Visit Singapore’s First Floating Aqua Park at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach

Visit Singapore’s First Floating Aqua Park at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach

A challenging and fun way to beat the heat!
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Looking for a fun way to beat the heat? Gear up for an exciting and adventurous water obstacle course right here in Singapore. Take a trip to HydroDash, Singapore’s first-ever floating aqua park located in Sentosa’s Palawan Beach.

The aqua park started operation in July 2020 and consists of a thrilling obstacle course offering challenging activities like climbing, leaping, and sliding. 

Age restrictions

There are four different zones in the floating aqua park. They are divided based on the various age groups.

Zone one exclusively targets children who are above the age of four and are at least 1m tall. Children would require adult supervision. 

Zones two to four are for those aged seven and above and are at least 1.1m tall.

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Promotional Prices and Booking

As a part of it’s opening special, the floating aqua park has two-hour access passes. These passes come with promotional prices across the various age groups. 

Individual tickets comprise of two categories, five to eight years and nine years and above. Their prices stand at $10 and $18 respectively.

Furthermore, groups of four can also purchase the $60 package which evens out to $15 per ticket. 

Ticket bookings can only be made online or on Hydrodash’s Facebook page to avoid crowds and follow the safe management measures. 

The number of tickets per session are restricted and groups are limited five or less to allow safe distancing. Additionally, the National Environment Agency (NEA) constantly monitors and regulates the quality of the water in the floating aqua park to ensure quality so that the visitors can have a safe experience.

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