It Turns Out, This Is How You’re Supposed To Be Wearing Travel Pillows

It Turns Out, This Is How You’re Supposed To Be Wearing Travel Pillows

In the long run, if it feels comfortable, then it’s most likely right.

When I come out of a plane, bus, or any vehicle for that matter with a sore neck, I often blame myself for not bringing a travel pillow along. It seems like most travellers have one, after all. But in my opinion, what I use in bed stays there… and that includes pillows that help me sleep comfortably any day.

Having said that, I don’t really need to own one to know that wearing travel pillows is simply done by placing these often c- or u-shaped cloth bags around the neck to keep it in its normal position as much as possible. To do this, travellers usually have either end of the pillow front facing so that the main curve faces the back, thereby preventing your head from bending backwards as you sleep.

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A surprising way of wearing travel pillows

It turns out though that this could be wrong as suggested by a travel pillow hack shared by TikToker Sidney Raz. According to one of his posts, travel pillows should go in front, rather than the back, while describing the tip as “something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s,” which also happens to be the recurring theme of his other posts.

The video by Raz was as quick as everything else you’d seen in the video-sharing platform, so don’t expect a detailed explanation of why the content creator suggests wearing travel pillows that way. The comments section, however, was filled with people recalling their first-hand experiences of using the travel essential as how Raz does.

“This is probably why I have always found them to be uncomfortable,” said one TikTok user. “At the back, they push your head forward in a weird position,” another shared. But amidst everyone revealing how shocked and impressed they were by this trick, some of the viewers of the video told contrasting experiences. Confused, a user asked, “Don’t the tags on them show them being used behind your head?”

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Take note, however, that wearing travel pillows from the front mostly applies to sitting on plane seats, which are usually designed differently from, say, those found in a car or other vehicles. In the long run, no one can really tell you how to properly use a neck pillow when travelling other than yourself. If it feels comfortable, then it’s most likely right for you. It’s as simple as that.

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