HyfeCafe: This Café in Tampines 1 Lets You Eat, Drink & Plan Trips!

HyfeCafe: This Café in Tampines 1 Lets You Eat, Drink & Plan Trips!

Eat and plan for your next travel holiday at HyfeCafe. There's free WiFi, power sockets and in-house tablets!

The fun part of a vacation with friends is the vacation itself. The not-so-fun part? The planning process. It’s a tedious task of figuring out the details of the vacation while trying to keep everyone’s best interests in mind.

But planning doesn’t have to be painful, not when you’re able to find time to gather your holiday mates together in a conducive environment, over a delicious meal.

HyfeCafe Interior at Tampines 1

At HyfeCafe, located in Tampines 1, it is not only conducive, but it also has all the essentials you need for travel planning. Being the first-ever travel-lifestyle café run by Changi Travel Services, it’s a one-stop shop for everything travel-related, from in-house travel experts at the ready, to access to a comprehensive travel planning app that helps you plan your holiday. There are also plenty of travel resources available to assist you as well.

Oh, did we mention there’s free WiFi connection and loads of power sockets around too?

Discover fuss-free travel planning with the in-house travel resources

Travel brochures at HyfeCafe

As a travel magazine, there was no way we could pass up paying HyfeCafe a visit. At first glance, HyfeCafe reminded us of a travel agency. As we entered the cafe, we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to our seat; venturing further, we passed by walls lined with colourful itinerary pamphlets for over 20 countries, free for patrons to browse and to bring home.

Inside, we discovered more travel-themed décor; there were also large TV screens showing travel videos to spark wanderlust (or cause travel envy). The videos helped us discover hidden café gems in Bali, the best places to find gelato in Rome and even taught us how to maximise space while packing our luggage!

Changi Recommends' Trip Planner App

After being ushered into our spacious marble-topped booths, we wasted no time in ordering our food. While waiting for our dishes to arrive, we requested to use the in-house tablets to explore HyfeCafe’s exclusive Trip Planner mobile app!

While the interface looked overwhelming at first, the knowledgeable in-house travel expert offered us a quick walkthrough that was super helpful.

Discover pre-planned itineraries or have one tailored to your needs!

The Trip Planner app comes equipped with sample itineraries spanning Europe, Asia and the United States – you’ll be thoroughly spoilt for choice! And if you like an itinerary you see from one of the hardcopy pamphlets available, simply key in the corresponding code and it’ll bring up a digital one for you within the app itself.

If the pre-planned itineraries aren’t to your liking, you can use them as references and piece together your own itinerary with the app’s itinerary modifier. Go wild and mix and match activities from different itineraries until you’re satisfied! The Trip Planner app even provides you with travel times, distances between attractions and ticket prices.

Eat and plan trips at HyfeCafe using the Trip Planner app

For those who want a surprise, Trip Planner offers a bespoke itinerary feature as well. Key in the number of travel companions, the destinations you’re interested in and leave your personal details. Travel experts from Changi Recommends will then take your selections into account and put together a personalised itinerary for you within three working days! You’ll be able to correspond with them directly via WhatsApp where you can discuss which features of your itinerary you might want to change and more.

Travel Concierge at HyfeCafe

What’s more, attraction tickets and transport passes can also be bought through the Trip Planner app or the travel concierge at the café itself! Booking through Changi Recommends’ online site also allows you to enjoy up to 40% off on attraction tickets and tour passes – planning your next trip has never been this affordable.


Indulge in delectable fusion cuisine

Travel planning is intensive labour and you’ll probably spend a whole afternoon trying to craft the best itinerary for you and your friends. If your stomach gets a little rumbly, you can satisfy your hunger pangs with some of the scrumptious delights that HyfeCafe has to offer.

And for our Muslim friends, we’ve got an exciting update for you – HyfeCafe is in the process of applying for Halal certification, so you’ll soon be able to dig into the tasty grub as well.

Food at HyfeCafe

We were parched from all the talking, so we wasted no time in ordering the Lilac Frogurt (S$6.90) and Yuzu Soda (S$5.90) from the extensive menu. Grape Yakult and yoghurt lovers, the Lilac Frogurt is a must-try – the fresh homemade yoghurt is infused with a delicious blend of blackcurrant and lavender. Be sure to mix it well before taking your first sip! For those who prefer a more refreshing flavour, the zesty Yuzu Soda is both tangy and sweet; the perfect thirst-quencher on a sweltering afternoon!

HyfeCafe Sharing Platters

We also ordered one of their Sharing Platters (S$15.90 for 2, S$23.50 for 4) to munch on while we waited for our mains. The platter was a smorgasbord of moreish bites such as cheese fries, tomato bruschetta, deep-fried calamari and our personal favourite, popcorn chicken, and served with a generous dollop of tartar sauce.

For those looking for something different, the menu also boasts a wide range of salads, soups and chicken wings with homemade Asian-inspired sauces, like salted egg yolk and teriyaki.

For the mains, we opted for the Crispy Chicken Mac and Cheese (S$13.90). While the macaroni and cheese lacked the vibrant yellow and tantalising cheese pull that we were anticipating, it was light on the palate and paired well with the crispy chicken, drizzled with cheese. Despite being on the creamier side, the dish was very pleasant and we polished off the plate without feeling jelat at all.

Cajun Chicken Aglio Olio at HyfeCafe

The Cajun Chicken Aglio Olio (S$11.90) was up next. Drenched in a rich mushroom gravy, the huge slice of Cajun spiced chicken was a succulent delight. It was cooked perfectly, retaining its juiciness even after we had spent some time taking photos! The noodles were perfectly al dente as well.

Teriyaki Salmon Udon at HyfeCafe

And now for the star of the show. Meet one of HyfeCafe’s best-selling dishes: Teriyaki Salmon Udon (S$15.90). The stir-fried udon is paired with scrambled egg and a sprinkling of spring onions and is crowned with a luscious chunk of salmon. The accompanying teriyaki sauce added the perfect hint of sweetness to this dish.

End your travel planning with classic and innovative sweet treats

Ready for dessert? Choose from a wide range of colourful treats, all at affordable prices! We wanted to get our hands on the Omakase (a dish named after the Japanese tradition of letting the chef choose for you), but unfortunately, it was unavailable the day we visited.

HyfeCafe Golden Waffles

We settled on the Golden Waffles (S$8.90) and Lemon & Lime Crumble (S$8.90), which were both beautifully executed. Dusted with a light coating of powdered sugar, the waffles were prepared to perfection – crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. You get to choose between strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavours for the scoop of rich ice cream, which comes with a mix of fresh strawberries, blueberries and dried cranberries.

Lemon and Lime Crumble at HyfeCafe

The Lemon & Lime Crumble was a refreshing end to our meal. The lime-flavoured jelly, cookie crumble, marshmallows and lime sorbet were arranged in a cute round-bottomed cup. ‘Gram-worthy, isn’t it?

Hankering after your next holiday? Whether you find yourself searching high and low for that perfect spot to hunt for accommodation or if you’re just looking for a place to treat yourself to lunch, HyfeCafe’s got it all.

With a Travel Concierge, nifty Trip Planner app, affordable fusion cuisine and decadent drinks to boot, experience it all for yourself at HyfeCafe today!

Address: #03-25 Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536

Contact: +65 8620 0075

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Social Media: instagram.com/hyfecafesg

Brought to you by Changi Recommends.

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