Dream Cruises Launches Korea-Themed Sailings Called ‘Rhythm of Korea’

Dream Cruises Launches Korea-Themed Sailings Called ‘Rhythm of Korea’

Passengers can indulge in a Korean immersion without crossing borders.

Singaporeans’ love affair with South Korea knows no bounds. From K-pop to kimchi, they just can’t seem to get enough of the diverse offerings in the East Asian nation. 

For many, making a trip to the southern part of the Korean peninsula will be a dream come true. However, with travel taking a backseat right now, it’ll be some time before such travel plans see the light of the day. But do not let that dampen your spirits. What if we tell you that you can experience all-thing Korea without having to leave the little red dot?

Dream Cruises has the perfect remedy for those yearning to visit or revisit this world-famous destination. It has launched a Korea-themed sailcation experience dubbed ‘Rhythm of Korea’ – a perfect way to lessen your longing for the beautiful country.

Rhythm of Korea

‘Rhythm of Korea’ is running from now through 31 March. With several two-night and three-night cruises weekly, you can indulge in a Korean immersion without crossing borders. This is made possible through a plethora of activities Dream Cruises has in store for passengers. 

What you can look forward to? 

An unforgettable epicurean adventure

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Who agrees that the best part about any holiday is food? You’ll certainly share the same sentiment on board ‘Rhythm of Korea’. There, you can get to the heart of what truly embodies Korean cuisine by savouring a wide array of authentic dishes. Think the likes of Korean fried chicken and Pajeon to name a few. A great way for your taste buds to do the travelling, we must say. 

You can also try your hands at whipping up some Korean delicacies like Kimchi and Kimbap. Through the culinary classes, you’ll come to learn how Koreans perfected the art of preserving food and the characteristics of Korean diet.

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Additionally, you can be reminded of the special moments on board the cruise by purchasing souvenirs like Jeju chocolates and Korean abalones. 

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Incredible entertainment options

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With multifarious entertainment that beckons, you’ll be in for a delightful time round the clock. Feast your eyes upon a Hanbok fashion runway show to acquaint yourself with the fascinating history of the traditional garment or unleash your inner child over traditional Korean outdoor games like Jegichagi

If you are craving for an extra dose of Korean fix, make your way to The Zouk Beach Club. There, you can watch your favourite Korean movie under the glittering expanse of the night sky. Soak in the alfresco vibes as you fix your glance on a drool-worthy oppa on the mammoth LED screen. 

Ride the Hallyu wave

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The fun doesn’t stop there! Pick up slick and energetic moves to emulate your K-pop idols as you groove to reverberating beats during the Hallyu K-Pop Dance 101 Classes. It’s a great way to get in some workout during your sailcation. Don’t worry, all skill levels are welcome. All you have to do is to put on your dancing shoes and have a whale of a time. 

We suggest getting a makeover during the “hair-ppiness” styling workshops to spot a hairdo similar to a Korean star you have been gushing over. It will certainly set you in the right mood to hit the dance floor. 

If dancing isn’t your cup of tea, you can take up conversational Korean classes instead. In no time, you will find yourself familiar with basic Korean that will come in handy during your next travel situation.

Last but not least, put your K-culture knowledge to the test through a bunch of exhilarating trivia quizzes. The questions may be tricky for some and a breeze for others.

Who’s keen to get a little slice of Korea on board Dream Cruises?

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