Mountaineer Sanu Sherpa Climbs World's Tallest 14 Mountains Twice

Nepali Mountaineer Sets Record for Climbing World’s 14 Tallest Mountains Twice

It takes drive and power to reach the top.

In late August 2022, 47-year-old Sanu Sherpa (a Nepali mountaineer) set a new record for climbing 14 of the world’s highest peaks not once, but twice. These consisted of eight mountains in Nepal, followed by five in Pakistan, and one in Tibet

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Sanu Sherpa’s story

But Sherpa wasn’t always a mountaineer. Previously, he was a farmer in the Sankhuwasabha District in East Nepal. However, farming crops wasn’t enough to support his family of eight. So, when he saw men from the village returning home with better earnings from mountaineering, he decided to become a porter. In fact, he was among many villagers in the district that pursued climbing mountains for a living. 

Conquering Mount Everest

In 2006, Sherpa successfully hiked to the peak of Mount Cho Oyu while guiding a group of Korean travellers. However, it was only in 2019 when he decided to hike up all 14 of the world’s highest peaks. 

By 2022, Sherpa had climbed mountains up to 8,000m high — as many as 37 times! He had climbed Mount Everest seven times, among other notable achievements. As a mountaineer, he was also involved in many expeditions that required high-risk rescue missions. 

shanu sherpa posing in front of mountain

Image credit: Sanu Sherpa

Due to his work and reputation as one of the top Mount Everest guides, many have reached out to have him guide them through these mountains. However, he has not accepted any of them yet, as thoughts of retiring and travelling the world are priorities at the moment. 

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himalayas mountain

Image credit: Bisesh Gurung

Would you like to climb Mount Everest someday? We sure know we would!

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