10 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Travel Partner

10 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Travel Partner

Choosing your travel partner is a little bit like choosing your life partner. Here's some things to consider before deciding if they’re The One.

Travelling, especially to some place for the first time, is an exhilarating experience. That is why it is imperative to choose the right person to travel with. Picking your travel partner, much like your life partner, will require you to carefully consider the compatibility of your personalities, spending allowances and even hygiene levels! Putting enough thought into whether or not your personalities complement each other or clash like a horribly put together outfit will make or break the trip.

If you’re planning a trip together with a friend, here are some questions that you might want to ask.

1. What’s your budget for the trip?

Finding out how much your travel partner is willing to spend is going to help make the trip a more pleasant one. When the two of you are clear on how much the other is willing to spend on the trip, you can easily agree on how much to spend on food, accommodation and all the activities that you will be planning to do together. It wouldn’t make sense and will be the cause of a lot of problems if one of you rather scrimp and save while the other person is willing to splurge.

2. How physically active are you?

If one of you would prefer spending the entire day doing outdoor activities while the other would prefer spending it in pretty cafes, this might pose as a problem. Making sure that your partner is on the same page as you in terms of how much ground to cover and the pace at which you would like to travel is important. It will help you two to plan what to do for the day instead of over-planning or under-planning!

3. Are you a good conversationalist? Or do you appreciate (awkward) silence?

Finding a good conversationalist in a travel partner is essential. But you should also pick one who doesn’t talk non-stop either. Finding the right balance in accordance to your own personality is important because it would determine how much you’ll enjoy their company and vice versa. If you’re the type who can strike up a conversation about anything and your travel partner is as quiet as a mouse, it is obviously a mismatch in terms of conversing habits and will make for some pretty awkward silence (or the dreaded monologue). Basically the bottom line is: knowing how much chit-chat you can tolerate.

4. What are your interests?

This is where it might get a little tricky. Having a travelling partner who has the same interests as you would make it easier to plan activities together but that shouldn’t stop you from trying new things too! But if you rather just stick to doing things that you like, then you would be better off finding someone who likes the same things too.

5. What’s the purpose of this travel?

Establishing the purpose of the trip is going to help planning the entire thing a whole lot easier. Imagine if someone’s purpose is to shop but the other person’s is to sightsee. That will create a lot of rifts and arguments. And if the purpose of this trip is to experience the place together, it’s not going to work out well. It will be best if you two share the same purpose and this will definitely make the trip a lot smoother.

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6. Are you a Complain King/Queen?

If you’re stuck with a complain king/queen for a travelling partner, then that’s going to be a huge headache. Things are bound to not go according to plan all the time and there’s a reason why there are contingency plans. If your travel partner has a knack for finding fault in every little thing and has a habit of nitpicking on everything that doesn’t go their way, well, GOOD LUCK to you my friend.

7. Would you consider yourself as independent or clingy?

Depending on your own personality, you have to make sure that your travel partner’s personality complements yours. If you’re more of an independent, I-need-my-alone-time kind of traveller, then you won’t do so well with someone who is comparably clingier.  Especially if you’re the type who NEEDS personal space, you won’t want to keep fending off a needy travel partner who must stick by your side 24/7 either.

8. How spontaneous are you?

Another important thing to consider is how adaptable and easy going your travel partner is. If you’re a spontaneous traveller, you won’t do so well with a stick-to-the-schedule kind of travel partner. Having someone who is adaptable is extremely important in any case because it would determine how many unplanned spontaneous adventures you can have during the trip.

9. Are you nocturnal or are you an early riser?

Having the same sleeping pattern in a travel partner would warrant careful consideration. If your travel partner sleeps in the day and is wide awake at night while you are the complete opposite, it is going to pose some really obvious problems. And if you’re an early riser while you travel partner would rather snooze till noon, you’re going to spend a lot of time waiting unless the two of you have agreed to be able to go out sightseeing by yourselves.

10. On a scale of 1-10, how hygienic are you?

If this is not the most important thing to consider, I don’t know what is. Well at least it is to me. Whether or not your travel partner makes a habit of leaving her/his dirty underwear or trash lying around in the hotel room is definitely going to make or break that trip.  Make sure that he/she has the same level of hygiene that you practise, if not higher. Having a clean travelling partner is going to make your trip a whole lot easier and not to mention a lot more pleasant.

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So before throwing a pokemon ball at your travel partner and shouting “I CHOOSE YOU” at the top of your lungs, give these questions some real thought. Travelling should be an adventure and enjoyable; so make sure you pick the most compatible person to do it with. With the right travel partner, the trip is going to be that much sweeter.

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