8 Clear Signs You’ve Found Your Ultimate Travel Soulmate

Read the Signs: How to Know You’ve Found Your Ultimate Travel Soulmate

Have you found that person who can speak to your inner wanderer?

Being in a relationship is a priceless experience that can’t be exchanged for the world. Your significant other is meant to be there for you during all your tear-jerking and laughter-filled moments. Through life’s inevitable stress and the marvels that make it worth living, your partner stays by your side for a lifetime. 

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travel soulmate

But there’s also a very special kind of relationship that deserves recognition — one that’s hardly ever spoken about but is extremely rare and cherished. In this article, we’re going to discuss the unparalleled joy of having a travel soulmate who shares your spirit for adventure and discovery. Here are some signs that you’ve found the one:

1. She’s willing to snap as many IG-worthy photos of you as needed before you capture the perfect pic!

travel soulmate

Image credit: Cara Lazaro

Ever dreamt of capturing a classy photo by the beach that can rival the most glamorous magazine covers? Or perhaps a scenic shot up in the mountains that resembles the front of an inspirational Hallmark card? Admit it — you’ve probably felt that urge to pose like a professional supermodel amidst a breathtaking landscape. It isn’t something to be ashamed of; everyone wants to feel gorgeous from time to time. A fun photoshoot can do just the trick! 

travel photography

Image credit: Riri Rodriguez

Your ultimate travel buddy will do everything in her power to conjure up the most dazzling shot. By now, she has probably memorised all the tactical angles that highlight your most attractive features. Seasoned travellers know that beautiful photos aren’t the measure of a trip well spent, but it never hurts to look back on them.

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2. She respects your space for silence

There’s too much noise in the world that constantly fills our restless, fidgety minds. Being away from the workplace helps slow down the gears in our noggins that whir and turn nonstop. Sometimes, abandoning all our responsibilities is necessary to bring some peace to our frenzied lives. 

Having a travel partner who understands the need to retreat within is as precious as gold. Not every person is willing to embrace the profound through moments of stillness. Some people find long stretches of silence dauntingly awkward. But a true friend — somebody that knows your inner workings — should find solace in the wordless companionship you share. If that friend also shares the same adventurous spirit, then you’ve found your travel soulmate.

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3. But she also knows when to strike an engaging conversation

travel soulmate

Image credit: Dianne Villaflor

Just as necessary as silence is to calm the restless soul, so are enlightening conversations that fill the heart with contentment. There’s immeasurable joy that stems from finding someone that can listen without judgment and respond with substance. Finding that person isn’t easy, so when you do, make sure to keep her close!

4. He’s prepared to compromise when decisions need to be made

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Image credit: Patrick Sogono & Adrian Si

Travelling brings out the best and worst in people. Decisions as simple as choosing which restaurant to dine in for dinner can be the cause of major clashes. At some point, differences in opinions will inevitably arise. Travelling is ripe with opportunities for disagreements! Nevertheless, an ideal travel soulmate will never harbour any resentment against you just because of contrasting viewpoints. They might even make your experience together more entertaining! Tip: Push yourself to try an activity your travel companion’s been raving about — you never know, you might really enjoy it!

5. When conflicts arise, he doesn’t hold any hard feelings and knows that communication is key

travel soulmate

Image credit: Juancho Agoncillo

Even the closest travel soulmates aren’t immune to the occasional argument. Maybe he didn’t wake up early enough to catch the sunrise like you planned, or perhaps he forgot to bring the extra camera battery! Times like these can be totally exasperating especially when it’s just the two of you stuck together in an unfamiliar place. But keeping the frustration inside won’t solve anything — an ideal travel partner makes it a point to talk through issues calmly and maturely (a bit of humour can’t hurt either!).

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6. Both of you can survive staying in a single room together without pushing each other off the rails!

Image credit: Ally Ty

In each other’s company 24/7 and sharing one cosy (and suffocatingly tight) room for a few days — this is the ultimate test of compatibility. Can you stand your vacay buddy’s messy habits? Do you get too particular about what goes where? Are you both capable of keeping the bathroom floor nice and dry (my personal pet peeve)? These are the hard-hitting questions that will determine if you and your travel partner can get out of your trip alive!

7. There’s never any judgment or pressure to partake in activities you have no interest in

Image credit: Abee Magallona

Is there anything worse than spending a whole lot of money to leave the house… only to do something you’d much rather skip out on? Peer pressure gets all the more intense when you’re far away from the comforts of home. Before you choose a getaway pal, make sure you’re on the same page about your preferences and limits! An empathetic travel soulmate will never ask you to cross the line if you’re not comfortable with it!

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8. Your travel soulmate is always on-call for the next getaway!

travel soulmate

Image credit: Anna Talatala & Pat Santos

And the most important thing of all — you can always count on her for another exciting adventure to look forward to!

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Read through the entire article and couldn’t help laughing over so many memories with a one-of-a-kind friend? If you’re lucky enough to have met your travel soulmate already, then let that special someone know (by booking another vacation of course)! Your next trip is awaiting both of you!

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