What to Buy at Chatuchak Market: 10 Best Shopping Items Worth the Trip

What to Buy at Chatuchak Market: 10 Best Shopping Items Worth the Trip

Score the best finds at affordable prices.

Chatuchak Market, a popular weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand, is a treasure trove for travellers with a knack for shopping little trinkets and souvenirs. Just imagine navigating a labyrinth of over 15,000 stalls, each overflowing with unique finds. So let’s cut through the chaos and explore what to buy at Chatuchak market — score the best finds from funky fashion pieces to handcrafted trinkets, all without breaking the bank!

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When in Chatuchak market: best things to buy

1. Homeware

What to buy at Chatuchak Market: Homeware

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First up on our list of what to buy at Chatuchak Market: homeware. Nothing quite like a trip to Bangkok without scoring the beautiful Thai white and blue ceramics! The weekend market is a haven for homeware hunters, with each piece ready to whisper “Thailand” in every corner of your living space back home. Don’t worry about transporting them because the local vendors will pack everything securely for you to take home.

2. Women’s clothing and accessories

What to buy at Chatuchak Market: Women's clothing and accessories

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Are you a couple of girls on a trip to Bangkok struggling to find answers to the question “what to buy at Chatuchak market?” Ditch the department stores and dive into the fashion frenzy of this weekend market as it is also a haven for trendsetting finds! Stalls are overflowing with everything from breezy bohemian dresses to chic crop tops. Go crazy on these fashion staples and emerge with a wardrobe that screams Bangkok fashionista.

3. Men’s clothing and accessories

What to buy at Chatuchak Market: Men's clothing and accessories

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Forget designer duds, Chatuchak market is where Bangkok’s street style comes alive. If there are trendy pieces for women, then there are also casual men’s clothing and accessories in store for you at this weekend market. Dive into a sea of colourful tees, breezy linen shirts, cool sunnies, unique wooden watches, and funky patterned shorts — all perfect for that effortless, ready-to-conquer-the-heat vibe.

4. Scents

What to buy at Chatuchak Market: Scents

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Let your nose be your guide in finding what to buy in Chatuchak Market. Beyond the homewares and trendy fashion pieces, fragrant whispers of Thailand emerge in this buzzing weekend market. Stalls overflow with hand-blended perfumes, natural incense, and lemongrass-infused soaps, promising to capture the essence of your trip. Let the scent transport you back to Bangkok with every whiff.

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5. Plants

What to buy at Chatuchak Market: Plants

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Plants make it to our list of what to buy at Chatuchak Market. Here, the vibrant chaos softens into a greenhouse haven for plant lovers. Rows upon rows of stalls overflow with exotic blooms — orchids in every colour, delicate ferns, cacti, succulents, lotus flowers, and miniature fruit trees. Go crazy over the succulents that gleam in the sun and air plants that dangle like living sculptures. It’s basically a mini jungle paradise waiting to be explored, pot by pot.

Note: Regulations regarding taking home plants from Thailand to another country vary depending on the plant species and your destination. Always make sure to check with your country’s import requirements before purchasing.

6. Swimwear


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Planning your next beach trip? Chatuchak Market beckons with sunshine-ready pieces! Explore a vibrant sea of bikinis, trendy one piece swimsuits, coverups, and colourful board shorts — all for an affordable price. Prepare to be dazzled by unique designs that you can only find in this buzzing weekend market. Who knows? You might just find the perfect poolside statement piece to flaunt on your next sun-soaked trip.

7. Thai fabric

Thai fabric

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Lose yourself in a riot of colours at Chatuchak Market’s textile sections. Stalls are lined with silk in every shade imaginable, and hand-woven cottons boast intricate patterns passed down for generations. Snag a piece of Thailand’s heritage by grabbing a few fabrics that you can use as a flowing silk dress or a one-of-a-kind tablecloth back home.

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8. Bags


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Next on the list of what to buy at Chatuchak Market: bags! Woven straw totes with pops of colour meet minimalist clutches and handbags. In this bustling weekend market, you’ll ultimately find every type of bag from bohemian rucksacks to statement satchels, all crafted with an eye for both style and affordability. Prepare to unleash your inner fashionista with these bags that’ll turn heads back home.

9. Souvenirs


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If you’re at Chatuchak market to shop for souvenirs, then you’re in luck! Aisles are brimming with trinkets of every kind: fuzzy elephant keychains, miniature woven baskets, and hand-painted phone cases with quirky Thai themes. Choose from a kaleidoscope of cute souvenirs and little treasures that will make you want to look back on your Bangkok trip.

10. Food


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Chatuchak Market is not only for the shopaholics, it’s also for the foodies! Immerse yourself in a gastronomic adventure like no other — try sizzling skewers of meat, fragrant curries bubbling in pots, and local vendors always whipping up vibrantly coloured treats. Don’t leave the market without indulging in the famous mango sticky rice, and getting a taste of Italy and USA with their Italian pasta and American burgers. From fiery papaya salads to exotic insects, Chatuchak undoubtedly offers a delicious whirlwind of tastes for every palate.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market awaits! With this guide as your compass, you’ll be ready to navigate the labyrinthine stalls with confidence, ready to discover hidden treasures, indulge in exotic flavours, and return home with a suitcase full of stories and souvenirs. Remember, the best part isn’t just about what to buy at Chatuchak Market, but it’s about the thrill of the find, haggling with vendors, and the unique experience that only Bangkok’s bustling weekend market can offer. Happy shopping!

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