Singapore, Sichuan Discuss Possibility of Essential Travel

Singapore, Sichuan Discuss Possibility of Essential Travel

Essential travel will prove beneficial for both business communities!

Essential travel to Sichuan province in China may soon be possible. According to the Second Minister for Trade and Industry, Tan See Leng, Singapore will discuss ways to reinstate business and official travel to Chengdu.

Chengdu is Sichuan’s provincial capital and also a major transport hub in the region.

This decision comes after the 21st Singapore-Sichuan Trade and Investment Committee Meeting, where both countries expressed their interest to resume essential travel. 

Dr. Tan also stated that they hope to increase passenger traffic and direct air services between Singapore and Chengdu. This was in reference to an earlier discussion between him and Sichuan Governer Yin Li. 

He also said that allowing essential travel between Singapore and Chengdu will greatly help business exchanges. It will also help revive both economies from the impact of the pandemic. 

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The adverse effects of the pandemic affected several businesses. Despite these effects, Singapore companies like CapitaLand and Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park remain loyal to Sichuan, said Dr. Tan. 

Singapore and Sichuan have also grown as partners as a part of the Belt and Road Initiative and in the field of innovation. This was discussed in last year’s meeting. Furthermore, around 35 Sichuan companies such as Haite and Xiaolongkan have also set shop in Singapore. 

Dr. Tan also stated that increasing Singapore’s connectivity with key partners of the world is pertinent as they resume economic activity. 

Fast lane travel between Singapore and six other provinces and cities in China were already established in June to allow for essential business travel. 

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