10 Thrilling Activities in Singapore that Only Daredevils Should Try

10 Thrilling Activities in Singapore that Only Daredevils Should Try

Warning: Only attempt if you have the guts! Not for the faint of heart.

Calling all thrill seekers!

Tired of boring activities, like running, to get your heart pumping? We have some crazy exciting things for all you daredevils to do in Singapore! There’s something for everyone who wants to chase after their next adrenaline rush.

But before you get all riled up or excited over nothing, this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. That being said, we still think these adventures are worth trying!

1. Surf…

Image credit: Lim Ashley

… a man-made wave.

Because fake waves supposedly are safer than real ones. But your ego isn’t as safe when you fall face flat in front of that good looking Wavehouse staff.

2. Fly!!!

Image credit: MegaZip Adventure Park

…without an actual aircraft.

3. Skydive!!!

Image credit: iflyworld

… indoors and in an iFly simulator.

4. Snorkel…

Image credit: rwsentosa

…in the clear waters of Rainbow Reef at Adventure Cove.

5. Dive…

Image credits: Karlo Castillo Kalis 

… into our melting pot of cultures.

Face it, our waters aren’t meant for diving. Unless you want to see empty glass bottles at the bottom of the ocean floor.

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6. Run the red lights…

Image credits: Blemished Paradise

… along Geylang Lorong 12.

7. Chase…

Image credit: Schristia

…. the train and realise that you’re a few years too late.

Since you missed your train, might as well have a photoshoot while you’re at the nostalgia-inducing Tanjong Pagar Railway station! Totally normal!

8. Climb a mountain…

Image credit: Teutoburg

… that is 105 metres at its peak.

We’re pretty sure you can climb up this “mountain” without much problems.  

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9. Race down a hill…

Image credit: sentosa

…on the Skyline Luge.

10. Scale up the insurmountable walls…

Image credit: Lalupa

… of my heart.


Told you that some of these were adventures worth trying out! So before you sulk and complain about Singapore being boring, these activities should do the trick to change your mind.

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