NASA Scientists Have Just Created An App to Fight Jet Lag

NASA Scientists Have Just Created An App to Fight Jet Lag

With a few simple instructions from the Timeshifter app, you’ll find yourself fresh and ready to go after your long-haul flights.

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After a long flight, you stretch your travel-weary limbs and look at the long list of things you want to accomplish. But alas, you can feel a fresh headache brewing. Jet lag: the enemy!

What if we told you that we’ve found something that might remedy this ultimate travel dread? Hear us out. A team of developers have created an app called “The Jet Lag App – Timeshift” alongside reputed NASA scientists which promises to help you fight the toll jet lag takes on your body. 

An App That Fights Jet Lag: Too Good to be True?

To put it simply, the app regulates your sleep and light exposure so that you can recover at least twice as fast as you normally do.

It has been long scientifically known that our bodies and sleep patterns are synchronized with day and nightfall. This is due to the amount of sunlight we receive and in 24 hours we complete a biochemical cycle known as our circadian rhythm.

Based on research by Harvard Medical School, astronauts who avoided and received sunlight at specific intervals are able to “reset” their circadian rhythms so that they can adjust to space quickly. 

This can also apply to travelers who have trouble when going through different time zones. For S$12.99 per trip, you can get a detailed plan of when to avoid light (usually by wearing either sunglasses or sleep masks), with the option of ingesting melatonin and caffeine to help you beat that jet lag. You can also input other factors like whether you are a night owl or a morning lark. 

The app is currently partnering with airlines so you may just get the service for free when you take flights. 

Check out the Timeshifter’s official website here

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