Relive The Hunger Games Moments — Explore the Film Locations

Calling All Tributes — Explore The Hunger Games Secret Filming Locations

Relive The Hunger Games' most iconic moments.

The girl on fire took the world by storm and even until today, the Mockingjay holds special significance in our hearts.

In light of the upcoming prequel, why not take a trip down memory lane? Embark on a road trip to Panem, reliving The Hunger Games moments by diving behind the scenes to revisit these secret film locations. Majority of these The Hunger Games film locations are, in reality, tucked away in North Carolina.

1. Henry River Mill Village as District 12

Deep in the meadow, these are the array of huts that were home to District 12 residents. Katniss, a girl from the Seam, lives in one of these huts with her mother as well as sister. This marks the opening scene of the film, where Katniss sings the film’s iconic lullaby to Primrose to sooth her nerves. This is so as early morning brings with it not only the chirping of birds, but also the dawn of the Reaping.  

Of course, the audience has no way of recognising yet that this opening scene foreshadows the later heart-wrenching moments of Katniss singing to Rue as she draws her last breaths. 

Henry River Mill Village, in reality, is a quaint, historical town rich in heritage that is a brief drive away from Charlotte.

This building would be a familiar sight to most, reminiscent of Mellark’s bakery in the film. Mellark’s bakery is situated in a cosy corner in this village populated with District 12 residents. Over the last couple of years, the somewhat run-down building is said to have been recently reclaimed for restoration. 

Nevertheless, we would always remember it as home to the boy with the bread, who saved Katniss’s life when they were still kids. 

Pisgah National Forest as Katniss and Gale’s hunting grounds

Pisgah National Forest, as District 12’s forest that lies beyond the fence, was Katniss’s happy place as well as safe hideout where she felt secured. Growing up, she had forged a dozen heartwarming memories with her hunting companion, Gale. It is both a resemblance of their reliance as well as trust in one another, that has been nurtured faithfully over the years. 

In reality, Pisgah National Forest is but a speck amongst North Carolina’s numerous forests. It is home to a cascade of crystal waterfalls as well as recreational hiking trails. Avid hikers frequent this national forest for a dose of outdoor recreation. Soak in the surrounding nature whilst enjoying a picnic by one of the forest’s lakes.

2. DuPont State Forest as the arena

DuPont State Forest housed the arena where tributes battled relentlessly for their lives. The arena is a place where every waking moment brings uncertainty, from daytime to nightfall.

The DuPont State Forest is home to waterfalls such as Triple Falls, where Katniss is pictured tracking down Peeta’s footsteps to rescue him when he was injured. In the film, Peeta jokes that camouflaging himself was the last defense of the dying. Nevertheless, Katniss is determined to not lose the boy with the bread. This kickstarts majority of Katniss’s sweetest moments with Peeta, when Katniss nurses Peeta back to health. This particular waterfall could be said to be a significant turning point in their relationship in the arena.

Bask in the sun on a hiking trek in the DuPont State Forest, one of North Carolina’s recreational forests.

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Sundown at DuPont State Forest

Sundown in the arena was expected to be accompanied by the resounding anthem, along with the casted faces of the fallen tributes in the skies. 

Nevertheless, sunset in reality at the DuPont State Forest in contrast is peaceful and just as breathtaking.

3. Charlotte Convention Centre as the Capitol

Who could forget the memorable chariot entrance of the duo from District 12? Remember the girl on fire they did, as they made a grand entrance before all of Panem. Donning costumes that were literally set ablaze, they lit up the whole atmosphere as well. Katniss was indeed as radiant as the sun.

Charlotte Convention Centre is highly accessible, located in Uptown Charlotte. It has the hustle and bustle of the cityscape on its doorstep. Given its massive interior, it is a hotspot for hosting key events. Evidently, Panem shared the same sentiments as well. 

Last but not least, happy Hunger Games! We hope that you have gained insight into one of your favourite series of all times, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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