6 Foolproof Tricks to Help You Survive a Long-Haul Flight

6 Foolproof Tricks to Help You Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Aside from watching movies! And of course, sleeping.

Many people see long-haul flights as the downside of overseas travel. Nothing exciting happens, your skin flares up, and other passengers mysteriously forget basic rules of human decency. If being trapped in a hunk of steel overnight makes you anxious, you’re not alone. 

Fact is, a long-haul flight is as inescapable as a McDonald’s — you’re bound to find yourself in one without even trying, especially if you love to travel! For those occasions, we’ve compiled a list of clever manoeuvres to show that all those hours on a plane don’t have to be a struggle — or a waste of time!  

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1. Listen to a podcast

long-haul flight: listen to a podcast

Whether you are a fan of true crime or inventive storytelling, listening to strangers talk in mellifluous voices is such a relaxing way to kill time during a flight. Engaging podcasts will keep your mind occupied while drowning out all the other noises coming from the plane, like the gruff passenger snoring beside you or the wailing baby down the aisle. You don’t have to absorb the details of every episode. Instead, you can let the stories and conversations float over you as you slowly nod off to sleep. 

2. Apply a sheet mask

Bad skin days are often triggered by the lack of fresh air and low humidity inside the aircraft, which can suck out all the moisture from your skin. Perfect for long-haul flights that leave you feeling dry, a hydrating sheet mask will keep your face glossy and smooth. Like a soothing balm for stressful days, the right mask can nourish sensitive skin and prevent breakouts. 

Not sure where to start with skincare products? Take your pick from these Korean beauty recommendations from flight attendants! This way, you can rest well on the plane, all while knowing that your complexion will remain delightfully soft when you wake. 

As you lay that cool sheet mask on your face, pay no attention to passengers who are staring at you. Their skin will probably be crusty and parched by the end of the flight. Yours? Fresh as the day you were born! 

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3. Catch up on reading

long-haul flight: read a book

Remember when you said you didn’t have enough time to read? Well, now, you do! Think of a long-haul flight as an opportunity to catch up on your neglected reading list. Strangely enough, the absence of better entertainment options on the plane can sometimes be a great incentive to pick up a book again. Maybe you can even start writing a little! 

So, fire up your Kindle or whip out a summer romance, and allow yourself to drift back into the magic of stories. By the time the plane touches down, you’ll be thinking, Already? But I still have one chapter left!  

4. Learn a new language

Before you land at your destination, you can brush up on your foreign language skills and really learn to navigate the place like a local. In Japan, for example, it’s very difficult to find native speakers who are fluent in English; thus, knowing a few common expressions in their language will immerse you further into their culture. 

Even if you only get to practice a few phrases during your flight, you can have just enough knowledge to get you out of sticky mishaps or misunderstandings in future trips. Go beyond “hello” and “where is the toilet?” when you download language mobile apps such as Busuu or Duolingo.

5. Munch on your own snacks

If you dislike plane food with a passion (and really, who doesn’t?), you can always bring along your favourite snacks to keep your hunger at bay. Or, nibble on light treats such as granola bars, dried fruit, and nuts. Just be sure to drink lots of water between bites, so you don’t get dehydrated during the flight! 

That said, you should probably avoid greasy foods like pizza, burgers, or that bucket of fried chicken you bought in a last-minute sprint at the airport. After all, you don’t want to end up battling a massive headache for the last stretch of your journey. 

6. Edit your travel photos

long-haul flight

At the end of a successful trip, you definitely want to remember all the fun and exhilarating times you had. Plus, if you feel that you are already going through the first stages of vacation withdrawal, organising your photos can feel extremely therapeutic. 

Flicking through your photographs during a long-haul flight will remind you of everything that you accomplished — that mountain you climbed or that jaw-dropping horizon you witnessed. Sure, you can always wait until you’re back in the homeland to edit photos. However, you probably won’t know how much free time you’ll get before your boss makes you dive back into the work pile. If your photos are all jazzed up and ready to launch, all you have to do when you get back is post them! 

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Getting on a long-haul flight doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. But if everything fails, you can always block the world out with noise-cancelling headphones. Pull a sleeping mask over your eyes, and prepare to snooze your way to touchdown!

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