Whipped Nutella — Here's How to Create This Instagrammable Drink!

Whipped Nutella — An Instagrammable Drink Going Viral after Dalgona Coffee

You only need three ingredients to whip up this viral drink for your Instagram aesthetic.

Be right back, going nuts for Nutella!

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For all you Nutella fans out there, I believe you would agree that Nutella is synonymous with childhood. Early mornings are something worth looking forward to, what with the aroma of rich, hazelnut cocoa permeating the air during breakfast time, as you spread Nutella on bread. Just when you thought it could not get any better, Whipped Nutella has been rising through the ranks as the next star lockdown drink after Dalgona coffee.

This viral instagrammable drink is for everyone to enjoy, even for those non-coffee lovers who missed out on Dalgona coffee.

The best part of it all? It only requires three simple ingredients!

Recipe for Whipped Nutella

  • Take a tbsp of Nutella (customise it as you wish, varying according to your intensity of love for Nutella)
  • Mix Nutella with ⅓ cup of heavy whipping cream
  • Combine and whisk until fluffy
  • Froth it over a glass of fresh milk

If you have a sweet tooth, feel free to add on additional toppings such as lining the rim of the glass with extra Nutella (for real though, is there such a thing as too much Nutella?). Let your creative juices flow in this segment to reinvent the next viral instagrammable Whipped Nutella drink. 

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Bonding with friends over Zoom

Running out of bonding ideas with friends over this extended circuit breaker? Fret not!

This could serve as a great bonding activity with friends over Zoom, even though you might be physically distanced from one another for now. Get your tub of Nutella, heavy whipping cream, fresh milk, and get your whisking game on to recreate Whipped Nutella!

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Feel free to serve a glass of frothy Nutella over creamy fresh milk as the newest addition to your breakfast spread, and go nuts for Whipped Nutella! 

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