and have a blast with your family in Perth!

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