10 Best Bali Souvenirs to Bring Home to Your Loved Ones

10 Best Bali Souvenirs You Can’t Leave the Island Without

All the mementos that best keep the moment.

Bali, the “Island of the Gods,” is a place unlike any other. This Indonesian island is a treasure trove of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re visiting its pristine beaches, intricately carved temples, or lush rice terraces, your visit will remain incomplete unless you get your hands on the best Bali souvenirs before leaving for home! So, keep on scrolling to find the best bits of Bali to take home with you.

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Best Bali souvenirs that’ll melt anyone’s heart

1. Balinese batik

best bali souvenirs batik fabric

Image credit (L-R): Visit Bali | Official Website; Johanes Minawan Laksana via Canva Pro

If you’re looking for a fashion item that screams oh-so-Bali, Balinese batik and textiles will do you justice. These beautiful fabrics are made using a traditional dyeing technique called batik painting. You’ll find various colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, perfect for scarves, sarongs, table runners, or even wall tapestries. 

Some of the most popular motifs you can’t miss include the Balinese Legong dancers, Barong, Ulamsari Mas, Merak, and more. Did you just Google for “what to buy in Bali airport” an hour before your flight? Hey, these fabrics are also a good option for last-minute souvenir purchases at the airport! 

2. Kopi luwak (civet coffee)

best bali souvenirs kopi luwak

Image credit (L-R): Helio_Miura via Canva Pro; galitskaya via Canva Pro

Looking for what to buy in a Bali supermarket? The famous Balinese kopi luwak (civet coffee) is a must-purchase! This iconic coffee from the Island of the Gods is made from coffee cherries consumed and excreted by Indonesian palm civets. 

FYI, civets are known as picky eaters and will only eat the best and most ripe coffee cherries. This explains why this quality coffee is regarded as one of the most expensive in the world. Talk about one of the best Bali souvenirs you definitely can’t leave the island without!

3. Balinese paintings

best bali souvenirs balinese paintings

Image credit (L-R): Visit Bali | Official Website

Balinese paintings are another one of the best Bali souvenirs you can’t resist. The unique works of art are usually depicted in the themes of Ramayana and Mahabarata stories as well as nature and the activities of the local community. 

The first theme is mostly found in the form of Kamasan paintings whereby the incision of dark to bright colours are used to draw unique characters on various mediums such as canvas fabric, walls, wood, and more. Other forms of fascinating Bali paintings include Batuan, Keliki, and Sanur. You can check out either Kuta Art Market or Sukawati Art Market to get one of the best paintings to add a touch of Bali to your home!

4. Balinese wood carvings

best bali souvenirs balinese woodcarvings

Image credit (L-R): simongurney via Canva Pro; markrhiggins via Canva Pro

We can’t talk about what to buy in Bali without mentioning the intricate Balinese wood carvings. These wood carvings are a stunning display of craftsmanship. From distinct statues and masks to furniture and decorative items, you’ll find a wide variety of carvings to suit your taste.

If you didn’t know yet, wood carving in Bali extends beyond artistic realms; it is a centuries-old tradition that helps fellow artisans express their faith and gratitude to God. BTW, you might want to visit Ubud Wood Carving Mas Village, famous for its high-quality wooden statues for the best experience!

5. Spa treatment products

Bali is also known for its luxurious spas, which offer premium spa treatment products. If you’re in one right now, you should realise that your visit, whether you want it or not, will soon come to an end. That said, it’s only right for you to bring back some of that pampering feeling by purchasing the spa products of your choice!

Some popular ones include Balinese lulur (body scrubs), boreh (healing packs), body masks, facial products, aromatherapy massage oil, and hair cream baths. So, do check them out before you exit any of the spas in Bali.

6. Rattan bags

rattan bags

Image credit (L-R): Artem Bali via Canva Pro; Daryl Han | Unsplash

When thinking of what to buy in Bali, rattan bags should be at the top of the list! Not only are they trendy, but they are also eco-friendly. From classic totes to trendy clutches and unique round bags, there’s a rattan bag that will surely suit every style and taste.

Plus, rattan’s natural breathability makes these bags ideal for Bali’s warm climate. They’ll keep your belongings safe and cool while you explore the island (or any warm countries you’re planning to visit next)! FYI, Ubud Traditional Art Market is among the famous locations you can check out to shop for this product. 

7. Pie susu (milk pie)

pie susu

Image credit (L-R): edgunn via Canva Pro; sri widyowati via Canva Pro

Nothing can go wrong when you get these yummy pie susu or milk pies for your loved ones. This traditional Balinese dessert is filled with egg custard and condensed milk and is very flat-looking. While classic milk pie susu is the most popular, many shops offer them in different flavours such as chocolate, durian, or even ube (purple yam). 

It’s one of the best Bali souvenirs to bring home as it’s lightweight, comes in packages, and has a relatively long shelf life, especially if you find a bakery that uses minimal preservatives. For the best taste of the island’s pie susu, we recommend going to the Pie Susu Asli Enaaak shop in Badung (you’re welcome)!

8. Balinese chocolates

Still thinking of what to buy in Bali? You should consider getting any of the tasty Balinese chocolates! These chocolates are more than just a sweet treat – they’re a delicious way to experience the unique flavours of Bali. Imagine savouring dark chocolate infused with the taste of Balinese mango or a white chocolate bar with a hint of ginger spice.

What’s more, many Balinese chocolate makers prioritise quality. They use ethically sourced cocoa beans and natural ingredients, ensuring a richer, more satisfying chocolate experience compared to mass-produced brands. Some famous brands (with physical shops) include Krakakoa, Jungle Gold Bali, Ubud Raw Chocolate, and Mason Chocolates

9. Gamelan instruments


Image credit (L-R): Bicho_raro via Canva Pro; nomer108 via Canva Pro

If you’re looking for non-mainstream souvenirs from Bali, Indonesia, gamelan instruments might interest you! Many gamelan instruments are handcrafted masterpieces. The intricate carvings, engravings, and gongs can be stunning works of art, adding a touch of Balinese flair to your home decor.

While some gamelan instruments might be purely decorative, there are also smaller, more playable options. BTW, as these instruments come in various sizes (from small metallophones to large gongs), you might want to find something that fits your budget and luggage space!

10. Balinese fragrance

plumeria perfume

Image credit (L-R): Bali in a Bottle | Official Website; konjaunt via Canva Pro

If you’re still wondering what to buy in Bali after seeing the previous list, Balinese fragrance might be just what you need. Balinese fragrances are often made with local ingredients like plumeria (frangipani), sandalwood, clove, and lemongrass, creating unique scents that evoke memories of your trip whenever you catch a whiff.  

Plus, these fragrances are made with natural ingredients and traditional methods, ensuring a more authentic and richer scent experience than synthetic perfumes. Also, you can find them in various sizes and forms, from essential oils and perfume rollers to candles and incense sticks, which makes them easy to pack in your suitcase!

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And that concludes our list of must-purchase souvenirs from the Island of Gods. So, skip the mass-produced trinkets and bring home a beautiful, functional, or tasty piece of the island with these best Bali souvenirs!

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