8 Reasons to Have A Travel Adviser in These Times

8 Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider Getting A Travel Adviser

Travelling during the ‘new normal’ shouldn’t be a headache!

Travel has become more complicated than ever — that’s a fact. Given the current global pandemic, nearly everything is uncertain, which is obviously unsettling. Sure, several countries around the world have reopened borders as their outbreaks are now under control. Still, one can never be too careful at times like these — and that includes getting a travel adviser

Whether it’s a business trip, leisure travel, or something in between, it’s important to be well-prepared before and during your trip. So, why not save yourself the trouble and get by with some help from an actual travel expert? Though, if you (or your travel buddies) need a little more convincing, here are eight reasons why travel advisers are the way to go. 

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1. You’ll save time on travel planning

While some genuinely enjoy the whole process of planning a trip, there are also some who don’t. Then there are those who simply don’t have that much time, whether it’s because of work schedule or other priorities. From initial research to itinerary-mapping, planning well can be quite tiring and time-consuming! Fortunately, getting a travel adviser will significantly up your chances of having a great trip. 

2. You won’t be overloaded by options!

Having a travel adviser is like going to a one-stop shop for all your travel necessities, such as your flight, accommodation, and even insurance policy. More often than not, though, there are just so many to choose from that it might take you days (or weeks, if you’re that indecisive). So, why not have someone who will not only seamlessly vet your options, but also keep in mind your budget and personal preferences? In a nutshell, you’ll get what you want and need! 

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3. They obviously know more than you do

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Regardless of where you are on the beginner-experienced traveller spectrum, nothing beats having an expert with real-life experiences in many places around the globe! Think of it as going to a highly rated café or restaurant: sure, you can probably whip up your own latte or risotto at home (with the right equipment and recipes online). But when it’s a trained barista or a seasoned chef who makes those for you, isn’t the experience simply divine? 

Okay, so you might argue that checking online reviews is a cheaper alternative for a travel adviser. While we don’t deny that these are generally helpful, most of these are likely biased. For instance, when someone poorly rates a Korean BBQ place in Hongdae, you can never be sure if that person’s opinion is reliable. (Like, what if he/she just doesn’t like K-BBQ in the first place?) A travel adviser, on the other hand, can paint you a crystal-clear picture of your chosen destination. 

4. They’re on top of everything new and exciting!

Whether it’s a business trip, leisure travel, or something in between, you can be assured that your travel adviser knows how to make it even better! Summer Olympics? Art Basel? A Rolling Stones concert? A newly opened Michelin-starred resto in your chosen destination? He/she would probably know how to integrate such happenings into your itinerary, should you wish to experience these. 

5. They keep up with current affairs

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It’s no secret that we live in highly uncertain times. Hence, it’s best to stay informed and updated with what’s happening around the world. Fortunately, travel advisers keep up with important news — even those that aren’t purely travel-related — that might affect your upcoming trip! They cover this important aspect that is sometimes overlooked in regular travel planning. So, don’t be surprised when they tell you that you should (*knock on wood*) postpone your trip in the meantime! 

6. You have definitely someone to count on

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Disclaimer: not for emotional support. Your travel adviser isn’t your therapist, okay? 

Kidding aside, though, he/she is there to step in and instantly fix your (travel) problems before, during, and after your trip. Flight cancellation? Accommodation mix-ups? Missing luggage? Your travel adviser has got you covered! They’re basically your (travel) fixer — think Ray Donovan or Olivia Pope, but like, minus the crime cover-ups. 

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7. They’re probably well-connected

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When your travel adviser has been at this for a long time, you can expect that he/she has lots of connections! Simply put, travel advisers have access that regular travellers don’t, thanks to their previous clients and trusted local contacts in various destinations. So, don’t be surprised when you get a last-minute room upgrade or a special guided tour that isn’t normally offered to tourists! It’s basically like having a popular friend who gets awesome perks wherever he goes — except you’re paying him to utilise those perks for you, of course. 

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8. They’re all about travel, too!

Keyword: passion. After all, travel advisers are travellers themselves — and they do it for a living, too! That said, the right travel adviser is passionate about what he/she does, which clearly includes making sure that you have a great, memorable trip. He/she will be there to listen, suggest, and even motivate you every step of the way towards your ideal vacation (or business trip)! This definitely beats simply resorting to a search engine, don’t you think?  

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Life’s a trip for any travel adviser — that’s for sure! Have you ever experienced working with one from previous trips? Or better yet, do you know someone in this utterly fascinating line of work? Go on and tell us in the comments!

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