Singapore Fully Reopens Land Border with Malaysia Without COVID Tests

Singapore Fully Reopens Land Border with Malaysia Without COVID Tests

You can now travel freely between the two countries over land!

Starting 1 Apr 2022, all fully vaccinated travellers will be able to travel across the Singapore-Malaysia land border quarantine-free!

The announcement was made via a joint statement between the Prime Ministers of both countries. This comes as both Southeast Asian countries recorded good progress in vaccinations and in handling the recent Omicron waves.

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The further reopening of the land borders will allow all types of travellers to travel between Singapore and Malaysia regardless of the mode of transport. More importantly, the previous pre-departure and on-arrival COVID tests imposed for VTL (land) travel will also be scrapped. For context, Singapore currently maintains both air and land Vaccinated Travel Lanes with Malaysia.

This is another huge step towards a return to normalcy for pre-COVID travel between the two countries after Singapore’s recent announcement on the easing of COVID restrictions. Malaysia had earlier also announced plans to fully reopen in April.

Are you looking forward to travel to Singapore and Malaysia again?

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