25 Photos to Convince You to Travel to South Korea in Autumn

25 Photos to Convince You to Travel to South Korea in Autumn

If visiting South Korea during autumn is not yet on your travel wishlist, these photos will convince you that it should be on top of the list.

Humans are susceptible to falling in love. Thankfully, it’s not just with people; we’re also prone to falling for places that look straight out of a fairytale.

South Korea is one of the most picturesque countries on this side of the galaxy, and it’s even more beautiful once the temperature drops, the leaves of the trees transition from green to red to brown, and the sunlight casts an overly warm tone on everything and everyone.

It’s the season of falling, and you’re welcome to fall head over heels in love with Korea.

Every fall, South Korea basks in golden autumn light

autumn sunset in seoul

It’s enough to leave you breathless with the explosion of the colours red, green, brown, and yellow

korea autumn photos

Be it the fiery red,

red autumn leaves

Golden yellow leaves,

yellow leaves of autumnImage credit: Seongbin Im

Or the lively green trees,

green autumn

Autumn in South Korea can leave you breathless

korea autumn photosImage credit: hojusaram

Let the sight of the season enthrall you,

Image credit: travel oriented

And grasp your heart and soul with its fantastic hues

autumn hues

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There are streets covered with ginkgo leaves, like the Asan Ginkgo Tree Road,

Asan Ginkgo Tree RoadImage credit: travel oriented

And riversides hiding under the canopy of the ginkgo trees

Image credit: travel oriented

As Nami Island transforms into a magical place,

nami islandImage credit: Oh My Janey

The rest of Korea follows suit

You can witness the Deoksogung Palace in Seoul be engulfed with red, green, and golden trees,

Deoksogung Palace in AutumnImage credit: travel oriented

Gyeongbokgung Palace transitions from reality into a dream

fall foliage in GyeongbokgungImage credit: Oh My Janey

And Gyeonghuigung Palace takes on the colours of its surrounding

Gyeonghuigung PalaceImage credit: travel oriented

You can just sit in one pretty corner,

Image credit: barama1

Or climb mountains like Naejangsan

And the famous Seoraksan


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It’s definite that you’ll be fascinated with the fall foliage

Image credit: Korea.net

No matter where you are during this season,

Image credit: Oh My Janey

For sure, the golden light will chase after your shadows

A place where the countryside comes straight out of a picture book,

And cities are just as picturesque,

naksan parkImage credit: Oh My Janey

Only warmth welcomes you here,

And only great memories of autumn sunshine will follow you home

Image credit: PlaneMad

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