Singapore Plans For Travel Corridors For Vaccinated Passengers In 2021

Singapore Announces Potential for Travel Corridors for Vaccinated Passengers in Second-Half of 2021

Another piece of good news for those bitten by the travel bug!
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Singapore’s Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung announced on Friday (12 March) that bilateral travel corridors for vaccinated passengers could well happen in the second half of 2021. These travel corridors will exist between Singapore and places with low to moderate infection rates. This plan comes in Singapore’s effort to open up borders and revive air travel. 

‘Stay-home notices and quarantine measures will kill travel’

Undoubtedly, imposing these precautionary measures are mandatory, especially when it comes to protecting the country against a surge in cases. Yet, they could potentially stunt Singapore’s attractiveness as a travel destination as it eases to reopen borders. 

Mr Ong said that vaccination programmes need to work hand-in-hand with testing, movement restrictions and identifying countries that have successfully kept the virus in control. 

He cites an example whereby Singapore could open borders to travellers from places with moderate COVID-19 infection rates. Tie this in with ongoing vaccination programmes, and you have a safe travel corridor to open. 

Singapore blazes the trail in opening borders to other countries

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To date, Singapore has opened unilateral corridors to travellers from countries and territories that have a handle on the virus. These include Australia, New Zealand, and China. Moreover, it has not led to any community infections here. 

Mr Ong emphasises that only through reciprocity, travel bubbles will emerge and from there, the resumption of travel. A classic example would be the Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble, where talks are still underway for resuming one of the major travel advancements in the face of COVID-19. 

One step at a time for Singapore

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It’s heartening to know of Singapore’s brave steps taken towards reopening borders. Beyond giving us the opportunity to travel, these steps will hopefully also boost the badly-affected aviation industry. It takes two hands to clap, and we certainly look forward to the camaraderie fostered between nations in the near future!  


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