Brussels to Pay Locals €900 to Sustainable Transportation Instead of Cars

Brussels to Pay Locals €900 for Using More Sustainable Transportation Instead of Cars

We'd like to experience this kind of incentive in our own city!

Did you know that transportation vehicles make 30% of Europe’s CO2 emissions? Meanwhile, 72% of that comes from road transportation. We all can do better to reduce our carbon footprint and make our environment greener. European cities are seeking to minimise their road pollution by providing incentives that encourage citizens to get rid of their cars. Brussels, Belgium is one of them, and the city is ready to pay locals up to €900 (S$1,359.54) to stop using private vehicles. 

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Brussels will pay locals not to use their cars

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The city calls this scheme Bruxell’air, something that was started in 2006. However, Brussels recently increased the maximum amount of the incentive, almost doubling it, from €500 to €900. The city government hopes that this will encourage locals to use the extra cash on eco-friendly alternatives such as bicycles, car-sharing services, or even to subsidise public transport. 

What’s even better about this Brussels “no cars” initiative is that the amount locals get will be based on their earnings. That means that locals who are lower on the economic ladder have a higher chance of getting the full €900 compared to more affluent citizens. This will allow the former to transition smoothly to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

It’s easy to talk about sustainability, but everyone can do with incentives that will help us carry out sustainable practices that these times demand of us. After all, nobody wants a polluted city. With Bruxell’air, Brussels truly sets an example not only for other EU cities, but every other place that seeks to encourage citizens to participate in making the environment thrive. 

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We can’t wait to experience the fresh air and perfectly landscaped parks of this Art Nouveau haven. With fewer cars on the road, everything will be easier to appreciate in Brussels!

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