Why You Must Travel While You’re Still a Student

Why You Must Travel While You’re Still a Student

Live your life to the fullest while you're still young. Travel and see the world!

They say that you’re never too old or too young to learn, and travelling brings you exactly just that.

If you haven’t started travelling because you’re still a student, and you feel that you’re too young to do so, here’s to convince you to do it now!

You learn to save

Let me start with saying that travelling doesn’t need to be expensive. Of course, you’re still a student and it would cost a fortune to tour exotic places or get on a cruise. Aim within your reach. As a student, you can start off with places that are near. At this stage, it is not much about the places you go to; it’s more of the experiences and memories that your adventure will give you, plus the people you’ll meet that would actually matter.

You can also join your school’s outdoor club or an organization of that sort. In this way, you get to travel with people from your school community and expenses would also be cheaper. You can also skip that weekly expensive coffee or mani/pedi you’ve been having and put the money to your travel fund instead. Nowadays, there are also lots of competitive travel packages available. If you’re physically fit, a good option is to go hiking. It is not only fun and a good way to exercise; it is also affordable.

Freedom with responsibility

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Travelling gives you that sense of freedom like the feeling that you can conquer the world. But when you also start travelling, you’ll learn that independence comes with responsibility. You’re responsible for yourself, for your health, for your companion and for your surroundings.

If you’re travelling on your own, you have to be vigilant and follow your intuition. If you travel frequently, you’ll learn that unexpected things can happen, and you have to be ready, so it’s important to bring first aid kits and medications. If you’re travelling with someone, you have to watch out for each other, make sure that nobody gets left behind.

Travelling allows you to see the beauty of the big world we live in. Make sure that you leave no trails behind so that other people will also see the beauty you have just witnessed.

More time than ever

When you’re a student, you actually have more time than ever to travel. Trust me, when you start to work, it’s a whole new different story. Sem-breaks are long, and when I was still a student I usually have 3 days off every week. If you’re swamped with assignments, maybe you could get some help from your personal essay helper to free up your schedule!

So if you’re not on the busy months of the academic year, why not grab the chance to go on an adventure?

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Learn at an early stage that life is not just about you

When you travel at an early stage, you’ll learn that life is not just about you. Travelling is not all about leisure. It’s a good medium to be a helping hand to other people. You can volunteer or help in your own ways while travelling. Most of us have the mindset of “I want more” but if you’ve been to remote places, you’ll learn that you’re very blessed. The fact that you’re able to travel and see other places is already a great reason to be thankful for. Travelling will move your heart to help.

Lesser things to worry about

Generally speaking, students tend to be more carefree than working adults. The focus is still at doing well in academic and some extra curricular activities. In most cases, there are no bills to pay yet and mouths to feed. This is actually a good time to travel because you have no major responsibilities yet.

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It’s been two years since I was last a student, and these are the things that travel taught me along the way. If you have other good reasons to share, feel free to pitch them below.

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