10 Things a Travel Whore is Tired of Hearing

10 Things a Travel Whore is Tired of Hearing

Do you consider yourself a travel whore? Here are some of the comments that you are probably tired of hearing.

So I met up with Sam for dinner the other day and we started discussing some travel plans. You know Sam. Here’s a picture with Sam in it. He’s the handsome one.

travel whore

No, not the one in the middle. That’s the camel whose name I have forgotten. And also not the one on the left. That would be me showcasing my wonderful selfie skills. Can’t take selfies. Forever and always.

We were, as usual, discussing some potential holiday plans for 2015. Because we decided that both of us make awesome travel buddies. I think once you get stranded in some uninhabited mountains in Morocco you become friends for life. Sadly. (So Titus you are also invited).

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Anyway, time for some first world problems. Here are some of the things that people tend to say to you when you are a travel addict.

1. Omg I’m so jealous! I wish I could travel as much as you.

Hello please. Nothing to be jealous about. You can travel as much as me. Just take some leave, book some plane tickets, and go somewhere. I don’t even travel that much ok!

2. You are never in Singapore.

Excuse me, I am not never in Singapore. For instance, you may think that I am cool and worldly, typing out this blog entry in some awesome far flung location. But really all I’m doing is sitting in my bedroom, checking out flights and wondering if I will ever continue uploading some photos from Morocco. Okay I think I will. In fact, I will upload some right now.

Okay I’m back. With proof that I actually uploaded some photos from Morocco.

*dusts hands* Now where was I? Oh yes. I’m not never in Singapore. Most of the time, Singapore is exactly where I am. Can’t help it if I’m ninja and stuff.

3. How come you can travel so much?

I take leave and then I go overseas. I like to do this very much. If you like to travel as much as me, you would end each year with no leave at all. Like me last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Oh well. Luckily, I’m the head honcho at many of the companies which I have bought over / founded. So I think I’m doing my staff a favour by going on vacation.

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4. I can never find the time to travel.


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No. You cannot be bothered to find the time to travel. There is a difference. If you prioritised travelling enough, you will totally be able to find the time to travel. Just that you end up having lots of holiday hangovers and no money but oh well.

I would like to quit my job to travel the world. But sadly, I really like money. And also I think the economy will collapse if not for my being at work on a daily basis. Cos I’m that important.

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*But if you are married with kids / have other commitments then I take that back. Thank you for reading my blog when you should actually be coaching your kids in 听写.

5. Why do you have so many days of leave?

I have probably about the same number of days of leave as you. However, I end each year with a balance of zero days of leave. It’s called “actually taking leave to travel”.

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6. You look like you always travel leh.

Oh dear girl. Looks can be deceiving. For example, you might think that $1.2 million bucks looks something like that.


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Sorry to burst your bubble, but a million bucks looks more like this.

Image credits: The Straits Times

I would know. I’ve received many of these. So yes, I look like I always travel. But no, I only travel as much as my leave allows me to. I just take very long to upload my photos. So you think that I’m in some desert or climbing some glacier when I’m actually in my room being boring and stuff.

7. You always go to very cool places! I’m damn jealous.

Well, you can too. Just stop going to the same places every year. You know how you have been to BKK at least twice this year to shop? Yeah. Stop that. Your leave can be better spent on going to different places.

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8. How do you decide where to go?

Oh. If someone has a specific place to go to, usually I will just agree to go if I’ve never been to that place before. Yeah, I should look into retaking my primary school civics and moral education classes. This is how I ended up here of course.

Word of advice, if you drive in Morocco, don’t trust the pre-loaded maps on the GPS. They are terrible. And will get you lost. And you will have to sleep in the mountains for one night.

Anyway, if I am the one who wants to go on holiday, I’m usually constrained by….however much leave I’m left with. Like in the case of Brunei. I just opened the map and looked for a country that Marilyn and I could cover in 5 days. #bestdecisionever.

If someone asks me on a vacation, I will treat it like deciding what to eat for lunch. I will specify where I do not want to go. For example, no Hong Kong, no BKK, no Phuket, no Morocco, no Iceland, no Brunei etc, and let the person decide where to go. So this is of course why I am going to Amsterdam and Berlin in two weeks times. Fun ah? I will let you know how the um tulips, in Amsterdam are. I’m sure I will be very um, happy.


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9. But it’s very hard to find people to travel with…

Then you can travel by yourself. However, if you’re insistent on travelling with someone, here’s my advice to you.

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No guts no glory man.

10. This sounds very unsafe.

Okay then you can just stay in your office and fold your scarves into different configurations to pass time. Like me over here.

Yes, I live a secretly boring life. Don’t trust everything you see on social media guys.

Okay and now I am very sleepy and it is time for me to go to sleep.

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