Top 5 Best-Selling Masks in 2019: Must-Haul Brands on Your Next Trip to Korea!

Top 5 Best-Selling Masks in 2019: Must-Haul Brands on Your Next Trip to Korea!

Stock up on these incredible face masks when you’re next in Korea.

It’s no secret that Koreans are known for their miraculous skincare products — toner, essence, serum, and many, many more! They’re the pioneers of the 10-step skincare routine after all. Whether you’re an ardent follower of the regime or not, we can all agree on one essential skincare product: face masks.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re planning to get your hands on some good face masks to pamper yourself. Perhaps you’re even thinking of heading to Korea for a truly satisfying Korean beauty haul. Well, The Shilla Online Duty Free is offering members exclusive discounts on face masks of up to 30% OFF! Enjoy both discounted prices on your favourite beauty products and the chance to save time by shopping online.

Up to 30% OFF Face Masks

With great benefits and affordable prices, face masks are really the best souvenirs to bring home from your trip to Korea. Keep your eyes peeled for the following brands — these 2019 bestsellers are a must-haul!

1. Serendi Beauty

Serendi Beauty is known for creating high-quality beauty products to be enjoyed even amidst busy schedules. There’s no surprise then that its masks are Singaporean travellers’ number one choice for face masks. 

Due to its pore-minimising function, it’s also been hailed as the mask pack to use ahead of your wedding day!

Cult favourites include the Oneday Cream Mask and Sparkling Pack. The Sparkling Pack is pretty unique as far as mask packs go — it’s an injection mask pack combining gel and mask sheet. Once applied, you’ll feel the forming of CO2 bubbles which seep into your skin to remove any impurities. After just one sheet, you’re skin will feel more smooth and poreless in appearance!

Price of Oneday Cream Mask on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD31.50 (U.P. USD45)

Price of Sparkling Pack on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD50.40 (U.P. USD72)

2. JM Solution

If moisturising is high on your list of priorities, you’ll definitely be a fan of JM Solution’s mask products. Their all-in-one mask packs for all skin types, such as the Water Luminous S.O.S Ringer Mask Black, has great moisturising properties that will hydrate and brighten your skin. This is a good option to take while travelling to countries prone to dry weather.

The Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask Pearl has a three-step application: apply the Marine Waterfull Essence, put the mask sheet on, and apply the All-Face Eye Cream once the mask is removed.

Price of Water Luminous S.O.S Ringer Mask Black on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD32.90 (U.P. USD47)

Price of Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask Pearl on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD32.90 (U.P. USD47)

3. Mediheal

Mediheal has always been a popular choice for mask packs and it naturally has a great selection of masks to choose from. One of their newest products, the Masking Layering Ampoule series has already proven a great hit among skincare devotees. 

The series consists of three ampoules: Hydra Shot, Poreminor Shot, and Exceltoning Shot. With moisturising, whitening and wrinkle-improvement properties, the Masking Layering Ampoule series is definitely for people of all ages and skin types. Unlike other face masks, Medi Heal’s Masking Layering Ampoules are applied directly to the face using a dropper, allowing the product to be quickly and directly absorbed.

Price on Masking Layering Ampoule Hydra Shot, Poreminor Shot, and Exceltoning Shot on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD18.90 (U.P. USD27)

4. CNP Laboratory

We can’t speak about skincare without talking about CNP Laboratory. Known for their amazing skincare products, their masks easily made this list. Japanese travelers in particular are known for being great fans of CNP mask packs.

The masks from CNP Laboratory are note-worthy due to its visible effects after usage. The brightening effects of the Vita Whitening Ampoule Mask makes it a good choice for people with dull skin. The Propolis Energy Ampoule Mask is by far the most popular mask. It helps to restore elasticity and moisture, suited for tired and dry skin. Last but not least, the Green Propolis Ampoule Mask is also another top-selling mask, known for its wrinkle care properties, targeted towards fatigued and saggy skin.

The best part about these masks is that they are suitable for all skin types, so anyone can enjoy using these masks and reap the benefits.

Price of Vita Whitening Ampoule Mask on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD21.60 (U.P. USD24)

Price of Propolis Energy Ampoule Mask on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD13.50 (U.P. USD15)

Price of Green Propolis Ampoule Mask on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD21.60 (U.P. USD24)

5. I’m from

It’s common knowledge that once you start using I’m from, you wouldn’t want to stop! The Mugwort Mask in particular is popular, and has climbed to Olive Young’s list of top five best-selling products without any special advertisement.

Using natural ingredients, I’m from products are great for people with sensitive skin. If manually applying a mask isn’t your thing, the Mugwort Sheet Masks is a convenient alternative.

Another popular product from the brand is their Honey Mask. With no harmful additives in any of their products, people with sensitive skin can be at ease using cosmetics by I’m from.

Price of Mugwort Mask on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD16.80 (U.P. USD24)

Price of Mugwort Sheet Masks on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD14.70 (U.P. USD21)

Price of Honey Mask on The Shilla Online Duty Free: USD16.10 (U.P. USD23)

If the top 5 best-selling masks are not enough to feed your skincare craze, try these two other brands — 23yearsold and Dr. Pepti! 23yearsold’s Aqua Bab Modelling Mask has a unique concept of combining gel and powder to form a mask mixture to apply to your face. Alternatively, their Cocoon Willow Silky Mask and their Seaweed Silky Mask are suitable for people with dry and troubled skin respectively.

Dr. Pepti’s is another brand that’s bubbling under — check out their Peptide Volume Bubble Mask, a mask that produces bubbles when it’s applied to the face. The Manuka Honey Bomb Royal Propolis Mask has seen great success as well and contains patented ingredients from Sederma.

How to Order on The Shilla Online Duty Free

Now that you’re itching to buy these masks, here’s a simple guide to ordering from The Shilla Online Duty Free.

Shop on the Shilla Duty Free

You can begin shopping as early as 60 days before your flight until three hours before your flight back from Korea. To collect your purchases, just flash your passport at The Shilla Duty Free stores and pick them up.

Gone are the days where you have to rush around hauling cosmetics and worrying about luggage space! Indeed, this sounds like a perfect excuse to book a trip to Korea and pamper yourself. 

With duty-free prices, member discounts and more, The Shilla Online Duty Free store offers popular beauty products at a steal!

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