15 Must-Try Korean Dishes for Non-Spicy Food Lovers

15 Must-Try Korean Dishes for Non-Spicy Food Lovers

Non-spicy food lovers will definitely not starve in Korea!

There’s a misconception that every Korean food is spicy—but this is definitely not true. Though there are those that can definitely challenge people who have low tolerance for anything spicy, it’s possible to survive in Korea without tasting anything that would make you go begging for glasses of water.

In fact, most of the popular and well-loved Korean dishes are spice free. Here are tasty and non-spicy Korean food that you must try on your next visit to Korea:

1. Bulgogi

non-spicy korean foodImage credit: Jason Lam

Grilled marinated beef—sounds great, right? It can also be made of chicken (dak bulgogi) or pork (dwaeji bulgogi). The dish can be found in most barbecue places in Korea. For those looking for something to warm your insides, try the Hot Stone Bulgogi (ddukbaegi bulgogi). It pretty much tastes the same but comes with savoury soup.

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2. Samgyupsal


Usually called the Korean bacon, samgyupsal consists of slices of unseasoned pork belly meat grilled on the diner’s table. Cooking the meat yourself is part of the experience. For an even perfect meal, wrap it in lettuce with other side dishes.

3. Donkasu


Not to be confused with the Japanese’s tonkatsu, donkasu is crispy, deep-friend pork cutlet. It’s best served with white rice and a special sauce.

4. Jjajangmyun

JjajangmyunImage credit: Chloe Lim

Don’t let the colour scare you. Black bean noodles is one of the more popular Korean-Chinese fusion cuisines. It’s traditionally eaten during moving day in Korea, but it can definitely be enjoyed everyday.

5. Pajeon

PajeonImage credit: Matt @ PEK

The primary ingredient of Korean pancake is green onions, as “pa” in pajeon literally means green onion. If you’re not much into onions, just try the Haemul Pajeon, or seafood pancake, and your life will never be the same.

6. Kimbap

KimbapImage credit: Sodanie Chea

These rice rolls are made up of steamed white rice, rolled in dried laver seaweed and served in bite-size portions. The fillings can range from kimchi to carrot to eggs to cucumber to pretty much anything you can find in your kitchen.

7. Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried ChickenImage credit: Jeon Han | Korea.net

Korean fried chicken is all the rave these days, and lucky for those who cannot tolerate the heat, it always comes in non-spicy flavours. What makes Korean Fried Chicken so good is that it’s fried twice to achieve that crunchy and juicy awesomeness.

8. Japchae

JapchaeImage credit: 최광모

Oh japchae, sweet japchae. These sweet potato starch noodles is stir fried to perfection with vegetables or beef and sesame oil. Though it’s often served as a side dish and not the main dish, it tastes so good that you’ll be craving for more.

9. Galbitang

GalbitangImage credit: Beeniru

Galbitang, or Korean beef short ribs, can be spicy or non-spicy. Either way, it’s a hearty meal that’s best eaten with rice and kimchi. It’s made by stewing beef, onions, daikon, and other ingredients. The yellow egg paper strips on top definitely make the experience of eating galbitang better.

10. Gyeranjjim

GyeranjjimImage credit: Stuart Spivack

Gyeranjim is a steamed egg casserole. Egg and water are the main ingredients, but it can also be made with green onions, salt, pepper, Pollack roe, and more. Some people also make it with beef, chicken, or seafood broth for a heartier and more flavourful dish. Though it’s often served as a side dish, you’ll definitely want the whole serving all to yourself.

11. Naengmyun

NaengmyunImage credit: Jinho Jung

Naengmyun is a noodle dish with thin handmade noodles made out of flour, starch and other ingredients. There’s a variation of this dish call Mul-naengmyon, which is a noodle dish served in cold broth.

12. Cup Toast

Cup ToastImage credit: Jane Galvez

Cheap (KRW 1,000) and practical, cup toast, or just toast, is basically a fried sandwich with veggies placed on a cup! It’s the perfect breakfast for travellers on the go, and one of the most loved street foods.

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13. Kalguksu

KalguksuImage credit: Tmannya

A dish that literally means “knike noodles,” the noodles are made of wheat flour and egg, and cut, rolled thinly, and cut into long strips, thus, the name. The noodles are served in a broth made from shellfish, kelp and anchovies. Though it’s considered a seasonal food usually eaten in the summer, it can be found all year round in Korea.

14. Hotteok

HotteokImage credit: Charles Haynes

Though also a Korean pacake, this is different as it’s a popular street food you’ll often find in the streets during winter. The sweet pancakes have a sugar syrup filling and the pancake is made of well-fermented dough.

15. Seolleongtang

SeolleongtangImage credit: Mat @ PAK

Koreans will agree that this dish is perfectly good for you. Seolleongtang is a Korean broth made from the ox bones and simmered for hours and hours to create that rich taste. Seasoning is done at the table as it depends on personal taste.

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See? Even those who cannot eat spicy to save their lives will not starve in Korea.

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