12 Ways to Spend a Spine-Chilling Halloween in Singapore

12 Ways to Spend a Spine-Chilling Halloween in Singapore

Or rather, 12 different ways to cry yourself to sleep.

With the encroaching Halloween festivities in Singapore, everybody’s in a mad rush to see what scary things they can chalk up on their experience board. And aren’t you bored of hearing “trick or treating”?

We’ve gone ahead and come up with some fun ideas on how you can spend those spine-chilling nights.

Get ready for a hair-raising month!

1. Empty your lungs at Halloween Horror Nights 5

halloween singaporeImage credit: Resorts World at Sentosa

HHN needs no introduction. Jump on the scary bandwagon and join everybody else as they scare themselves poop-less during the annual screamfest of the year.

When: 2-31 Oct 2015, 7.30pm – 12.30am (or 1.30am on selected dates only)
Where: Universal Studios Singapore

2. Be Sherlock Holmes at Changi Revisited – The Hendon Horrors

Image credit: Changi Revisited

If you love solving a good mystery, this one’s for you. This year, the doors of Changi Revisited are creaking open for all of you who like to exercise your brain muscles during the Halloween season. Act as a special crimes unit with a group of friends and solve the mystery of the Hendon Hotel. The fictitious hotel is located at the Old Changi Hospital and Changi Barracks, making it a surreal experience for thrill seekers. Tickets start at $48 and are on sale now. Do keep up with their Facebook page for more details.

When: 23-30 Oct 2015
Where: 33 Hendon Rd, Singapore 509673

3. Run for your life at Race the Dead 2015 (unchained)

Image credit: Jeremy Liu

If you prefer the sportier side of things, Race the Dead 2015 has got you covered. Gather your friends and be part of the 5K run held at Sentosa. This one-of-a-kind run will definitely leave your heart racing – and not in a good way! Stay updated through their Facebook page.

When: 31 Oct 2015, 5-8pm
Where: Sentosa

4. Dress your pets up in halloween costumes

Image credit: Night-thing

Image credit: Laura Jess

Image credit: Aimee Quiggle

Scarefest? More like an aww-fest. I mean, just look at them! Better yet, let them help you scare your friends like this dog did!

5. Do a scare-cam challenge and make it go viral

Everybody likes a good scare, right? Well, at least the scarers do. Have a little fun this Halloween and plan a scare-cam on one of your friends. The scarier, the better. Don’t forget to post it on your social media accounts and let everyone you know have a laugh along with the rest of the world (with permission of course). Your friend will never live this one down!

6. Have a horror movie marathon

Image credit: Matt

Get extra spooky this Halloween and have a horror movie marathon with your friends and family. Make it extra scary by filtering your lights with red cellophane and set multiple alarms of women shrilling. Make them go off at random times during the movie just for the hell of it. The devil is definitely in the details.

7. Watch a Halloween make-up tutorial try replicating it

Ever wondered how real people can look so morbid, especially in zombie movies? Well, take a lesson from these experts and try replicating it on yourself or your friends! Level up by making it a competition among friends. The scariest face gets dinner favours from everyone else!

8. Throw a themed Halloween party

Image credit: Alain-Christian

If you’re a social animal or if you just love the idea of themed parties (like I do), plan a Halloween-themed party for a night of fun. Make it mandatory for people to come in their scariest get up and have a laugh at ridiculous and over-the-top outfits. If you’re looking for Halloween costumes, you can check out places like costumes-n-parties or Customade Costume!

Plus, whoever said that you can’t play a scary prank on unsuspecting guests when they come through your doors? Go collect ‘em screams!

9. Go Halloween mask hunting

Image credit: Joel Ormsby

Go on a mission to find the scariest mask in Singapore. This will make for a fun date-night with your other half. Plus, even if you don’t buy anything, at least it was a fun experience getting to try out all these ridiculous (and not to mention crazy-scary) masks! Share the fun with others by documenting the entire mission on Snapchat or uploading the videos onto Facebook or Instagram!

10. Show off your vocabulary at a Halloween themed taboo

Image credit: Peng

For the word buffs! If you’re a homebody and would rather spend the night in, try having a Halloween themed Taboo game with your friends and family. Curate your own list of Halloween related words and laugh over the length that you friends/family will go to just to get someone to interpret what they’re trying (so hard) to explain.

11. Have a creepy staycation at the rumoured-to-be-haunted New York Hotel at JB

Image credit: Manuel Millway

Get spooked by having a (brave) night’s stay at the New York Hotel in Johor Bahru, where it is rumoured to be haunted by a girl who committed suicide.  Nothing scarier than letting your imagination run wild with this spooky story while at the hotel!

12. Plan an elaborate prank and laugh your butt off after

Just because there isn’t a good enough reason for you not to.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good prank on Halloween?  

With all these ideas, you’re more than set to have a goosebump-inducing month of scare fests. Don’t forget to watch your own back. Your friends might have something planned up their sleeves for you too!

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